I accidentally got my sister pregnant sex stories

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She called me one evening a couple of months ago and was in bits. She said her boyfriend had been seeing someone else and when she confronted him he called her fat and ugly. I went round there straight away to comfort her.

I put my arms round her and cuddled her to reassure her. I told her she is pretty and cute and I kissed her on the lips. She stopped crying and asked if I meant it. I said yes and kissed her again more passionately. I stayed the night in her bed and we had sex again next morning. We both enjoyed it but agreed we needed to keep it secret. We ended up in bed again and it was even better. We have carried on having sex since then.

This morning she dropped the bombshell that she is pregnant and it is my baby. In fact, it is illegal. You and your sister must stop having sex. You both need to get out with other friends and look for a loving relationship outside the family. It is a key part of growing up. If she goes ahead with the pregnancy, there will be so many questions about who the dad is, which could be difficult to deal with and think how this would be for the.

My e-leaflet on Unplanned Pregnancy explains more and Brook help under 25s with this sort of problem brook. I WAS so frustrated when I discovered my partner had gambled away our mortgage money yet again, I threw a casserole of hot food at him and he called the police. He admitted he had a gambling problem during our first year together.

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He stopped for a few weeks but then started again. That has been the pattern for 18 months. GamCare can help gamcare. He should only have access to cash he needs for basics for the day and you should have control of your t money for bills, credit cards, bank etc.

We are so in love but he has cheated on me lo. Now every time I enter the room I hear frantic clicking from his laptop. For further help see Macmillan Cancer Support macmillan. He does it all the time whenever we are out. It eats me up and I end up having a go at him about it. He denies it but even my friends have noticed.

I generally feel that he is just with me because I am there and I put up with it all, but am I being paranoid? My e-leaflet How To Have Great Sex will help but you must spell out to him what it takes to be a good lover. Putting more energy into his sex life could stop his eyes wandering.

If not, he will never make you happy.

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She has a sister who is two years younger. When your mind wanders, open your eyes, look at your wife and remind yourself that she is the one you are with.

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ONE in five men suffer from loss of sex drive at some point. the address below for a copy. You can also follow me on Twitter deardeidre. Jump directly to the content. in. All Football.

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I accidentally got my sister pregnant sex stories

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