Non consensual spanking stories

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There is still only half of the raffle winners that have responded so far, so today I will the people directly to tell them they have won. I have my own opinions on this clip and without going into to much detail right now, I find the clip to be an incredibly hot fantasy. What are your thoughts? Please bear in mind that the owners of Northern Spanking will be reading this as well as the participants I am sure. Please remember that this clip is also played out as a fantasy between the couple involved here as part of a role play.

Now for my opinion. This is a scenario that a Female partner of mine once wanted to engage in, so even with my reservations I attempted it. The scene actually became pretty intense so we ended it.

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A large portion of the spanking community is portrayed as a non consensual environment, to me this clip takes it just a little bit further. It is however a fantasy roleplay, and are we the ones to judge what should turn others on? Like I said, I would like to hear your opinions. Click the banner below to pay Northern Spanking a visit. Personally, this is the kind of spanking video I intensely dislike. It seems to me to show a brutal, contemptuous attitude towards women that I find repellent.

Honest opinions are totally fine, Phil. Thank you for your opinion. Just a question however, and I am being serious here. When you made this statement…. Do you not think that these same people would view us that way regardless?

Or even if the man physically restrains a squirming women over his lap, surely it is the same brutal, contemptuous attitude that these vanillas will see, regardless of the scene being presented to them? I really like non-consensual themed spankings. However, I prefer this within the context of discipline. This scenario was a little too scary for me and stirred up some bad personal memories.

It was not the spanking itself, it was the breaking in and the taking of the girl as he pleased that frightened me. It was wonderfully performed and created. It was too intense, scary especially slapping of face. I could almost handle watching it till then. As to the quality of the scene and the performances, fine job.

My personal feeling was, however, that the scene too closely related a non-consensual spanking with a violent crime against an unwilling participant. Done as a fantasy and revealed later that Non consensual spanking stories was in fact a fantasy, would have been less bothersome. Sorry …. I do not like how he grabbed her at the start. I do not like the demeaning her while she is already in pain and over his knees facing him.

As a male spankee, Non consensual spanking stories is not the type of scene that I would ever suggest playing out, I tend to go for a bit of formalism and ritual but if a female spanker sorry Mr Lewis, your just not my type, being a bloke and everything ever suggested playing out a scene like this, with myself in the victims role, I would be all for giving it a go. Northern Spanking are the best site for trying out new ideas and experimenting with scenarios that I have been a member of, so far. It is inevitable that they will occasionally challenge peoples comfort zones.

They would lose a lot of their magic if they tried to do their work whilst treading on eggshells, every time the camera starts rolling. They are a company that needs a bit of experimental, creative, space to work in. Perhaps Northern Spanking or any other company who is trying something that not everyone will feel comfortable with, could try something similar, to help put troubled minds at rest and negate the material as having any use for anyone who wants to use it against the spanking community.

Take your point, Rich. And as result, I find it completely unerotic — in fact the effect on me is negative, it turns me off. Well acted, etc, sure — but just not for me. Well I myself have liked the idea of that kind of control being taken and played out with someone I am really close to.

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I would have to really trust him first and know that he wouldnt take it to far and really hurt me. Face slapping is one of them. It was well acted and things of course. But personally those kinds of scenes are best left between the two people involved.

That is only my personal opinion though. But a punishment video also probably looks the same to certain people. Even though the person being punished consented before hand some things look pretty severe on Non consensual spanking stories and some people even spankos would consider some videos like that abuse. It is a very iffy type thing.

But everyone views things in a different way so it really is hard to say. For some that kind of thing would turn them on if they knew that it was play. In real life and knowing the person is in real danger I would hate to think that some perv would get off watching instead of helping the poor person that is in danger.

But to know that it is an acted scene then I dont see anything wrong with it turning anyone on. Some fantasies are better as just that. The idea behind it but not the actual act. Like I said before I would have to really trust someone to allow that fantasy to be played out. I meant to add that everyone has there own ways of thinking. The world is just like that. I basically feel to each their own. If it is right for the people involved then who am I to say it is wrong.

But in all fairness they dont have to live my life and they dont have to agree with the way I do things. In other words I have no right to say whether what someone else does or feels is either right or wrong. It is right for them and what turns another person on has no effect on me what so ever unless they impose their feelings on me in an unwanted way.

I guess i better stop writing I am making no sense. I get rambling sometimes for no apparent reason. I thought it was really, really hot. I was wondering if theres a way for people who have blogger s to follow your blog? Richard yes it is a different vid.

Thank you all for your comments guys, the feedback has prompted me to post a follow up blog article as well I think, the subject of abuse. So now I have two topics to select from. I actually wanted to write about attending parties, but now I really want to write about Non consensual spanking stories, or should I say perceived abuse.

Good idea for a next post on abuse, Richard. Disciplinary practices in the school she visited would be regarded as abusive in the western world. Different strokes? Or what? Slippery slopes indeed. I think this, including and most the breaking in and taking her, was incredibly hot. Consensual non-consent is very hot to me. I felt like I was watching an intimate moment between a couple, not a video. NSI does an excellent job, again. A Girl — Thank you for your well thought out post. You actually touched on one of my issues as well with what you wrote.

Having come from an abusive background, I too was able to turn that negative around and redefine it under my terms.

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So much so that in my next post I am going to elaborate further with the whole topic at hand. I can honestly say that I found it quite arousing. There is something about the blatantly non-consensual that is very erotic — throw in some genuine fear portrayed extremely well by Caroline and it gets me going in a big way. Certainly a real life scenario like this would be in the realm of the criminal but the spanking fantasy is often an alternate universe where things like this can and do happen without the taint or stigma of the real world attached. Exactly Richard.

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No one makes the decisions and although it may seem like I am not in control, I truly am. I have redefined this type non-consent to be something that I find arousing and hot. Would I want it to happen on the street where I live? Lots of strong feelings here! Thanks, Richard, for bringing it up.

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There are some CP films that people find disagreeable because of the extremely harsh level of punishment being meted out, but this is a slightly different discussion. Aside from some hair pulling and one face-slap, this film depicts only a hand-spanking.

I take to heart and sympathize with the people who find the film scary. It scared me a bit, looking at it, and I was there when it was made! Not all spanking films are going to turn all people on, and anything edgy is going to have those people it offends.

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It just gets me hot. One thing I like especially about this film is that, as I mentioned before, while the situation is extreme, the punishment is not. While if something like this was happening for real it would be emotionally traumatizing, there is no extreme brutality happening. No marks aside for redness, no rape, no death! The fear and the arousal comes from the complete lack of control, and not from physical danger. It should go without saying, but I want to say for the record, that everything that happened in the scene was pre-agreed and arranged.

The face slapping, the wrestling, the hair-pulling, the hand on the neck. Thank you all for your views and opinions. One good thing is I made all sorts of films with Northern that weekend, of a wide range. Some funny ones, a kind of sweet one, you name it. It floated mine but good! If a teacher or husband or anyone who cares about her is disciplining her, I enjoy that.

Some of my spankings are pretty severe and that might put off others. I find certain roughness hot, like some mild hair pulling and forcefulness.

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That stuff turns me off.

Non consensual spanking stories

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