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This is the true of how I received my first school paddling at a school in North Carolina. Beverly, you too. When she had looked up she had been looking directly at us. My hand slowly came up from under my desk holding the note and I rose, timidly, from my seat. I could see Beverly doing the same. My heart pounded almost painfully in my chest, my cheeks were apple-red and my hand trembled as I handed over the note. Miss Bright stood there for a moment reading it. The hallway.

That could mean anything. But it was almost certainly serious, in part because this was the second time that Beverly and I had been caught passing notes and, too, because of what the note had said:. Do you have the rest of them?

If you do we can swap between classes. The first note which we had been caught passing had not been a particularly incriminating missive, just some chatter back and forth about our boyfriends. This one, though, added to having been apprehended once already, was bound to carry more serious consequences. And, of course, those consequences were precisely what Beverly and I were contemplating as we shuffled out in to the hallway, where, for a couple of minutes, we were forced to wait while Miss Bright gave instructions to the rest of the class and dredged up her disciplinary records for the two of us.

Just what would happen to us was not clear. I feared being put in to In-School Suspension, but not nearly as badly as I feared the other likely consequences: Actually being suspended or being paddled, or some combination of the three. Who knew? So, I was very, very fearful. Beverly was, too. Neither of us had faced any of those punishments before, and the near certainty that Paddle spanking stories would, then, was enough to leave us both near to tears, even before Miss Bright finally came out in to the hallway with her log book.

We stood with our backs to the wall and our hands folded in front of us, Paddle spanking stories looking up very much. Just looking at the last three asments that you have turned in, what do you think I found? Again, I experienced the hopeless feeling that accompanies the certainty of having been caught doing something very wrong. She knew. She had compared our asments. When we said nothing, she continued. I was dizzy with fear and apprehension.

This was Big Trouble. Far worse than simply passing a note talking about the possibility of copying. Now, we were on the hook for actually cheating. A couple of times, in the eerie silence of the hallway, I heard Beverly sniffle. Okay, then. She turned to walk, and we followed. It was automatic. Maybe another time I would have felt compelled to argue my case, but being caught in such a clear and undeniable way left me feeling condemned.

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I said nothing, and followed Miss Bright to the office. I remember that there were six chairs in two rows. I ended up in the purple chair closest to the office door with Beverly next to me. Neither of us wanted to proceed in to the office with her, of course. She went in, closing the heavy door behind her.

What else, of course, would they be discussing? I looked at Beverly. She was as white as a sheet of paper and did not return my glance. I was, myself, terrified, and there were no reassurances to be found, no comfort, no hope that the whole situation would simply be smoothed over. We were busted, and we knew it. The tension of waiting to be told what our fate would be was hard to bear. On the other hand, whatever punishment awaited was virtually inevitable, and the certainty of it scared me badly.

The talking in the office continued for minutes? There were other people in the office area. The school secretary was there, looking through some files. And two students, one boy and one girl. To all of them, we must have appeared quite guilty. In what Paddle spanking stories, I did not know. They could have been talking about in-school or they could have been talking about real, go-home-and-miss-all-of-your-classes out of school suspension, which would have carried pretty severe consequences once I got home.

The door opened. My fear intensified. We stood to follow her, clumsily bumping in to one another as we did. I heard the door close behind us. There were no chairs in front of it. The space was kept clear, I still p, for students who were about to find themselves bending over that dark oak desk.

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There were two chairs off to the right side of the office, against the wall, and Mr Toms indicated with his head that we were to sit in them. We did. It was all Mr Toms. I do not recall every word that he said, but I do very clearly remember the gist of it all. It was something like this:.

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Got any arguments about that? He had a drawl that made him sound older than he really was in truth, he was probably only about forty. It sounded as if he was talking to his daughters. ISS, I thought. As she was a cheerleader, that would be a bigger deal for her. Five licks for both of you. I gasped audibly and looked up sharply, not even trying to conceal the terror that I suddenly felt.

He was going to paddle us and oh my God it was supposed to hurt like hell, not to mention how utterly humiliating it was going to be! How long? I had to think. I honestly did not know the answer to that. We looked at one another. But there was no offer of an alternative forthcoming.

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Mr Toms went to the wall where his paddle hung, and took it in his right hand. His paddle was walnut and, though it had been used on numerous backsides, looked roughly brand new. I have been paddled with both, and they both do their work quite nicely. That, of course, is an unfair question. There was little chance that one or the other of us was going to volunteer to take it. By now, Beverly was sniffling quite a bit, too. But she stood. I could see that she stood uneasily, slowly, trembling, as if holding on to the fleeting seconds before she got her licks and her bottom got lit on fire.

Not having been paddled before, I did not entirely know what to expect. The agony of the paddle was only something that I could imagine, and I was trying not to do that. I was an absolute nervous wreck. My stomach was busying itself turning inside out. My hands were shaking. My cheeks were icy white. She walked to the desk, and just stood there. She looked pleadingly at Mr Toms, and then to Miss Bright, who had then moved further away from the desk, so as to be The Witness to our punishment.

Neither had anything reassuring to give her. He held it right up against the seat of her pants, right Paddle spanking stories he intended to land it. Beverly yelped.

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She, too, was obviously surprised by the force of the lick, the first of five that she had to endure. She did not have to wait long for the next, nor for the remaining three. Mr Toms did not give her much time in between the licks.

They landed in a steady rhythm, each as hard as the first.

Paddle spanking stories

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