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Click the picture above for more details. While in her mouth she would softly swirl her warm tongue around it, cleansing it from any cum until it finally went soft in her mouth. We both got dressed. First she put on a tiny thong panty with a very sexy looking white shelf bra. Then she slipped on a pair of tight little white shorts and a loose and kinda sheer turquoise colored blouse.

Then she put on her new open toed sandals which showed off her manicured nails so nicely and had inch heels with straps going halfway up her calves. She looked so hot and so sexy and I told her she did. I want you to be proud of me and Jamaica cuckold stories know you are when other men look at me. I also know you especially like it when they look at me with desire. No, of course not, not anymore. How could I be offended by my husband looking at me with desire and wanting to show me off and to watch other men looking at me with desire too?

We went down to the small intimate bar and when we walked in the bartender looked up hearing her clicks from her heels. He smiled and welcomed us and it was quickly obvious he was pleased with what he saw. We sat down and had a drink and we talked.

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The bartender was a handsome young guy and I occasionally saw him looking at her cleavage more than once as he would serve us or walk by. We talked so wonderfully openly about everything now. We even briefly relived the incident today and she no longer seemed shy talking about these types of things. I even felt a little concerned that I might not be up to the task tonight. More importantly, she deserved it. I had an idea. It may hopefully only be a back up but I wanted to do this. I ordered us another drink and then I reached into my pocket and took one of the two keys to the room I had and put one in front of her on the bar.

Then she let a soft smile come to her face. We may have been just making some good sexy fun out of this thought but deep down I think we both knew that there actually could be a possibility of something happening tonight.

She smiled at my logic but then I slowly saw her hand moving towards the key. She finally reached out and picked it up with her left hand and as she Jamaica cuckold stories I noticed the sparkle of her wedding ring that for some reason added to the naughtiness. She had been sitting sideways facing me and then she turned her body back to the bar and took a sip of her wine. As she did she noticed the bartender just to her right, who was looking at her chest all night. He had watched her put the key in her purse. She had opened up and relaxed more around men at my own encouraging.

He came over and introduced himself to me as well. His name was James. We chatted the usual stuff, where you from? How long are you here for? He told her yes but it was just a one bedroom cottage because it was only him. She mentioned it must be beautiful. I have to see him. I have got to see that puppy of Jamaica cuckold stories too. I could walk there. This place is fantastic. I totally forgot to ask him that. I went to the rest room and came back and sat down. I nursed my drink and looked at my cell phone and realized it had now been over 15 minutes that she was away.

Finally after another 5 minutes she came back and sat down. She seemed so much more proud and confident now and that in itself was sexy. Her shelf bra pushed the tops of her breasts up and out on display so nicely.

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She was looking at her cell phone and I wondered if they had maybe even exchanged s. I thought again about her seeming to be interested in something happening without me being there like I was with Sean and her. I decided that I could do it; I also decided she deserved it. Oh, and he pointed out his bungalow to me, it looked really nice like ours, maybe a little longer, then she caught herself and laughed and said, I mean bigger, up on the cliff as well.

I thanked her for being honest and told her it was really ok. She was being a little evasive which made me want to learn more so I pushed the subject. Your not upset I did that are you? You know, about the thought that if something happened that you could go alone and I would stay home and wait for you. You do? In fact it would drive me crazy, but then I realized it would drive me crazy with lust for you.

I love how open and honest we can talk now. With Mike, I probably should have suggested that you both exchange cell s, Jamaica cuckold stories know, so you can both text or call each other if you wanted to. I might just lay low tonight. Back in our room I opened a cold Red Stripe from the fridge and sat down on the couch near the ocean. Michelle removed her shoes and sat down next to me and we kissed. Before I could answer her cell phone made the little sound of an incoming text. She turned away, glanced at it and set it down and turned back to me not saying a word. She reached for the phone and gave it to me and I looked.

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It just said hi and asked if we were going down to the Blue Martini soon as he was on his way. You know, you did mention you liked Mike and that you thought he was nice. I mean, do you want me to? Are you sure? I just want to put on something a little more appropriate for tonight.

She then leaned into me, kissed me deeply and we both then looked down at the cell phone for a few moments. She looked at me with the last bit of hesitation and then, slowly her tiny finger moved over to the send button and, she pushed it. She then threw it to the side and kissed me hard and deep.

Put on some nice sexy clothes. I want you to make sure that Mike, or actually any man that sees you tonight, will want you for his own. Make me proud. She got up and practically skipped to the shower room. She was now starting to get excited. She went in and showered and then slipped on her sexiest thong panties, a pair of heels and a shelf bra that held her breasts up and out Jamaica cuckold stories display so nicely. Then she did something especially for me. You look so hot.

Jamaica cuckold stories

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