Mature women spanking stories

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Parts one and two are linked at the links corresponding to the words one and two.

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After another therapy session which seemed interminable and thoroughly purposeless, Jimmy was free to wander the streets with her stolen little trinket in pocket. Erin had eased up and allowed her to go out and about without someone hovering over her the whole time.

That meant some small measure of freedom, which she had missed. Jimmy glanced to her left and saw someone familiar closing at a fast pace. It was one of her friends, a bleached blonde named Terri, whose skinny, angular figure spoke more to illicit substances than good diet and exercise. Uh, do you… have anything? Playfully chastising words were growled huskily into the delicate ear of a curvaceous woman on the receiving end of a vigorous erotic strumming, strands of dark hair falling into her panting mouth as she thrust her hips up against the body of her lover, an older woman with intense eyes and agile fingers.

Milky breasts heaved as Monica gasped for air, flat on her back, Mature women spanking stories nipples rampant as the last quivering tremors passed through her generous abdomen and thighs. Her lips parted in a moan as Erin swatted her backside, squirming, but not blocking access to her bottom, which she could have done easily enough simply by lowering her leg. It was more than that. Erin was not a soft woman or an easy lover. This little story of lesbian domestic discipline continues from the first part, Mature Woman Seeks Spanking.

If you have not read that part, you might want to. Unless your fetish is things without context. She strolled into the lounge and sat down in the red armchair which dominated the room.

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And you know that advertising online for something like that is just asking for trouble. Sometimes I feel like something different. Do you feel like something different?

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This is a thing that is different, involving spanking mature women. Lesbian women, to be precise. Which I feel fits with the theme of the site and is relevant to my interests… and probably yours too! Our circle is getting… a little too close for comfort.

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Someone professional. Someone I can pay to go away at the end of it. Leslie screwed up her round face. The after care is the best part. Complete with hot new scenes and a happy ending. Are you looking online for someone to discipline you?

Mature women spanking stories

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