Moira american horror story bent over

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You had learned at a young age that sometimes people only saw what they wanted to. You worked hard to get yourself through college and less than three years after graduating, you managed to get a position on the board of an up and coming tech company. Within six months it was folding, so you bought everybody out and saved it. They saw a young woman who had put her career in front of everything. Everybody called you lonely and it seemed to be article after article about how lonely you must have been.

That was why your PR people had put you in a fake marriage. You shrugged as you walked along the little hall. You liked it, something about the house drew you in and told you to never leave. Within the hour, he was out of your hair. You walked around the house, just getting a feel for it. That was how you spent your first couple of days, by yourself getting familiar with the area. You turned to see a young, redheaded woman wearing what looked like a maid costume from a porn set. Moira nodded as she shook your hand.

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A little risque for the neighborhood, but more power to you. You walked her out of the house and then went over to the couch to relax. Harry had been bothering you about flying up to Seattle for a conference. Especially since his team was playing against the Seahawks that weekend. We do so much to look a certain way for people because of expectations.

Moira cracked a small smile in your direction before sitting down on the couch next to you. Moira took one of your hands in hers and ran her thumb over your knuckles. The two of you sat there like that peacefully until your phone started ringing again. She was getting to him. The two of you made your way up to the attic, which had become your special place. Everything that remained of you was up there, tucked away inside of the walls. Your bones were scattered beneath the foundation of the house so you could never leave.

You sat down on the floor by the window, glancing out at the sunlight. Moira walked over towards you and sat down in your lap. Your arms wrapped around her waist and you leaned forward a bit to rest your head on her shoulder. You took a deep breath, inhaling the sweet scent of her perfume.

It was always the same scent, but you never grew tired of it. Moira frowned at your tone as she glanced over towards you. You smiled up at her and sighed. Music played from the record player in your living room. It rang out all throughout the apartment.

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Moira had beat you home, so she had chosen the record for the night. Obviously, she was in some sort of mood because you could hear the voice of Edith Piaf as you unlocked the front door. Moira was waiting for you in the kitchen, perched up on the counter in a silk robe.

You set the bags with the ingredients for your dinner on the counter behind her, giving you an excuse to reach around her. Moira hated it there, but it was good money and the two of you were almost done saving up to leave. Your bags were already packed and in the back of your car. All you needed was a bit more money and the two of you could go to New York or somewhere on the east coast to start over. She kissed you softly and you broke the kiss with a smile. She had asked you that question a million times and each time, you gave her the same answer.

Moira wrapped her legs around your waist and you placed your hand on her thigh. She hopped off of the counter and you followed her back to your bedroom. You nodded eagerly and you let her take you over to the bed. You sat back and she moved on top of your lap. Your heart was racing as she ran her hands up your side, pushing your dress up and pulling it over your head.

Her hands were soft and the gentle press of her fingers against your skin sent chills up and down your spine.

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Moira slowly leaned you back until you were laying down. She placed her hands on your thighs and pushed them apart.

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You watched her as she teased you. She was able to put your entire body on edge, push it over, and catch you before you hit the ground. You wasted no time in flipping your positions. You untied the robe that she was still wearing and let it fall down her shoulders a bit. You admired her body for a moment, splayed out in front of you.

Just like she knew your body, you knew hers.

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Small sighs and quiet moans could barely be heard over the music. As you continued to push her body further and further, every noise was intensified and became louder. The music had either stopped playing altogether or it could no longer be heard over Moira.

She cried out into the room and you swore that it echoed off of the walls for a moment. She agreed with you on that and then she shifted in your arms so she was in a position comfortable enough for sleep. You had been settled down on your sofa with a book that you had put off reading for too long when someone knocked at your door. You hoped it was just a neighbour asking for some milk so that you could go back to reading but it was actually your best friend Moira. She was stood in your doorway, mascara trailing down her cheeks, still in her uniform from work.

You ushered her Moira american horror story bent over your home and got her a piping hot mug of tea to help calm her down before she could tell you about everything that had happened. You would be there to support her no matter what. Just know that I am always here for you and able to help you out if you need it. She gave you a gentle smile. I just needed to talk to someone about it. You begged and pleaded with her to just relinquish the key but she just stood there with a smug smile on her pale face. You knew there was no other choice and there was no other way this soon to be ex-maid would give up the key easily, secretly you were falling under her spell no matter how hard you tried to fight it.

Your fingertips were mere inches away from her flesh when she gently grabbed your hand and rose your shaking fingers to her lips. Equipped with a basket of cleaning supplies and a determination to get this place sellable again you wandered from room to room, checking out the damage left by the owners. While we had to say goodbye to Johnny, Moira, Alexis, David, and the rest of Schitt's Creek last April, we've gotten to spend one last hurrah with the crew thanks to awards season.

Sunday night's SAG Awards reminded us just how adorable the Levy family is when they get together, with Eugene, Sarah, and Dan looking every bit like the Rose's pre-Schitt's Creek arrival in their pre-show photo. Since the show's debut init has received over 60 awards. Continuing its banner awards season, the Schitt's Creek cast led the pack with five SAG Award nominations including outstanding performance by an ensemble in a comedy series, outstanding performance by a female actor in a comedy series for Murphy and Catherine O'Hara, and outstanding performance by a male actor in a comedy series for Eugene and Dan; winning ensemble and outstanding performance for O'Hara.

You can see some of the Levys' best moments from the evening ahead, including pre-show photos by Matt Martin and their Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series acceptance speech. Moira doesn't sleep, but she misses sleeping. It just gets so lonely sometimes in the middle of the night while you're resting. She'll try to sleep beside you, pretending and just letting a daydream play out.

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On nights when that doesn't work, she is content to sit beside you, try and match her breath with yours and wondering what you're dreaming about. She has carried guilt and trauma from her life with her from decades, guilt over how she lived her last few days, the feeling of hands forcefully pulling and pushing her to their will. She sometimes worries that you can feel the hands on her too, and worries that she will never be enough. You swear her laugh is the most beautiful sound you have ever heard.

You love the way she chuckles, all prim and proper but you would do anything to hear her laugh so hard she's breathless and blushing. Moira gets upset when she thinks about how she died, how she's trapped forever under the male gaze, unable to grow old and live the life she and her mother wanted for her.

Moira american horror story bent over

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