Muscle domination stories

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Rita had just come home after an intensive workout at the gym and was admiring herself in the full-size mirror in the living room. She liked what she saw; her new training schedule was showing. Her firm tits with pointed nipples swayed sensually beneath a sports bra translucent with her sweat and her luscious butt was barely covered by a pair of skin hugging lycra shorts. She imagined herself at the pub in a mini skirt and high heel calf length boots. Every man would want to fuck her though his woman would perhaps prefer to drive a knife into her. Rita was 28 years old, a fashion consultant and a fitness addict.

She had a reputation as a man-eater, a notoriety she did nothing to dispel. Most men were intimidated by her size and assertiveness and became blithering idiots in her presence. Rita was about to remove her trainer shoes when the doorbell rang. She frowned; it was unusual for someone to come at ten in the morning.

Looking through the peephole she saw a boy in his late teens, a seemingly familiar face. She opened the door and the boy stumbled back, stunned at the sight of the Amazon in front of him. Muscle domination stories was quite used to these reactions. She smiled at him and asked him what he wanted.

Can I please borrow some sugar? My parents are out at work and will be back only by evening. Rita took an immediate liking to Rahul. Rita quickly fixed a large strawberry milkshake for both of them. Rita crossed her legs. Her calf and upper thigh compressed themselves into a mass of ripped muscle. Do you like my body? But Rita noticed the growing bulge in his pants and an evil idea began forming in her.

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Mom always does that. Says it keeps her feet fresh. How innocent, thought Rita, and agreeing with his suggestion told him to fetch the container from the dresser. Rahul squatted in front of her and placed her feet on his knees. He applied a generous amount of the liquid on her feet and massaged them gently but with a firmness belying his small frame.

Rita was completely taken in. But he was also worried. Rita emerged from the shower and dried herself.

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Casting her eyes over her vast collection of bikinis, she selected a wispy, yellow Brazilian two-piece that just about covered her vitals. She smiled to herself; she had rarely been this eager about seducing someone, especially a boy. There was something so fresh about Rahul that her normal forceful self-was replaced by an almost submissive love.

Rahul was nervously sitting on the edge of the sofa with the towel wrapped around his torso. His heart was palpitating with anticipation and anxiety. Rahul stared…. He wanted to touch her, feel her muscles but felt incapable of movement.

He was conscious though of a movement, of his cock pushing against the towel.

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Rita came towards him, took both his hands and placed them on her ample bums. Rita cupped the cock with both her hands. Rahul tried to move away embarrassed but Rita held him firm. That way you can touch every part of it. Rahul was in a daze but coped well with the opportunity in front of him.

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He poured a generous amount of the moisturizer all over her back and butt and massaged her with strong long strokes. He explored her calves, her inner thigh, and her ass cheeks and then went up to her shoulders and neck. Rita was delighted with her new find. His touch was so gentle, yet so firm, he caressed her and pressed her.

She moaned, she was aroused and her juices began to flow.

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She now turned over to give Rahul his first ever view of her well-rounded tits and finely shaven cunt. Rahul demurred. This Aunty was being way too generous to him. Rita pulled him over her and passionately kissed him fully on the mouth. He was scared he would come on her and leave a mess on her wonderful body. Rita seemed to read his thoughts. Wait till I tell you. He then worked his way down to her clit, her thighs, her legs and finally her toes. Seeing her body shimmering in the reflected light of the moisturizer, Rahul too was aroused and began heaving with his pent-up sexual energy.

Rita stood up and asked him to put on her shoes.

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Rita then moved his face towards her other tit with similar. She stood up and thrust her ass at Rahul. He wrapped his hands around her legs and kissed her ass with a passionate fervor before dropping down to her feet and kissing her toes. He gave a pleading look. Sitting down, she took his throbbing cock into her mouth. She licked it all over and then expertly guided the shaft rhythmically into and out of her mouth till Rahul shuddered and with an explosive force shot his juice down her throat. Rita hungrily sucked his cock till the last drop of cum was in her mouth.

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Rahul flopped down on the carpet thoroughly exhausted with his first encounter with a sexual predator. Rita picked him, cradled him in her arms and put him on her bed. You were fantastic. Should we do it again another day? Rahul feebly smiled and drifted into sleep thanking his mom for not stocking up on the sugar at home.

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Muscle domination stories

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