Indian housewife gym sex story

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Background — The hindi movie songsscenes where a sexy heroine who is deeply in love with hero… but villain has hero in captivity … to save the hero heroine goes all out and gives herself to the wishes of villain … these seemed really erotic scenes to me ….

Born in a conservative town in central India in in a Hindu Brahmin family. Nisha is oldest daughter of the family with two younger sisters. Her father, a very old fashioned and orthodox person who used to work in government organization as a clerk. She was born in a typical middle class family with her housewife mother brought her up in religious way. Though financially her family was middle class but socially they belonged to vey high class Brahmin caste and all other castes forget about other religion were considered inferior and even untouchable…. Growing up she studied in Girls only schools and her family got her married into a near by town at the young age of 18 even before she completed her graduation.

Her father died soon after her marriage and therefore her mother started working to support the family. Her mother side family remain financially weaker with burden of two more sisters Smita and Sneha to marry. Nishant is 07 year older than Nisha and is also very conservative who lives in t family with his parents and Grand parents. Physically Nishant is fair complexion for a man with moustache and very average build.

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From last years he developed a decent belly also. Nisha looks much superior to Nishant. However Nisha was fully devoted to her husband and also in-laws family. Other than her husband no other man even touched Nisha. She works from early morning 5 till midnight to take care of her entire t family. Wakes up early in morning 5 AMprepares kids for schools, takes care of Grand-in-laws and ailing in-laws who stay with them, cooks breakfast, dusts entire home, even cleanse utensils, gives medicines to her in-laws, takes care of her husband and so on and on and on ….

Her mother-in-law remains quite sick so she is only one who needs to take care of all members of the family without any help from maid etc. Her family is perfectly vegetarian and her only vice remains her love for Tea or Chai… which she drinks twice a day ….

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She became mother at age of 18 and 19 and had two baby girls. Both the girls were born premature 7 months and were born as c-section. Nisha remained a simple natured, shy, quiet, homely, caring for others, devoted to well being of family and also able to work a lot, easily trust others, great height, good tight figure, Milky white complexion and a soft soft white skinned body… a perfect MILF… dream aunty for everyone… but very conservative… she hardly takes off her Saree from her head in public ….

He never had a lot of lust and sexual desires. He managed to have 2 baby girls but actually Nisha never had more than a minute long sexual time. Nisha never even experienced sexual satisfaction so forget about words like G-spot, squirting, sexual positions, blow job etc. So even though a wife and mother of two children Nisha was very much a sexual virgin when comes to sexual pleasure and exploration. With smart mind he used to bribe all the officials and get good contracts. However being a devout Brahmin he could only bribe officials with money and gifts.

However they were friends from childhood, Manoj always felt fierce competition and ill will towards Nishant Indian housewife gym sex story was friend openly. Very shrewd when it comes to self interest but sometimes stupid not logical person, dark complexion…. Then they had a fall out 5 yr ago over a business bid. One of the primary reason for Manoj to patch up with Nishant was Nisha. Yakub was actually a Pakistani, born in Karachi in and moved to East Pakistan at 07yrs age with parents. He crossed over illegally in from Bangladesh to India at the age of 24 when Nisha was just born and by bribing local authorities got ration card and other Indian identities.

He used to collect scrap in kolkata, then with the money collected through hafta, illegal drug pedaling, cattle smuggling from Bangladesh and all illegal means he Indian housewife gym sex story few scrap plants, liquor shop contracts and then never looked back.

Now at 50 is a filthy rich and very powerful Muslim strong man with deep roots in underworld in Kolkata and forces in Pakistan and Arab countries. Yakub has strong connections with all political leaders and very influential in politics with main business areas being East and North of India Bengal, Entire North east, Bihar, UP and Delhi etc. He had some presence in south and now wanted to really get in to central and western India MP and Gujrat. At this stage of his money was no motivating factor for Yakub bhai, but building contacts and getting beautiful women from these parts of India was.

This was where Yakub Bhai first saw Nisha in traditional saree with sindoor and mangalsutra. Nisha was covered from Head to toe and even in Saree only her hands and face was visible. She was most shy and beautiful woman in the entire party.

He had then given offer to Nishant to work for him and supply his machines to Govt.

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However Nishant refused saying he would work only for himself. He was very upset with Nishant for refusing his offer. Due to Yakub Bhai machineries Manoj started getting some business but still Nishant remained a splinter in their way. Transport department floated a huge tender for a sensitive brake instrument for buses and Yakub Bhai was eagerly eyeing this deal, as it could give him big contacts across a vast area of MP and Gujrat where he wanted to expand.

So he was very confident of winning this lucrative tender. However Yakub bhai had to go for Hajj a couple of days before bid announcement and Manoj was made responsible for this as it was in his area. But on the second day of the Hajj when Yakub bhai was sacrificing animal to commemorate to Abraham and Ishmael, his own wish also got slaughtered. Somehow Nishant won that bid. Not only this, to add salt to injury, Nishant also applied for similar equipment bids in other parts of India and received orders to send some sample equipments.

Last day of Hajj after stoning the Satan again, kissing at Kaba and returning back to Medina Yakub bhai received the dreadful news.

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A shell shocked Yakub bhai called Manoj. That guy influenced it from Delhi. Who is that guy, I have my pimps in every ministry and I could have subverted this order any ways. You son of bitch you know how important that deal was for me. This emotional blackmailing made Nishant feel a little bad and he pretty much decided to go but said that will confirm by tomorrow.

Nisha happily agreed to this suggestion saying that Mr. Choudhary has helped Nishant in such a big contract. Also Mr. Choudhary is such a good friend of Papa jee and hence like father to us, so we should go and thank him. The long ro, big buildings, long cavalcades of Politicians, expensive luxury cars the city smells power and politics in every nook and corner.

En-route to Mr. Being a soft natured woman she was both in awe of the power of the city and at the same time felt scared like a beautiful fish of sweet water pond in a large ocean. As her car passed by Hotel Hyaat she immediately felt charmed by its luxury and grandeur and in innocent tone said that she would so love to come here. Little was she aware that this very grand place will witness the desecration of her richly held modesty ….

After half hour of travel in Delhi, the luxury sedan entered Aurangzeb road, the Moughal emperor known for womanizing and harems filled with beautiful mistresses used as sex toys. Ironically as Nisha entered the majestic road fully impressed with luxurious setting, her fate was actually taking her to be a concubine of rich and wealthy. However she was not going to be a normal sex toy whom people would just hump, pump and then dump….

Soon the car entered a huge lutyen bungalow ased to Mr. Going through the large metal gate with two security constables and passing through the green lawns with multiple gardners, servants working around the drive-way was really impressive. Nisha was as excited as a young kid going on a vacation and very excited for opportunity to spend few days Indian housewife gym sex story such a grand bungalow.

Chaudhary in his childhood used to do this to help his father.

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And sometimes when their family cattle were not well he would do it manually. All this extreme manual labor has resulted in Mr. Choudhary having a physique and stamina of a Bull. He was almost 6 Feet tall and very muscularly built and even at this age looked strong and imposing like a body builder. However he hated that other upper class people used to treat him as un-touchable.

Thanks to reservation he got selected in IAS though he was not bright at all. He was highly corrupt but very well connected officer and again due to reservations in promotion reached up-to transport secretary position with plum bungalow in heart of Delhi.

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Choudhary lived there with his wife. His only daughter was also 30 year old and married in Mumbai. It was a huge bungalow surrounded by grassy lawns and early morning mist was still present in the atmosphere. Choudhary saw Nisha get down the car and walk through the drive way towards the big main door of the house.

She was wearing a light red Saree with matching blouse and a tightly wrapped Pashmina shawl around her, hiding all of her Indian housewife gym sex story and showing only the face. In the first look itself Mr. Choudhary was convinced that he made a great deal. As Nisha was moving slowly towards the door, to the great happiness of Mr. To tidy her hair she opened up the shawl but air was too strong for her to tie the hairs. So she quickly adjusted them and moved forward with shawl hanging by the shoulders rather then wrapped around.

This was much better sight of Nisha than wrapped in shawl. Though hardly a view still Mr. Choudhary could at-least confirm that the entire go-down her body is at least as promising as the bill-board her face. Nishant was first to get in and Mr. Choudhary stopped him from touching his feet and instead hold him by shoulders and gave a nice hug. Choudhary interrupted. Choudhary who also greeted her heartily. Nisha was so happy to see the hearty welcome and very friendly nature of such a highly placed government official. Also being the submissive person she is, Nisha was the last one of the four to get in, meanwhile Nishant had greeted Mrs.

Choudhary and was proceeding towards wash-room. Nisha was standing just few feets away from Mr. The early morning mist was still present. Maroon saree, red blouse, similarly shaded shawl hanging from shoulders, scattered sindoor on the forehead, light red lipstick, a shining black mangalsutra with red stones and Nisha shivering a bit in this outfit looked like someone has arranged red hot burning embers in this cruel winter.

Choudhary was spellbound at the site. He now knew for sure that this winter will not require any heater in bedroom. Nisha was seeing Mr. Choudhary as a father figure being the friend of her father in law. She immediately tried to touch his feet and though Mr Choudhary wanted to hold her shoulders and stop but he did not. But whatever he saw was very satisfactory, the milky skin was flawless from face up to collar bone and some part of chest.

She was hardly wearing any makeup but with such skin who needs makeup. Once Nisha got up, Mr. Choudhary greeted her by touching her head. As Mr. The perfumes Nisha applied at night got mixed with her bodily moisture throughout night and was giving rise to an distinct erotic aroma. The room has a large U shaped sectional couch with Italian leather.

All three ladies Indian housewife gym sex story sitting on one side towards love seat with Nisha sitting at the middle of the cross section. Servants served tea and typical Marwari breakfast and all six were chatting while Mr.

Indian housewife gym sex story

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