Interactive lesbian stories

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I'm new here - I love interactive fiction, the more choices the better, so the moment I stumbled across this website I was raring to go - and I was wondering Like, where you play a guy and one of the romance options is a guy, for example?

I tried searching through the forums, but couldn't find anything.

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Thank you so much! My story, Before Midnight, allows you to romance a male character. The game does not assume the reader's gender. I wrote it that way so that Nick could either be a friend in the end OR a potential romance option. Feel free to check it out!

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I am also in the process of writing two LGBT Got a favorite storygame? If you're here to play storygames, this is the forum for you. You can also be a lesbian in Suzy's Strange Saga.

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Additionally, for the gay men, there is Mizal's masterpiece Inseperable. There really aren't very many games with multiple romance options in general honestly, unless it's something like Rogues where different waifus come with different paths.

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The people in the past who have been most vocal about wanting LGBT stuff have never been willing to follow through with writing any of their own. Members are always welcome to contribute to filling any gaps they think the site is lacking on their own

Interactive lesbian stories

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