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Hey gang, Lisa here with a special new kinky story for you all! It was a cool spring day when Stuart Johnson got turned into a girl. It was around 11am, and the weak light of early March was casting shimmering curtains of gold between the heavy … Continue reading Free story! It's over 10k words and features way more butt transformation details and kinky action. No… Dear God, please no! Spoiler alert! On the screen, the newly-taken photo glowed back at him, as hilarious as it had been in real life.

Deep in the outer reaches of space, humans have discovered a strange star.

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It's a star with a mysterious quality to its light - the power to change anyone who bathes in it into anything at all. So far, humanity has sent four missions up to monitor it. Hey sissies!

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No spoilers! In the meantime, I've got some exciting news. One is free! And no thank you. His first night at the club would always remain the hardest. I wake up slowly, as I always do, the moment dawn breaks. The light is almost gray beneath the sheets, cold and distant.

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Either side of me, the legs of my mistress stretch away from me; impossibly long, impossibly big. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website.

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