Navel play stories

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This is only for true navel lovers, if you don't understand this fetish then move on. All of my characters are over 18 years of age. At first it seemed futile, the rope bit into her wrists and ankles every time she moved. But with enough perseverance she felt in the past hour. They were loosening. She could feel extra space between her and the ties. Arianna wiggled more vigorously.

Even though her hands and feet hurt she could taste victory. Her body was weary from the position of laying on the slab. Her ts ached, they itched to be relaxed. Her back was cramped at being stretched for so long in the same pose. The back of her head had a knot where it couldn't relieve the pressure. She hadn't been able to sleep, not stark naked and in one position for hours, not to mention the imminent danger she was going to be in once that man came back.

She had to escape. Her hands popped free of the rope. She slowly rose into a sitting position, the disks in her spine snapping and crackling. Arianna lightly massaged her wrists. There was a red ring around them. She rolled her head around and cracked her neck then she undid her ties on her feet.

Once they were free and soothed by her hands she hopped off the platform. Her body crumpled to the Navel play stories. Her legs couldn't support her weight. They had gone to sleep. She took in a few breaths and adjusted her feet beneath her. She slowly rose up to her Navel play stories height. Arianna turned behind her and saw the large door. To the right of it was a large mirror. It looked like the kind that a police station would have; a two way mirror. Oh no, was someone watching her? Beneath the glass were a series of hooks and dangling from them were an assortment of other torture devices and some power tools.

What the hell was this place?

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Were there others this man tortured? More poor navels he would play with and give pain to? She had to get out of there. Arianna walked towards the door. Not that she expected it to be unlocked, but hey, she should try anyways. As she got close to it she heard a click from the other side of it and the knob began to turn.

She panicked. He was back again! No doubt he would give her bellybutton a good lashing. She scurried to the opposite side of the room as the door swung open. There he was. The gorgeous, evil man to torture her sensitive hole. His large, hungry eyes ready to stare at her poor navel as he hurt her. You got out," he said taking a step into the room. Arianna bolted around the platform to shoot past him in the open doorway. In her futile attempt he grabbed her roughly.

The weight of his body slammed her into the two way mirror. Arianna looked down at the hook. It wasn't a hanger at Navel play stories, instead it was just a simple, long nail screwed into the wall. The thick nail head threatened to enter her navel. She struggled against the man. He took his free hand and secured her wrists better against the glass.

A small noise escaped Arianna's throat. She saw his reflection in the mirror and her own. His eyes smoldered at her. He was very angry. The wicked grin that slowly spread across his face made her heart pound in her chest.

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All I need to do is this-," he pushed his weight in a shoving action and the nail head dove into Arianna's bellybutton. She gasped at the feeling. The nail was so deep inside of her bellybutton. He released the pressure on her back. The man shoved his weight against her back and her navel swallowed up the nail. He pressed even more and it stabbed the base of her hole. He kept his body there and began to rock his hips against her. The nail head swirled deep inside of her hole, the pressure hitting the most sensitive areas.

As he rocked her body in a circular motion the nail head stretched every corner of her bellybutton.

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It tugged at her in an almost pleasurable way. It had found its way between the two folds and it was swirling inside of its depths. Though it was painful the base of her hole quivered in arousal when it hit the right spot. He rocked his hips around and around making the nail swirl deeper into her. When he moved his body and positioned her navel at the correct angle the nail head shot waves of pleasure through her.

She gasped every time it hit her. He put enough pressure at certain times where it was extremely pleasurable to her. A small noise would escape her Navel play stories. Then he would thrust her at it more harshly and the nail head would stab at her base shooting pain through her body. A strangled note would cry out. The rhythm of his hips sent her into a whirlwind of ecstasy and agony. One minute Arianna thought she would moan when that nail hit the deepest part of her in an erotic way and then the next she wanted to cry at the torture when it seemed like it would pierce right through her.

The man took a step back from her. Arianna gulped in air. Finally, a time out. She looked down and saw that her belly hole was pink and raw. His tormenting had been vigorous. She heaved, drinking up the feeling of relief. Her navel was sensitive, she needed time to rest. The man drew his face close to her ear, his breath was warm on her neck. He withdrew from her and rammed his body again against her.

The nail head assaulted her bellybutton. He withdrew from her again and did the same thing. Every time the nail head dove deeper into her bellybutton. It stabbed into her core. Her navel screamed from the torment. Then he picked up the pace, not even letting Arianna cry out in pain. He made the nail plunge into her hole deep and fast giving no time for much reaction from her.

The nail tore into her bellybutton. The torture Navel play stories was assailing her was too quick for her mind to even process. His hips literally humped her body in a series of sharp agonizing assault to her navel. Her hole quivered at every plunge. Her belly muscles contracted.

Navel play stories

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