Metallica groupie stories

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Metal titans Metallica were affectionately referred to as Alcoholica in their early days -- and with good reason. They were almost as serious about their partying. Mustaine, who was fired for being a belligerent drunk, was sent back to LA on a Greyhound bus. In addition to being rightfully pissed that the band send him back to Cali on a bus and played his parts on the four songs he co-wrote for the album, Mustaine was miffed that a bunch of drunks fired him for being too drunk for their band. Before they let Mustaine go, Metallica recruited Exodus guitarist Kirk Hammett, who shared his bandmates penchant for a good time.

It was with this take-on-the-world-and-drink-all-their-booze mindset that Metallica entered the studio to record their debut album. And despite their copious boozing, they were able to destroy night after night without missing a note. The more popular Metallica became, the more the more groupies considered them a prize. And Metallica were happy to deliver. A post shared by umlaut umlaut on Sep 18, at am PDT.

When they arrived, they were dirty, hungry and had no place to stay, so Zazula invited them to crash at his place. The first second we were together, they raided the alcohol cabinet in my house of everything there was. They drank all the bottles down without even Metallica groupie stories glasses.

They were all raging drunk and Dave Mustaine is throwing up all over the place.

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I was like, 'Hmm, this is going to be interesting. After kicking Metallica out of his home, Zazula found a makeshift room for them to stay in at a rehearsal building they called the Music Room. Numerous bands practiced there, including Anthrax, but Metallica were the only ones who slept there over night. Of course, everybody knows who did it because Metallica was the only band there overnight We were all hanging out in the middle of the afternoon.

Vandenberg is sound checking at 4 p. You suck. Dave was an absolute troublemaker back then.

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Before Metallica landed on a major label, the members were on a tight budget, so James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich lived together in the same room for nearly four years. Sometimes, he allegedly even ed in. He is my brother in arms.

A post shared by Jimmy Fan ledzep. There, Hetfield and company bought lots of booze but very few groceries. But Lars always had his Gremlin parked out front, which was so not metal.

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He would never admit it was his, but whenever he would leave the party, it would be gone. Metallica Arrive Drunk and Disorderly. View this post on Instagram.

Metallica groupie stories

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Metallica’s Wildest, Drunkest and Most Depraved Moments