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Score 3. Famous Story. Published 8 years ago. I went to visit a girlfriend at the time at her college in Ohio several years ago. It was Saturday and after she did her course work for the day, we decided to go for a picnic since it was so nice out. She asked if I wanted to go to a national park or go to a small lake where all the students hung out to relax.

Since it was May and the students were preparing for finals, she thought it would be a neat place to go. I asked her if we should bring our swimming suits with us and she replied, "No reason to. We drove for about forty minutes, going down one back road after another.

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Finally, she said, "Turn left into that gravel parking lot. We got out, brought our food, a few blankets and started walking on a trail through a forested area. Once we got over the hill in the forest, a beautiful body of water lay ahead. It had a small boat slip at one edge and a floating pier in the middle.

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As we walked down the slope and got closer to the slip, I noticed a girl and two guys just sitting and chatting. As we got closer to them and walked by, I noticed the guys were nude and the girl had a towel around her neck and from what I could see, nothing else. At that point, I remembered what my girlfriend had said about the swimming suits and I had a feeling we were going to be nude soon. She asked me where I wanted to put the blankets down and I pointed to a place between two bushes and kind of out of sight.

We got to the place and as I got down on my hands and knees to spread the blanket out, I turned my head and saw her dropping her shorts to the ground. She hadn't worn any panties and her bald pussy was now staring me in the face.

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I finished spreading out the blanket and the food and stood up next to her. She had unbuttoned her top and lay down on the blanket. She asked if I was going to take off my clothes, and with a little hesitation, I did. We talked a bit and I started to feel comfortable being naked with her. She asked if I wanted to take a walk around the pond. I mentioned going swimming a bit since I wasn't ready to go like Adam and Eve, especially with the hard-on I had.

We walked into the pond and the water level went up to about our waists. It was really nice and cool and we enjoyed it. All of a sudden, someone yelled out my girlfriend's name and I turned to see a really pretty girl, totally nude. She had long black straight hair, perfect tits with dark nipples and areolas, and a small landing patch above her pussy. My girlfriend said it was Carrie from her psych class and she immediately swam over to the ladder attached to the floating which Carrie was standing on.

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She climbed the ladder and started to walk over to Carrie. I wasn't ready to be seen nude yet and stayed in the water. Carrie noticed this and said out loud, "What is it about guys and clothes? If they're having sex, then the clothes come off real fast.

But, any other time, they're shy and embarrassed as can be about anyone seeing their nude bodies. You can see my tits and pussy. Isn't it fair if I see your equipment? So, I climbed the ladder and stood next to my naked girlfriend. To be standing naked to your girlfriend and me? They talked about the psych test coming up for awhile then Carrie mentioned a pool party at her condo that night.

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I asked. My girlfriend pulled on my arm to say that she wanted to go, so I knew being nude in front of the others was going to continue. We got back into the water for a swim, then headed to our blanket. We ate some food and wrapped our towels around us since we weren't going to put our clothes back on after swimming in the pond.

We drove back to her apartment and showered, then we had sex, took a nap, had some dinner and went to the party around that night. That's another story for later Exhibitionism exhibitionism.

Nude with friends stories

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