Panty punishment stories

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David flinched, looked around furtively, and jerked his hand from his face as I entered his living room. He tried to hide the evidence in between the couch cushions, but I knew exactly what he had been doing. While I was taking a shower, he decided to raid my suitcase looking for used panties to sniff.

He was still dressed, but his jeans were pulled down past his hips. The semi-hard cock visible through his boxers did nothing to convince me of his innocence.

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Remember when I wore them to work and I told you about locking my office door during my lunch hour while I fingered my clit through the material? I came twice, and those panties were so soaked for you by the time I was done. They were still wet when I mailed them.

I came at least three times in them before I put them back in the mail. Did you like wearing those dirty, cummy panties to work, you little slut? We decided that our friendship was more important than sex, and then what do I find when I get out of the shower? You, with your pants half-down, jerking off while sniffing my panties! You know what I think? I think you need to be punished! Take the damned panties. In fact, you should just take them off. Take off your shirt, too, but leave the boxers on for now.

Despite his protestations, he sank back onto the couch. With Panty punishment stories right hand, David held my panties up to his nose and inhaled deeply. As he did so, he closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh of pleasure. With his left hand, he started rubbing his cock gently on top of his plaid boxers. His cock had gone soft during our confrontation, but I could Panty punishment stories that the humiliation of getting caught jerking off with my panties and the uncertainty of what I might ask him to do next were a huge turn-on for him.

Not yet, at any rate. Is your cock already hard? He looked at me quizzically. His cock jumped to attention as it escaped the confines of his clothing. At that moment, I summoned every ounce of willpower to stop myself from getting down on my knees in front of him and worshipping his beautiful cock with my mouth the way it deserved to be worshipped. Anything but that. I said I was sorry. I want to see how you look in my panties. You look better in my panties than I do. Are they uncomfortable?

Even from about five feet away, I could see his cock twitching inside my panties.

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Would that embarrass you? David stood in the center of his living room and allowed me to take pictures of him from all angles. Go into the bedroom. Bossing David around was an unfamiliar role for me, but I found myself enjoying it a lot more than I expected. He walked into the bedroom, clearly somewhat uncomfortable as his erection strained against my cotton panties, and I followed him.

On your back. Once again, I could see his cock twitching as he complied. David said nothing; he merely waited for me Panty punishment stories decide what was going to happen next. I kicked off my black heels and climbed onto the foot of the bed, rubbing his legs gently as I straddled his thighs and made myself comfortable. I was still fully-dressed, and the leopard-print miniskirt I was wearing rode up my thighs, no doubt giving David a glimpse of the navy blue polka-dotted nylon panties I had put on when I got out of the shower.

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Underneath my fitted black t-shirt was a matching bra. He groaned a little and bucked his hips slightly in frustration. Mommy loves how it feels in her pussy. Mommy loves the taste of your cum. Mommy loves how your thick cock fills her tight ass. I bent down and lapped at the exposed tip gently, which elicited another moan from him. Let me put in your mouth. Let me fuck your face like the slut you are. You need to lick these fingers clean.

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Tongue-fuck my ass, too. You want to say nasty things? Then you can stick your tongue in nasty places. I pushed the panties down slightly so that I could take more of his cock into my mouth while continuing to tease the shaft on the outside of the panties. David was doing such an amazing job of licking my pussy and ass that I was having trouble concentrating on pleasuring him.

My clit immediately became so sensitive that I cried out in pain and jerked away from him even though he kept trying to suck on it. As David positioned himself in front of me with his cock at face-level, I slowly removed the panties, exposing his dick once more. I gently cupped his balls with my right hand, used my left hand to play with his shaft, and teased him with my lips and tongue.

A few minutes later, I could tell that he was close to cumming. I could feel his balls tightening in my hand as he grabbed the side of my head with both hands and frantically fucked my face. He let out a guttural yell as Panty punishment stories thrust deeply into my mouth; at that moment hot cum spurted into my mouth and down my throat.

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Panty punishment stories

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