Mother in law incest story

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Hi all, my name is Shekhar, I am a married 29 yr old living in Mumbai. I have been married for 2 yrs now, a happy married life. My wife is working in a middle school as a teacher. Ours is like an arranged marriage, we met for a couple of months to understand each other and our families were happy with us getting together.

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My wife is 25 yrs and she wants to study a higher degree to get a promotion to a high school as a headmistress. My Mother in law is Manisha, a fair north Indian, aged She has the most sensitive and soft skin I have ever seen. She is very easy going, well educated, but from an orthodox family. She is also extremely naive. She is Mother in law incest story married for 27 yrs, like her daughter she also married early and my father in law is a chartered ant, a nerd sort of types. They only had one child, my wife.

They live in Delhi. My Mom in law is about 5 ft 5inch, always wears saree and a big bindi. Since she is orthodox, she is always fully dressed, I mean never let anyone see any part of her body, even accidentally. But from her saree one can figure that she must have a breast size of nothing less than 36DD or even more.

But extremely firm and compliments her overall body shape. After her bath, even when she puts her clothes to dry, she is very careful about her inner wears. She dries them in the hair dryer in the bathroom and folds it and takes it to her cupboard.

So sensitivity she is. But she is very easy going with me, She is proud of me, that I am earning a good salary and I am keeping her daughter happy. Her folks have told her how lucky she is to get a son-in-law like me. She calls me beta and puts a huge smile whenever we meet.

That warm hug, that voluptuous soft boobs of hers landing on my chest and I immediately feel a rush of blood in my system.

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So the first incident happened a year back. She insisted that I phone her and invite her. She initially resisted saying that she is fine in Delhi and she has some paper work to finish, but I told her that I have already booked the tickets and she has to come.

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I also told her it will be a good break and we will have lots of fun. Two days later Manisha aunty is with us. In her usual well-clad saree, nice Jean Paul Gautier perfume she is very particular about the smella big smile on her face and the tightest hug ever. I was too happy to receive her and my wife is also glad that she can now focus on studies and Manisha aunty would take care of cooking and other stuff. I was into watching Game of Thrones that time so any break I get, I will quickly see one or two episodes. Next day my wife wanted to put oil in her head and wash.

She wanted to get it done, because my MIL is apparently an expert in head oil massage, so both mother and daughter were sitting on the veranda talking old stories and having a massage session. My MIL particularly looked very sexy with oil in her hands and her saree tucked in her hip. She had a flat stomach, unusual for a 45yr lady. I could see a few her breasts from the profile angle which was nice and curvy. I was watching GOT suddenly my wife called and asked me to get a massage as well.

I said NO, since I just came from the shower. Mother in law incest story sat down on the floor, Manisha aunty poured warm oil into her hands and started rubbing on my scalp. That soft tender hands, oiled, ran through my head in the most relaxing way. I slowly started to feel little sensual too. The oil slowly dripped towards my ear and neck.

Manisha aunty also slowly moved her hand to my ears and earlobes massaging, then she moved to my neck into my t-shirt. Wow that feeling was heaven, my eyes were drooling and her soft hands were moving up and down on my head and shoulder. The first time I imagined how it would be if her soft hands ran over my body?

On my Chest, on my nipples, on my crotch area, and finally on to my dick. But my wife had already gone to the shower, so I had to wait. In the meantime, I was fully oily. My head, shoulder and my hands too. Manisha aunty was washing her hand, so I told her to just shut down my laptop. I asked her what happened? She was little taken aback by what I was watching.

I then went to the bathroom, for the first time imagined about my MIL, how it would feel to be with her naked, to get her to touch my body and to make her massage my cock the way she massaged Mother in law incest story head. Those soft boobs of her will finally are seen and caressed. All these thoughts made me explode more than my usual dose. I cleaned up and was thinking about her body. That night after dinner, Manisha aunty stopped me in the kitchen and told me she needs to talk to me. I said ok, lets talk.

I said ok, I could understand what was it about, but my inner naughty self-started to think too many things. I asked her if everything is ok, is it something urgent, she said nothing like it, but she wants to talk.

After my wife had left for her exam, I locked the main door and called Manisha Aunty to sit with me and talk.

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She started normally and then slowly she came to the topic. She asked me if I was happy with her daughter?

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I said, Of course, I am happy!! Why do you even ask that? Manisha: No, I just wanted to check if everything is ok with you both and if you are happy with my daughter? I want you guys to be happy, as the entire world thinks that you guys are the ideal couple and I got the ideal son-in-law. I just wanted to talk to you if there is anything that you need, you can ask me, If you want to tell l something to my daughter too, that is you want to have now, I can request her to postpone the Maters and have a baby now.

Aaaahh I just realized she is on another tangent! Me: Yes Aunty, it is difficult to hold my emotions and desires, but I am doing all this for your daughter only. Like oral sex etc. I even suggested her that, but she is against it.

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And I am so sorry aunty I am saying all this to you. Also, I told you my desires because you had asked, and for the longest time I wanted someone whom I can share this and ask for an opinion, no one better than you could I have told all this. She was quiet for a while, thinking about what all I said, and she started to feel huge sympathy for me. Manisha: I am so sorry for all this happening to you my beta. But aunty there is something I want to tell you. Manisha: what is it? We are having an open conversation to help your situation.

Manisha: Raja Beta, nothing can affect my relationship with you. You are the nicest guys I could ever have as my son-in-law.

Mother in law incest story

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