Nudist family incest stories

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I told frozen for a few minutes, processing what just happened. Do you want some coffee?? I make no attempt to hide my hard on as I walk over to her and she pours my cup full. She sat her cup on the counter, turned to me and reached up to put her hands on both sides of my face. She pulled my face down to her a gave me a deep kiss. Her tongue slipped between my lips and met my tongue. We French kissed for a few seconds then she ended it.

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Chloe picked up her cup then headed to the loungers on the back deck. Again I stood processing what just happened as my cock lurched from the overstimulation of my brain. I took a sip of my coffee and ed Chloe on the back deck.

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Out on the deck, I pulled a lounger closer to where Chloe was sitting. We sat and drank our coffee and talked about where we were on the nude scale. Come to find out Chloe has been walking around the house and yard nude for quite a while. I told her that I had been a nudist for a long time and welcomed her to the club.

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We agreed that we would try to be nude around each other as much as possible. Sitting there with Chloe had my mind wandering about her body. I had noticed earlier that her pussy was clean shaven and I wondered what it would be like to sink my cock deep in her wet hole. As a reaction to her movement, I had unconsciously leaned back which gave Chloe more room to position herself over me.

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Before I could tell her to stop, she eased her wet pussy around the head of my cock then sat down on me until our pubic bones touched. Home Incest stories Nude family gains a new family member 3. Spread the love.

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Nudist family incest stories

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Nude family gains a new family member