Men in bra stories

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Scott R. When I was twelve my parents bought me a dog that, as it turned out, hated going for walks. At the mention of the word "walk" by any of us she would promptly disappear without a trace.

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This proved to be a valuable lesson some twenty years later when my wife called out from the bedroom, "honey, I need to go bra shopping. Did you hear me? My refuge was disrupted by my wife's voice five minutes later. How did she find me so fast? It always took at least twenty minutes to find the dog, but then again I couldn't squeeze underneath the couch. I sighed, reing myself to my fate. Now, I enjoy a sexy bra as much as the next guy, but I would prefer to see them modeled live as opposed to hanging lifelessly from a metal sales rack. Besides, hanging out in the lingerie department all day seems kind of creepy.

Men in bra stories will think I'm either a pervert, or worse, completely submissive to my wife. For anyone that has never actually ventured into the lingerie section of a department store, it's like a sea of endless fabric. Just the sight of all those bras was enough to wear me out, and yet my wife felt the need to inspect each one as if she were going to find a winning lottery ticket. I wasn't going anywhere. The first rule of bra advertising states that the picture of the woman wearing the bra on the tag in no way resembles how the bra will look on a real person.

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This is easily evidenced by the labels of the "plus size" bras with size 2 women. I only wish they had it in sea foam.

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What the hell is sea foam? Anyway, I reply, "What does the color of the pattern matter? Nobody sees it. Two points here.

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First, the only time I see my wife in her underwear it NEVER looks like that, and some of it appears by the de to probably have been created to be worn by nuns. Second, can you imagine if men wore underwear to feel good about themselves? We'd be busy rubbing our legs together at meetings like crickets to feel the soft smoothness of our custom french bustie boxers with the patented air pump that makes a man confident in all of the right places.

For men, buying new underwear is simple. If it was originally white, and is no longer that color, you buy new underwear. If the holes have gotten so big that unwanted air conditioning occurs frequently, you buy new underwear. And finally, if the elastic strap is so loose that you need a belt to wear the underwear then it's time to buy new underwear. End of story. Three hours and three bras later we finally made it to the checkout register.

As we walked out the door, my wife Men in bra stories to me with a smile and said, "You know honey, I really appreciate you coming with me. This was just like shopping with a girlfriend. Order Status Check Out. Do you have a reality story to share with the world? Send it to us.

Men in bra stories

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