Me and my teacher sex stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I had just turned 18, and I was always hot for a good fuck. I thought of myself as a very hot sexy girl. I stood at 5' 7 and I weighed pounds. My best asset was my big tits.

At 18 I was a very full 38DD. I worked out almost everyday, so my body was in the best shape.

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I worked out so much I had a very nice toned body. I also tanned myself so I would have a nice glow to my skin. It all went well with my silky long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I always had a date for Friday and Saturday nights. I went to a private school so it was harder for me to find new men to fuck. I think during my senior year I fucked just about everyone in my school that had a big cock. I was always searching for the biggest one to satisfy my needs. All the boys my age couldn't fuck me any longer than 20 minutes.

To me that was a warm up, and I always wanted more. I just loved sucking on big cock, the bigger the better. I think that was the problem, I sucked on them so long that it made the sex so Me and my teacher sex stories. It was a Monday in the middle of the school year when I got a new history teacher. He was hot! It looked like he had just started teaching classes, fresh from college. He stood about 6' 3 and weighed about pounds.

He was nicely built and was so fuckable! His dark jet black hair and light clear blue eyes, were the biggest turn on that I have ever seen. I was determined to fuck him before the school year was over. That is when I made my plan. My plan was to do really bad in his class, and have him tutor me after school. So everyday I sat up front and, kept my required white button down shirt unbuttoned just far enough for him to see my cleavage.

I always hiked up my blue plaid skirt up enough to see my very tanned and toned thighs. I knew this had worked since, when he looked at me, he looked at my cleavage. Everyday he looked at me more and more. I was glad that my plan was coming together. It was about two months until I graduated, when Mr. Smith and wrote on my test paper "See me after class! Smith said, "Your grades have dropped a lot since I have been your teacher.

Why are you doing so poorly? I am totally lost, I study all the time and I still don't get it. I'm sorry I will try and do better. If you don't Me and my teacher sex stories and A on the exam and the rest of the class work you will fail and not graduate. You don't want that do you? Then Mr. Smith said, "Well Becky, I can help you if you want all you had to do is ask. How about you meet me after school tomorrow and we will start then.

I knew I would either get him to fuck me or something tomorrow. So the next day, I made sure I did myself up right. I put on my favorite white lacy thong and a red lacy bar that was a size smaller then my big tits. I wanted them to almost pop out of the bra for the best effect. Men love that look, it just makes them want to take of my bra and suck on my big pink puffy nipples.

I did the typical school girl look to. I braided my hair in pig tails and even wore the knee socks. This drove men crazy! I even put baby oil in between my big tits to give them a nice wet look. It also doubles as a good lube for a tittie fuck. I was all ready for school. Most of the day was the same. Same old classes and teachers. Then history was the last class of the day, my favorite class.

Just thinking about what will happen after school made my pussy wet. As usual Mr. Smith looked at my big tits and tried to teach his class. Then the bell rang and I was ready for action. I sat next to his desk and hiked up my skirt up a little more, just enough that he could see my thong peaking through. He was going over the history text in the book as I leaned in more so he could get a better look at my tits. Every time he looked over he looked at them. It was about three o'clock when he finally said, "My God! You have the nicest tits I have ever seen.

I'm sorry it just came out. Finally he said, "Fuck it, I gotta see them, they look so good. I can't help it. He sat back down next to me and said, "Lets seem them. I unbuttoned the rest of my shirt, and I was in just my bra and school skirt. He said, "WOW! I let the straps of my bra fall off my shoulders, so he could get a better look. He bend down and was kissing the tops of my big tits. It felt really good, I wanted more.

It was make me so hot. I reached around and unhooked my bra and let it fall in his hands. He reached and with is index finger and thumb the pinched and pulled on my big fat nipples. It felt so good I let out a little moan to let him know that I like it. Before I knew it he grabbed my hips and lifted me off my seat and onto his lap. He started sucking on my nipples and his hand slowly went up my thighs.

I felt the bulge in his pants and really wanted to see what he was hiding in there. While his hand was pulling over the side of my thong I was unbuckling his pants. It was almost instantaneous when he put his fingers in my wet pink pussy, and my hands down his pants to feel that hard cock. I couldn't take it any more, I slowly slid off his lap and onto my knees right in front of him.

I grabbed a hold of his pants and jerked them down around his ankles. I reached into his boxers and pulled out that big hunk of meat.

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I was surprised to see that it was the biggest, fattest cock that I have ever seen!

Me and my teacher sex stories

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