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Let me explain… Although I have a large yard for Ranger, my They kissed and he asked her about her day. She made it sound mundane but it was far from that. He told her that there was to be another meeting the following week, the date to be co The short walk back to her seat seemed to take an eternity.

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She tried her best to avoid eye-contact but it was so hard. Their first class carriage held nearly all males and most wore business suits. She was a woman and nearly all looked up at her; men Liz intended sleeping with us that night. Ami and I went to bed soon after clearing up downstairs. We had just settled down in bed and I was about to get into conversation with her about what happened earlier when there was a knock on the door.

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It was She was wearing her new dressing gown and I suspected that she was naked underneath She kissed me and ran her hand down to my groin. We showered together; all three of us under streams of hot water. The last time we had all showered together was in Ibiza when we stood under a poolside shower after spending time in the water.

Amy had not long turned sixteen. We were all wearing swimm We showered and changed soon after and Liz sent a text to Amy telling her where to meet us in town. We decided to take a taxi into town. Liz and I usually enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine with our meals so it was a simple decision to make. But which We lay in bed shortly afterwards. I had given Liz a good spanking; made her cry, gave her release and left her marked. Before fucking her across the table though, I had knelt down behind her to enjoy her cunt with my tongue and compare her taste to Amy I took a walk after breakfast.

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There was still no word from Liz despite a couple of texts from me. Apart from some fresh air I also needed to clear my head. The last twenty-four hours seemed to have been one long fuck-fest, not that I was complaining She had been dying to meet him; the man who had made her daughter pregnant. They drove home a short while later. She was quite shocked as well as stunned by the way things were unravelling in her parents' lives.

Jack was already home following his visit to his parents when Anthea got in. He was holding a half-empty glass of Merlot in his hand. He nodded. They hugged and kissed. But everything had changed.

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The issues surrounding her pregnancy were settled now. They had accepted it and they Are you okay? Is Jack okay? I was tempted to use her cunt again and very nearly telephoned her to tell her that, but it was Thursday and in two nights time I would be fucking Isha and I wanted to save myself for her.

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Cherie did hint the following day about us spending the week for Free! Write Your Own Story. Filter Genres. Summertime Stress Relief Friends find relief from summer stress. Piercings — Part X — Infidelity and Cuckquean Beginnings Liz finds herself getting deeper into a cuckquean relationship with her daughter Amy.

Piercings - Part IV - Infidelity and Reparations Liz tells her husband about her infidelity the night he fucked her daughter Helen's Baby The Prequel to Anthea's mum's venture into cuckolding and interracial pregnancy.

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Anthea's Baby - Part V Anthea reflects on her conversation with her dad and adds a new dimension to her cuckolding of Jack. Anthea's Baby - Part II Anthea reflects on her visit to her parents to reveal the truth about her pregnancy. Anthea's Baby Anthea has a confession to make to her parents about their grandaughter to be.

Loving wifes sex stories

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