Miss vicky stories

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for Free! Vicky's Surprise "After having sex for the first time dressed as Vicky, my wife surprises me. Score 4. Published 9 years ago. I was leaving the hotel where I had just had an evening of being fucked as Vicky. My makeup was a mess and I was walking funny after the pounding Chad had given my hepussy. I called my wife and told her I was coming home with a belly and ass full of cum.

She said that was great and that she had a surprise for me when I got home. I got in a cab and the entire ride home I wondered what the surprise was. I was not sure what could surprise me after the night before when she had taken me out dressed up as Vicky and insisted I go with a guy and get fucked like a woman.

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By the time the cab dropped me off I was tingling with anticipation despite my exhaustion. I walked in the house a called out that I was home. The bed was a mess and my wife was sitting on it naked except for panties with a worn out look on her face along with a devilish smile. I noticed it smelled like cum when I sat beside her.

I thought maybe I smelled myself. I proceeded to tell her how I went to a hotel with Chad and sucked his cock and swallowed his cum. I then told her he had fucked my hepussy raw and left his seed inside me. She then said she wanted to see my freshly fucked ass. I stood up and took off my dress.

I bent over in front of her. As she was rubbing my prostrate I realized that despite my night of sex I had not cum myself. My cock was very hard and straining for release. My wife noticed this and asked if I had cum. I told her no. After telling her I was she popped her finger out of my ass. I did what I was told. Her pussy was also swollen and red. I picked up a man named John and brought him back here. He fucked me while Chad was fucking you. I could not believe she actually did it. There was a moment of slight jealously followed by the excitement that my wife had fucked another man.

I leaned forward and licked her swollen pussy. She jumped with the tingling sensation. John planted Miss vicky stories healthy dose of semen in my pussy. Not all of it has leaked out yet.

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I shoved my tongue deep in her pussy. My cock almost erupted from the excitement. It did not take long for her to start Cumming. She was moaning and yelling while bucking her hips. As she came I noticed more moisture than usual. I was swallowing the cum mixture from her pussy as fast as I could.

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She took my hard cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head a few times while stroking my balls. After the night I had experienced, it did not take long. My semen started erupting from my cock with force. My wife sucked on my cock. She tried to keep all of my cum in her mouth but sine this was my first cum despite several hours of sexual activity, it was a huge load. It started leaking out of the sides of her mouth. After what seemed like a few minutes my load was spent. My wife stood up and kissed me. She had kept my cum in her mouth and she now passed it to me.

I shared my own cum with my wife while kissing her deeply. After kissing for a few minutes we broke apart. Wife Lovers crossdressing wife sharing creampie cum sharing.

Miss vicky stories

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