Masterbating with friends stories

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Has anyone her ever had a mutual masturbation with someone when that was all that happened. I hear stories of guys that will do it in front of their friends while watching porn, etc. Personally I've found myself in situations watching porn with Masterbating with friends stories bunch of guys and sometime female friends, and it makes me super horny--I almost always masturbate when I watch porn, and if ther are a buch of people around, almost everyone makes a bathroom trip at one point in the night.

I would find it interesting to see how otther guys do it. It would probably turn me on too, though I consider myself heterosexual. It's more like a social experience to me. I personally think it would be pretty interesting, but I have never felt comfortable bringing it up. Another question, have any of you guys ever given a blow job to a freind? I'm mainly asking the straight guys here, because I'm wondering how it felt for you.

Tyger 3 posts. Connieknows 3 posts. November 15, I find that SO hot! I love to watch guys masturbate and have seen many clips of guys masturbating together and there is nothing that gets me as hot as watching a guy stroke his cock into spasms of ple.

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October 27, Well, this may not count, but my FWB one evening fingered me on the couch, with our other roommate in her room reading a book, and then she came out to do the dishes which was right behind the couch. May 27, I think that some of these stories are very hot too! I don't watch porn, never jerked off infront of my friends and never given a blow to another guy.

You dont watch porn? For some reason i thought you did Married male and yes I have and it is great fun. Try it sometime. Well, I'm not a guy but I used to do it with my female suitemate in college. Sometimes we would sit across from each other on our beds and watch and other times we would lie in bed together.

Well, this may not count, but my FWB one evening fingered me on the couch, with our other roommate in her room reading a book, and then she came out to do the dishes which was right behind the couch there was Masterbating with friends stories tall bar hiding usand I had to be quiet, which made it even more exciting.

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I was at a friends house back when digital cable was a new thing. Well, two guys and access to porn We started out just watching then after about 20 minutes I happened to look over and he had his cock out and was slowly stroking it. After a few minutes I decided to do the same. While I was unbuckling my pants he stood and took his off.

I said this was kind of weird and he replied what, we're just getting off. Off came my pants. That's when I noticed his size, every bit of 10 inches and thick. We sat back down to watch the movie. At some point we took a break to get more beer and when we sat back down we both picked the couch, next to each other. After watching more of the movie, getting very aroused I was ready to cum and said so. He looked over and said I'm not gay but let me try something.

As I started to jerk from the spasms he took me in his mouth. There was nothing I could do but cum. And cum I did I felt pretty weird when he sat back up, but that was one intense orgasm. He looked at me like he didn't know what to expect, I just said thanks. I went to get a couple more beers and came back. After a few minutes he was reaching the point of no return.

I just watched as his cock swelled even larger. He said he was about to cum and I don't know what made me do it but I returned his favor. The first shot hit the back of my throat and I panicked, I knew there Masterbating with friends stories more to come but the thought of swallowing the first just jolted me. Before I could do anything the next round shot in.

I swallowed, then I could taste it. Salty and kind of sweet. I remember thinking here I am with my friends exploding cock in my mouth, I'm not gay.

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I was committed and held on for the ride. After it was all over we both said that doing something like had never even occurred to us. We jacked off together after that but never did anything oral again. That experience taught me that when cumming in a womans mouth never insist that she swallow puke on a dick could really ruin the momentMasterbating with friends stories fact I find it sexy if she lets some dribble out. I've had a similar experience of watching some porn with a male friend and we end up naked, stroking each other.

We've done it several times and once I sucked him but not to orgasm. I really liked it even though I am straight. Since then I had oral experiences with a couple of other guys. I did back when I was little with a friend that lived up the street. But she would tickle me and I would tickle her and sometimes we'd tickle ourselves in front of each other, does that count? As far as when I've been older, no, but I'd like to. Not to really have anyone else touch me, but to be in the same room with another girl and us each watch each other tickle ourselves to orgasms.

I've fantasized about that. I wish I could find a friend to do that with. One that that is all she'd want to do. I don't want to get into the touching of each other and all that, just have a mutual masturbation friend. I think that would be cool. I have never done it though fantasized about it with a friend or two I was flexible enough in my younger days to give myself oral which was fun but a lot of work to get into position.

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I do wish I could that again Well that was my little story. Are any of your female friends roommates of yours by chance? It might be easier to get it going that way. Otherwise maybe you could ask them if they wanna come over and watch porn and then it'll happen on its own????

I had a guy roommate when I was in college. His door was right next to mine and we were good enough friends to hang out and joke around and stuff. He ended up puttin a porn on in his room and invited me over to watch with him. We watched and made fun of it and all Then later we were hanging in my room and listening to music. We talked about being horny. Sooo, he stayed on the floor and pulled his out and I gave him a view of what I was doing from up on my bed.

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It was really exciting to do this with someone you're not romantically involved with. I ended up climaxing with the help of a toy and when he was about to I let him do it on my chest. We never touched each other he had a girlfriend and figured it was fair game. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have been happy to know about it, though.

A friend had "fun" party while her husband was hunting. We had a few drinks so two of us decided to spend the night. We contined to drink and decided to watch the dvd I had bought. We giggled at first but a few minutes in to it my friend told us she was getting wet. I guess it was the liquid courage but I stood up and said "I'm sorry if this is weird but I need to try out my new toy.

We kind of made a joke of it but I could tell it was going to be fun. I stripped down totally naked, one of my friends left her night gown on and the other just wore a bath robe. We all sat on the couch and brought ourselves to orgasm. We all ended up sleeping in the living Masterbating with friends stories. At one point I woke up and one of my friends was masturbating on the floor.

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I watched her and then started mastrbating myself. We never talked about it after that.

Masterbating with friends stories

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