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Home Babysitting my niece babysitter,inc,sexo. Any chance I had to make love to my sister just fluttered away on the gale that the little bundle of energy brought along with her. She was the youngest of the three, and also the most trouble. She was always in motion, all smiles and blond pigtails. We had went camping earlier that summer at Sunrise Bridge state park. I had spent Little niece sex stories bit of time swimming with the girls, I got singled out to watch them play on the rope swing that flung you out into the river. I thought back, the two older girls had worn a 1 piece suit.

Michelle was a stocky chubby little thing. Even at this young age, the baby fat gave her curves in the right places. The bikini that she wore cupped her budding breasts, her belly pouched over her bottoms ever so slightly, highlighting the gentle lump of her chubby girl pussy mound, the tightness of the panties betrayed the shadow of her hairless vertical slit when she turned just so. Her budding nipples pushed against the fabric and silk screening.

The box was scuffed, it had seen a lot of use over time. That seemed to please her, she smiled and turned her back towards me and set the game on the floor. My shirt hung down to the back of her thighs as she bent over and set the game down.

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Her young body Little niece sex stories inside it like a dress. That was when I noticed that she had no panty lines crossing her ass cheeks, the shirt was long enough to cover her, but the suggestion of what I couldn't quite see started to make me sweat. I retreated down the hall to the bathroom, turning the light on, I swung the door not quite closed, leaving a gap of a few inches as if by accident.

I stripped off my clothes and let them tumble in the corner next to the tub. I could see through the reflection in the mirror, the vertical slot of the ajar door, and the living room down the hall where little Michelle was quickly setting up the board, while keeping one eye my direction but not too obviously. As the water heated in the shower and the steam began to rise, my cock began to rise too.

I had come here setting my sights on my sister, but as fortune and fate would have it, I had another opportunity right in front of me. We had hours to go before her mom got back from work. No hurry there, my little niece could be worked open a little with my tongue and fingers.

It made my heart skip a beat as I imagined her cherry popping into my mouth. The steam was starting to fog the upper part of the mirror so I moved the curtain aside and started to step in to the tub. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that she had moved in to the hall, and was looking at my naked body through the reflection. I got Little niece sex stories the tub slowly and turned the shower head down, I could leave the curtain pulled back some so she could get a good look.

And she was making the best use of it, out of the corner of my eye I could see her closer to the crack, using the darkness of the hall for cover. Turning my back to the shower head, I cracked the bottle of shampoo, upending it over my now totally ridged cock, I coated it and started to make a show, running the length with one hand, while collaring my balls with the other, turned now, so my sweet little niece could see.

It was too dark to see her well, but I could see her silhouette in the darkness of the hallway. I slowed the strokes on my cock and put a foot on the edge of the tub, straddling so I could lift my cock up, I wanted her to take a good look at my balls dangling low, and dripping with soap. A little fuzz was starting to show again, so I released the grip and picked up the disposable razor that my sister must use to shave. I wasn't sure, but I could swear I could hear her gasp as I scraped the soap off my balls and cock, removing the stubble too.

The water was starting to cool off, I cranked some more hot water in and double checked the shave job. I made sure that my cock was as bare as the tools of her male classmates. So stiff it hurt, my schlong reminded to take the extra step.

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I shaved down between my ass cheeks as best as I could. I set the razor back, soaped up my cock again, and started to stroke with earnest. The precum mixed with the soap as the tightness in my balls grew. My mind was a whirl, to add confusion, I noticed her panties were laying on the floor outside the tub. Little girl panties, covered with dainty flowers, turned inside out on the floor. They looked so small, like I could barely fit my sperm swelled gon into them.

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The spark in my belly grew to a fire as I could feel a thick load welling up. I grabbed my balls and pulled them down to the bottom of my sack holding them there. Just in time, my balls spasmed once, but the sperm was trapped, not allowed to enter in to my body cavity yet. I felt relief for sure, and a sense of excitement, I had supercharged my next load. I wasn't sure yet where it would end up, in her, on her, but she would have a heavy load to play with for sure. The water was cooling off again, I finished up with a shampoo to the other head on my shoulders, and shut the water off.

The silence allowed me to hear her footsteps padding away from the door and back to the living room. I smiled to myself. I dried off, combed the hair, put on some fufu, and slipped my sweat bottoms over my semi rigid cock. There was no way to hide that, so I left my shirt off too. I turned on the water in the sink, started humming to myself, and picked her panties up off the floor.

Already being inside out, I carefully wadded them so the front was spread out across the ball they made in my hand. Lifting them to my face, I inhaled deeply the smell of her snatch that still clung to them. So sweet it was almost intoxicating. With another little grin, I threw them back down, turned off the light, and headed back into the living room.

She was sitting there, indian style facing me across the arranged board game. The tail on the front of the shirt fell down between her legs and pooled between them. The sides road high up over her fleshy hips, showing bare skin, milky white inside the tan lines that her swimsuit had made. I settled in across the board and pretended not to notice the imagined? I got off to a strong start, but in the end, she kept knocking me back to start, and she was looking like she would have an easy win. I really wasn't paying much attention. About halfway through, she turned and laid on her side with her hand propping up her head.

I pretended not to look, put I could see her hand had pulled the shirt up higher. Her top hip was bare to over the hip bone. The shirt had fallen into an angle, her bare pussy was peeking out. The jolt that sent through me nearly made me fall over. She saw my reaction, she stretched out to move a piece, and shifted her top leg and arched it, foot on the floor as she stretched. I swear, she even made a show of thrusting her pelvis out towards me, acting like it was necessary to get to that piece on the board. I would look closer soon, but a preliminary glance confirmed my guess that she was still hairless.

Her chubby little mound displayed a tiny set of labias, and her slit split her hairless flesh for a few inches up towards the horizontal line at the base of her belly that her abandoned panties had left. She is built for breeding, with a little work, we can condition her pussy to accommodate a nice thick cock. I must have been staring, because I suddenly realized that she had stopped, and was slyly looking at me. She didn't say anything, just held that pose looked at me.

She seemed to take it in stride. She smiled and let out a little giggle. After the sound of rummaging, she reappeared with a VHS tape in hand, still in its case. She switched the channel, and the Vivid Video Little niece sex stories flashed onto the tube.

You could have knocked me over with a feather. The intro had begun, in vivid video short cuts of hardcore penetration and women with cum dripping off there faces flashed in series before the first vignette of porn began. Michelle grabbed the other pillows on the sofa, and nested up against me on the floor. Trying to get comfortable, she turned parallel to the sofa, and rested her head on my lap. The first part started off with a couple, a blond with small tits and a burly tattooed guy with a massive curved cock that she had taken out of his pants and was throat fucking till she gagged and the spit dribbled off her lips.

She giggled and cuddled up tighter to me. The film had cut to the blond slut laying on her back, blanket spread out on the floor. Knees spread wide, the burly guy lifted her feet out, and easily slides into her pussy, short thrusts at first, then gaining momentum, running the length of his shaft till his bare balls are buried into her neatly trimmed bush. My cock was only inches from my neices head, tenting the front of my sweats. She turned her head and looked at the bulge. With a devilish giggle, she Little niece sex stories around on the floor getting to her knees, she straddles my legs just below my crotch, totally blocking the view of the TV.

Can I see how big you are Uncle Mike? Released, my cock stood straight up, I reached down further and pulled my scrotum out and laid it over the band of my sweats. Her eyes again grew wide like a kid in a candy store. Both of her hands reached out and held the base of my shaft. Her pussy on my leg is putting a moist spot on the fabric. She raises both arms in the air so I can see her young and soft body. I have completely forgotten about the movie, somewhere in my head I can hear the sounds of sex, but all I can do is look at my little nieces pieces.

Her slightly mounded breasts. Pink nipples are just barely starting to bud so high on her. She sits there and smiles, unmoving, waiting for me to make the next move like some erotic game of chess. A wave a relaxation comes over me, I know what will follow, she breathes shallow with anticipation her pouty lips slightly parted. The sound of genitals slapping wetly together and moaning intensified on the movie.

Her left hand dropped down and gently gripped my shaft, her right hand raised to her left breast, she started massaging it like the blond on her back was. The camera cuts to a close up of the blonds pussy the angle is hovering over her belly, she is pretty flexible, she has bowed her legs and is nearly flat on the floor.

Her pussy is trimmed so there is just a short blond carpet surrounding the edges of a perfect slot. No labias to be seen, maybe she had them surgically removed? Just a ring of wet pinkness, stretching out around his glinting shaft as he withdraws, only to disappear as he pushes his meat deep inside her.

Above her pubic bone, you can see her belly rising ever so slightly as his fat shaft fills her womb. Michelle almost absentmindedly continues to move her little hand up and down my cock, I am starting to feel that aborted load welling up again. I better do something, I would hate to shoot just for a hand job.

Before I can decide what to do, she says. She smiled and reached both hands down to the top of her smooth tight slot. Gently and slowly, she looks up through those Little niece sex stories slitted eyes and parts her chubby little lips with her fingers. Looking back over her shoulder at the TV, she says. Quickly complying, she doesn't take her eyes off the screen, my cock is still hanging out over my waist band as I turn around and spread her legs open.

Cradling her ass in both hands, I lift her little girl bottom ever so slightly like she is a big taco. Gently nuzzling her hairless pussy, kissing the inside of her thighs, she responds by opening her legs wider. Time to go in for a closer look I told myself.

She was watching a brunette get a long slow licking thru half lidded eyes. Her hips gently rocking in my hands, She couldn't have weighed more than 75 pounds soaking wet, I shifted and propped up her pelvis by holding her underneath the base of her spine. My free hand I give a little shot of saliva on to the fingers, First I trace the perimeter of her slot, some light colored fuzz was starting to sprout just above the terminus of her soft folds. I brush my lips ever so slightly across the peach fuzz, I take a long deep draught of her scent.

A Little niece sex stories smell carried in the fluid from her virgin womb.

Little niece sex stories

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