Naked cheerleader stories

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My bitch cheerleader sister stormed into my room while I was in my bed, on my laptop watching, ironically, cheerleader porn, and jerking off. She grabbed my computer, staring at what I was watching, which was a cheerleader getting triple teamed. The truth it was none of those, but rather Janice, although truth be told I had stroked off to every one of them at some point. I suppose being the least athletic guy there is, and with absolutely no chance to ever score a cheerleader, I would tragically be in love with all of them.

Although they were all stuck up, pretentious bitches, except for Janice, I crushed after all of them. I cleaned myself up and went to bed hating my sister even more than I usually did, mortified by the humiliation I had experienced. Who when princess bitch staggered awake. I cringed at what she may say. Curious, and thinking I likely had time, I decided to snoop. I quickly downloaded all her photos, hoping to find some sexy shots of her many hot friends. As I did, I decided to read her most recent texts, for amusement. But, what I read shocked me to the core. Her last few texts were after she caught me in the act and were to Sophia and were about me… my dick precisely.

After having her flash her pussy at me, and now this, I began to think of my sister in a very non-sisterly sort of way. She was just used to having things taken care of when they went astray…oh the life of the beautiful. The majority were selfies, another reminder of how vain she is, although some included some of her other hot friends. There were some of her and her fellow cheerleaders at a recent competition and then some from the hotel that night with them in even less clothing Naked cheerleader stories got me incredibly erect again.

Then I noticed a file called homework. I clicked on the file and almost instantly came in my pants. There were over a photos of my sister and a couple of her cheerleading friends naked and in some very compromising positions. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next Naked cheerleader stories I comment.

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Naked cheerleader stories

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Naked Cheerleaders