Omegle love story

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Omegle love story to :. This discussion is closed. Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 1 year ago 1. Hey I'm so embarrassed for asking this but I can't tell it anyone else. So a couple of months ago I met this 22 year old guy from the UK on omegle at the beginning of August and we instantly hit it off. I'm 18 years old and from Germany. Basically we've been texting each other every single day and we've been talking about everything and anything. I've told him so many things about myself and I think we genuinely like each other.

Now here's the thing: 1. I'm the one who usually texts him first. Therefore I have asked him multiple times if he even wants to talk. So either he asks me what makes me think that or even more often he tells me to stop being paranoid he knows I'm a little insecure 2. The other thing is that our texts have become less frequent for the last month or so. He told me he's very busy atm and so he doesn't even open my texts for a couple of days sometimes. I know for a fact that he's busy,he even has all his notifications switched off and is not even opening his app because his snap score is going up lol sorry for seeming like a stalker.

But I'm a very doubtful person and have started to wonder if he's not interested in talking to me anymore? Wouldn't he text back quicker if he were actually interested?

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Sometimes he says the sweetest things to me, asks me how I'm feeling and builds me up when I'm feeling down. I remember one time where I jokingly said that I'm happy we'll never Omegle love story and he replied that I would jump at the chance. I got a little angry and told him I wasn't that desperate. Then he asked me hypothetically if I would not meet up with him if I were in Southampton my sister lives there and he was there too. That question made me very confused as I do not know what he wants to hear. Please help me? Am I reading too much into this? Is he not interested in me anymore and just too polite to say it?

Should I stop talking to him? I think about him all the time and I feel like I'm going crazy!!!! Thanks in advance, I would really appreciate some advice. Not what you're looking for? Jolhihilhil Badges: 9. Report 1 year ago 2.

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Original post by Anonymous Hey I'm so embarrassed for asking this but I can't tell it anyone else. Report Thread starter 1 year ago 3. Original post by Jolhihilhil I think u should meet him. Sounds like u wanna get serious fairly soon, so y not? I'm sure he isn't trying to distance himself from u, especially if he's asking to meet u.

Sounds to me like things could go really well. I'm sure there's no reason to worry.

Omegle love story

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My Omegle Love Story