Hulk x reader lemon

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I hope you like this one. Enjoy and feel free to leave some feedback. I appreciate it.

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Found any mistakes? Tell me. Requests are always open. Deutsche Version auf meiner Masterlist. Maybe a fluffy ending? Thank you! It was Friday night and the that means Tony would have one of his legendary parties. To which you and the rest of the Avengers were forced to appear. Critically, you looked at your yourself in the mirror. You had decided to wear a simple black cocktail dress, which had a lace back, black high heels, your hair was done to a simple up-do and subtle makeup. So this should do it. You smiled when you saw in the mirror how Bruce entered the room. He put his arms around your waist and let his eyes wander over your body.

You turned and looked at him as well. He was wearing a black shirt and matching trousers.

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After fifteen minutes you arrived at your destination and loud music was thundering already from afar. When you entered the huge apartment, you saw lots of people, the majority of them were female, of course. In one corner you saw a subtly drunk Tony. Bruce laughed and looked around. In another corner, he spotted Clint and decided to give him some company.

She reached for a glass of champagne and handed it to you. You talked for a while, until Nat leaned over to you. He is annoying. Keith was already sitting next to you on the couch. You looked up and discovered an anything but happy-looking Bruce. Natasha grabbed Keith and pulled him away from you. You were about to say something to Bruce, but he clenched his hands and shook his head.

You searched for Nat and discovered how she was still talking to Keith. You walked over to them and threw the contents of your glass in his face and slapped him hard across the cheek. Which caught the attention of all guests. You decide to look for your boyfriend on the roof terrace. He would be somewhere, where he could be alone and calm down. You got into the elevator and read got up to the roof and you should be right.

Bruce turned away from you and you took a step toward him. Slowly you walked towards Bruce and touched his shoulder. His green eyes bored into yours and fascinated you keep staring at them. You played with the fire! Or rather said with the Hulk! Yes,you were crazy, no question! Bruce fixed you with his gaze for a moment, you could see how he fought internally with himself, but his craving won over his mind. His lips pressed bruising to yours. He pushed his tongue between your lips and his hands clasped your thighs. With ease he lifted you up and you locked your legs around his hips. Bruce pressed his erection against your core and bit you at the same time in the neck.

Not hard enough to hurt you, but strong enough to show his dominance. You could feel your panties get more and more wet and the whole situation aroused you more than you thought. Bruce was always gentle, tender, reserved Hulk x reader lemon bed. You groaned as you threw a glance at his hard cock, the tip red and angry, throbbing and leaking pre-cum.

Bruce pushed up your dress, and ripped your panties from your body. He wasted no time to lift you up again, and pushed hard into you. Your head fell against the cool wall and you clapped your fingers in his shoulders as he started a hard and brutal pace. His hips slammed forceful against yours and with each thrust he slid deeper into you. With every hard thrust he hit your g-spot perfectly and you had trouble suppressing lustful screams. His body trembled and he breathed heavily. You opened your eyes as his warm lips gently glided over your Hulk x reader lemon.

This time you looked into deep brown eyes. Lasst doch gern etwas Feedback da. Looking for the english version? Du wandest den Blick zu Loki und fandest einen unlesbaren Gesichtsausdruck vor. Keep reading. Du schmiegtest dich gegen ihn und murmeltest in dein Kissen. Or on my Masterlist! Lasst gern etwas Feedback da. Looking for the english version Here!

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I hope you guys enjoy. Feel free to leave some feedback, drop an ask or send me a message, found any mistakes, please tell me. D eutsche Version auf meiner Masterlist. Request: Hi! Haha thanks! Your head fell back against the cool wall of the storeroom. Lasst gerne etwas Feedback da. I hope you guys like this one and moderndeathsblog as well.

Like always feel free to leave some feedback, Hulk x reader lemon a request, drop an ask, whatever is on your mind. Found any mistakes feel, free to tell me I would love to fix them. Deutsche Version auf meiner Masterlist! Can you do one where tony and the reader are engaged but he postpones the wedding a lot so she starts to get mad at him and gives him the silent treatment and at one party steve flirts with her thinking they have broken up!

Lol smut then! A wide smile graced your lips as you walked with bulging shopping bags through the shopping center. You got yourself the one or another new piece of clothing, which would your fiance love as well. You were on your way to the exit to go back home. When you arrived at the escalators, your eyes fell on a electronics shop, in the shop windows were huge flat screens on which the news were running.

Your heart stopped beating and your breath caught in your throat as you read the headlines, followed by a picture of you and your fiance.

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Feel free to leave some feedback, drop an ask, send me a message, or leave a request. Request: Can you please do a smut with Jotun! Just anything sensual and hot with him. You sat impatiently on your large, soft, and royal bed in the huge bedroom, you shared with your boyfriend. The only thing that covered your body was a lace bra and matching slip in elegant emerald green, a little gift for your favorite god. It was already late at night and some candles illuminated your room with warm light while still some warm night air was blowing in through the open balcony.

You took a sip from your glass of water while you waited for Loki to walk through the door. You had a special fantasy in your mind, for ages and you wanted to try it out so badly with your boyfriend if he would play along.

So here we go. This one is especially for the lovely moderndeathsblog.

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Please feel free to leave some feedback, drop an ask or send me a message, requests are open. Request: Dry humpin and Smut with Blade. Shocking B because he knows and likes her. You silently glided across the cool ground until your eyes met your target. Blade stood with his back towards you, at a small table, cleaning his weapons. A smile crept on your lips as you watched how his muscles moved under the tight shirt. The Daywalker gave you a look and his brow raised as he looked at the plastic stalk between your lips.

His Hands cupped your thighs and pulled you to the left in his direction and stood now between your open thighs. You smiled and reached for the paper of your blood-lollipop in your pocket, and put the bloody candy aside. Found any mistakes, tell me I would love to fix them. Request: The one you write with Steve with the dry hump… Is there any way, you may write something like that, but for Bruce?

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Or Loki? Or both? Pretty please with a cherry on top? I love your blog. It was an eternally long day and all you wanted was to relax a few minutes, get some sleep and finish the day, as soon as possible. Frustrated, you open the door to your room and spotted your favorite dark-haired god, dressed only in trousers on top of the large and noble bed. His eyes were closed and he looked relaxed.

Hulk x reader lemon

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