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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving Liv and maddie sex story on issues you experience or suggest improvements. If I could have deed a woman for myself, whether I was a man or lesbian, Maddie, would have been my ultimate, living pleasure doll. But I am getting ahead of myself and quite literally getting aroused and wet just remembering the summer my late husband and I spent in Colorado during a brief stint in the service. Anyway, the story starts about 4 months before my ultimate fantasy becomes a reality.

And without knowing it, it was Maddies' plan all along to "seduce" me. I had just come back from my home in Jersey to the base in Colorado after having had our first child two months earlier and staying with my parents. My husband was in the service and could not take a leave for too long, so we set up house on the second floor of a two family home outside of the main town that was home to a lot of transient military families. I hadn't made a lot of friends in the weeks since I came back, spending most of my time taking care of our newborn and the house so I was surprised when one night my husband calls from on base and announces we are invited to dinner at an Army buddies home.

Apparently this buddy's wife was pregnant with their first child and wanted to meet someone who had gone through the whole pregnancy, childbirth experience and "Bucky" my husband volunteered my expertise. Yeah I was such an expert alright. Nineteen, and a new mom myself, oh yeah I was such an expert. But it was a nice change and by the time Bucky got home I was ready and off we went, baby bundled and all.

The night turned out to be a really fun time and I was happy to discover Maddie came from a town not far from where I grew up in Jersey. We had a lot in common and soon dinners together became a regular weekly thing. The guys watched t.

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Now I was not surprised to find my husband would get a boner whenever Maddie was around, she would walk around in shorts and t-shirts even when it was cold, because her body temp was higher during her pregnancy and she was blessed with firm breast that required no bra for support. Hell, if I had a dick I would have gotten erections, her breast were 38 D's with nipples that could poke out an eye and she knew it!!

I can remember she would wear her husband's thin white tees and you could literally see the brown nipples sticking out and constantly erect. Whether that was from being pregnant or aroused I didn't know and didn't care, I just enjoyed watching them stand at attention and beg to be touched as much as my husband did! Even pregnant Maddie looked sexy, with her perky breast, her round ass and long dark brown hair that she wore down most of the time.

Anyway, during our weekly dinners at their house, Maddie did not like the rickety stairs at our place, we would have dinner, and spend a few hours in their bedroom Liv and maddie sex story about Jersey and the places we both knew, family stories and just life married to Army guys.

I guess I must have been staring at her breasts and hard nipples without realizing it because Maddie asked me if I was okay and I could feel my face turn red at being caught. I don't remember responding but, all of a sudden my mouth went dry because Maddie took off her t-shirt and asked me if I thought her nipples were big enough to breast feed a baby.

If I had a dick that thing would have been at attention and damn near ready to explode. Her breasts and nipples were incredible to see, round, full, bouncy in her hands and the nipples were nearly a full inch in length and were dark and swollen. I couldn't talk and I knew there had to be a smile on her face but I'll be damned if I could look away from her tits long enough to check!!

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Her husband called from the living room and that took my attention away, reluctantly, and we gathered our things together to leave, me red faced and dripping wet between my legs and horny as hell! My husband got one heck of a head job on the way home and he wasn't about to complain!!

I played with my pussy in the tub after my husband fell asleep, as usual after coming! After dinner we went to the bedroom as usual, and she told the guys it was girl talk about the pregnancy and showing me the new things she bought at the maternity store. Whether she deliberately turned the music in her bedroom on too loud or just like it that way, the guys yelled and we closed the door to the bedroom.

She got out the new clothes, laid them on the bed and without hesitating, she stripped down, no bra, no panties, nothing. Just stood there in front of me and her mirror and asked if I could see the awful stretch marks all over her body?

Stretch marks what stretch marks? All I could see was beautiful skin, long brown hair, big full tits, hard nipples and a bush so full and dark, how was I supposed to notice stretch marks??? When I say she was a perfect fantasy even 6 months pregnant, I am not exaggerating and the memory of her body even now gets me aroused. I watched as she bent over to put on the new pants Liv and maddie sex story the poutiest set of pussy lips I ever saw were damn near in my face and believe me, it took all of my strength not to stick out my tongues and taste, what I knew had to be the sweetest pussy ever made.

Mmmmm just the thought gets me worked up. Sorry I need a break. Now where was I? Oh yeah, Maddie bending over. This sort of thing went on over the next couple of months and every time my husband would get sucked or fucked when we got home and he was loving every minute if it!!

He once asked what made me so horny and I told him just girl talk about our husbands. He did not know I was bisexual and walked around soaked whenever we went Liv and maddie sex story Maddie and Jim's house and I let him enjoy the sight of Maddies tits when we were there. But the more pregnant she got the less attracted he was and that was fine too!

One night, near her delivery date our discussion turned to how Maddie and Jim could not be intimate and that she was hormonal and horny and asked how I handled it? I told her I went home a month before I gave birth and wasn't anywhere near my husband and temptation but that I did masturbate.

She was surprised but pleased to know she was not alone in that sense. She told me her husband was not attracted to her at this point and that her hormones were raging, and she started to cry and sat next to me looking for a hug, which I could understand and obliged, comforting her and rubbing her head.

I assured her he still found her attractive, what man wouldn't and she looked at me and gave me the most unbelievably hot kiss, tongue and all and I responded without thinking!!!! Her hand guided mine to her breasts and without hesitating I put my mouth on her nipples and sucked them gently knowing how tender they were but wanting to make love to them with my mouth!

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I could hear her sigh and jerked away from her luscious tits, stuttered and must have apologized and went out to the living room to get my things together and tell my husband we needed to go. Before Bucky and I got half way home I made him stop and fuck me on the hood of the car until I came, which took about 30 seconds.

He exploded and asked what brought this about and I told him I would explain the "conversation" Maddie and I had that night. In the meantime, when we got home, Bucky fell asleep and Liv and maddie sex story fingered my pussy until I fell asleep on the couch!! The next week Maddie went into labor and spent a week in the hospital where we visited and got to meet her family who came to help out with the new baby, so our dinners were put on hold and Bucky got less sex than he had gotten used to over the past few months. What with the new baby and the house, Maddie and I did not talk for a while after that and never mentioned that night.

Until three months later. Her son had gotten a cold which got worse but not life threatening but the doctors kept him in the hospital over night and our husbands were on "bivouac" for the weekend and I found myself alone when Maddie knocked at my door, in a tight pair of jeans and just a light camisole with nothing underneath, just before I was going in for a bath.

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If it was possible, she looked even sexier, her breasts fuller from having nursed her son for two months. She had to stop, it was painful and still her nipples poked through the thin material and made my mouth water! She told me about the baby and that since the guys were gone for the weekend she didn't want to be alone and she thought we could sit up and talk like we used to.

I said sure and she brought out two ts for us to share, while I got some wine to drink for each of us. I hadn't smoked in a while so the buzz from the wine and the pot hit me and relaxed me, not to mention made me horny as hell, or maybe it was the sight of Maddie, "baby fat" gone and looking like a feast in her jeans and little top. She smiled and asked me if I remembered that night I practically ran out of her house and my face must have gotten red because she looked me in the eye and told me she wanted it to happen and knew how I looked at her the whole time we spent together at their house.

She admitted she would deliberately walk around naked in front of me, find any reason to bend over and show me her swollen pussy lips. She said if I had looked closer I would have seen how wet she was and how badly she wanted me to lick her pussy just once to feel my tongue on her clit. She told me she was bisexual and asked if I had ever been with another woman and I mentioned I had been with hood friend but not a woman. She said, "I knew it, I could tell by your reaction". At that point she leaned over to kiss me and I responded enthusiastically!!!!

She reached under my robe, I was getting ready for a bath and "playtime", and cupped my 40 DD breasts and took her mouth from my lips and sucked my nipples and immediately I had an orgasm that was so fucking good. She could see my reaction and she stood up and took off her camisole and there they were. The most luscious, bouncy full tits I had ever seen and her nipples were still nearly a full inch in length, swollen, brown and looking for attention.

She straddled my lap and brought them to my Liv and maddie sex story and very gently parted my lips so I could suck her and run my tongue all around each magnificent breast. I was on cloud nine and she was having an orgasm in her jeans!! She went to get up and I must have whimpered because she looked at me and said we have all night and we only just got started. She took my hand, went into the bathroom, started the water and went to remove her jeans, at which point I stopped her and told her to let me do it.

She stood there, legs slightly apart, as I unzipped her jeans only to find she was not wearing panties. I put my nose between her legs and took a long sniff and could feel the heat and smell her pussy. I slowly took the tip of my tongue and slid it between the swollen lips and found she was wet and the taste was like warm honey. I could have devoured her right then and there but she pushed my face away and turned off the water and walked to my bedroom. Her ass was just as round and bouncy and like a fucking dog I followed her to the bedroom.

If I had a cock, it would have stood a full 12" by then and I would have fucked her like a Liv and maddie sex story. She laid on the bed in front of me and spread her legs to reveal a full bush of black hair covered in pussy juice from her orgasms.

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