Peeing in panties stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Warning: This is not a story for everyone. Katy on occasion indulges my various fetishes that may not appeal to the majority.

If tales of urination are not your thing, this story won't be for you. For those who haven't read our other stories, a bit about us. I'm 40 years old married to the most wonderful woman on earth. My lover, my best friend, my rock, my joy. Katy is all of these things and so much more. She is the perfect woman in mind, body and soul.

She's a wonderful mother, a fantastic daughter, an unbelievable wife, and an incredible lover. Katy sees Peeing in panties stories everyone else's needs before her own and never complains one bit about it. I could go on for s about the wonderful attributes my wife possesses, but this is an erotic literature forum so I'll try to limit my bragging to her talents in the bedroom. When I was first courting Katy, she was no virgin by any stretch.

She'd had her fair share of wild times, though I'm not sure they adequately prepared her for meeting me.

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Katy lovingly refers to me as a pervert who stalked her until I had her. I prefer to think of it as sexually adventurous and which of us was the more aggressive pursuer is still open to debate as far as I'm concerned. During those early days, I'd often bring up one sexually taboo topic or another to gauge her reaction to it.

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She'd always claim I was trying to shock her or scare her off but it wasn't going to work because she already knew I was a pervert and she fell in love with me anyhow, so I was just stuck with her. I don't think "stuck" is the word I'd use. I couldn't ask for a more compatible partner.

During one of the early conversations, I broached the subject of urination incorporated into sex play. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not the least bit into wild golden showers, human toilets, or the like. It's not that I particularly enjoy the taste of pee or get a kick out of peeing on someone, either. For me it's the shared intimacy of what is generally a very private action.

Perhaps the most private. How many couples have been married for 50 years without ever seeing their partner urinate? I'd imagine it's quite a large. The thought of watching anyone else pee does nothing for me as it's not the action itself, but the shared intimacy that turns me on. I broached the subject delicately, forewarning her I had a kink she might find disgusting and hesitated before finally admitting that the thought of her peeing through her panties was a turn on for me. Katy laughed a bit, telling me that after the lead up I gave it, she was expecting something much worse.

She readily told me that it wasn't something she'd ever thought of in a sexual way and the idea of it didn't turn her on in the least, but it also wasn't repulsive to her and she didn't see any reason why she wouldn't indulge me some night after a few drinks. I knew for sure I had a keeper at that point.

This is how Katy approaches every crazy sexual idea I have. As long as it's not likely to end in an arrest and doesn't involve pain, she'll try just about anything I come up with whether it appeals to her immediately or not. Now, she has certain limits that I know to respect, but for the most part she's up for anything I can conjure up.

We are too often apart from each other, as business takes me out of town fairly regularly. For a couple as highly sexed as Katy and I are, being away for even a few days can be trying. As I've written ly, waking up to the scent of Katy's pussy and a morning blow job is something one definitely gets used to and doesn't want to give up even for a day or two, let alone a week or more. During the times we are apart we make the best of it. To keep each other aroused we frequently masturbate together either on the phone or over the net.

It was during one of these separations that I first talked Katy into Peeing in panties stories little urination play. I thought it would be better to start slow, and with me not actually there to witness it. She would still be performing my request without the initial uneasiness of doing it in front of me.

I asked Katy around noon to not use the rest room again until 11pm when we would meet together online to masturbate with full bladders before relieving ourselves. Aside from the discomfort issues, I thought this a rather tame way to incorporate urination into our play for the first time.

Katy knew where I was heading with it and readily agreed. We spoke frequently during the day, teasing each other about not peeing and the difficultly of Peeing in panties stories it as the day progressed. When the appointed time came we were both to masturbate to orgasm before urinating. The pressure on our bladders while masturbating heightened the experience for both of us, though we were both relieved when it was over and we could finally empty our bladders.

Although the actual urination was secondary and only indirectly related to our orgasms, this was the first time I introduced Katy into incorporating piss play into our sex life. The next opportunity to take the pee games a little further happened as a matter of circumstance, rather than anything I had planned.

I was again away and as I often did, I asked Katy to insert a vibrator into her pussy as she went about her daily routine. This is another game we often play to great success. Katy has an incredible amount of willpower, and I of course routinely try to push that to the outer limits. It's a cat and mouse game we play that neither of us wants to give in. I have Katy insert the vibrator, she is not allowed to remove it until we both cum together and she's not Peeing in panties stories cum until one of us just can't take it anymore and decides it's time to get off.

Katy gets incredibly wet and horny with a vibrator inside of her, but she needs clitoral stimulation to actually orgasm so as long as she isn't touching herself, she's in a perpetual state of horny need. Typically at about the half hour mark she's asking me if I'm ready to masturbate yet. Pfft, I know at that point she's just starting to get revved up and blow the idea off. At the one hour mark she's usually starting to talk a little sexier, trying to coax me into playing.

When we've hit ninety minutes Katy is generally visibly disheveled and getting close to losing all control. Before two hours hits, she almost always gives in and announces she's going to rub her clit and cum whether I her or not. We both end up having intense orgasms as a result. We played this game once while she was actually at a cookout with about 60 people, but that's a story for another day.

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One morning while I was out of town Katy was going about her business with the vibrator inside of her as I'd requested. At seventy five minutes she announced she wasn't going to make it much longer. I looked at the time and said I knew she could last at least another thirty minutes if not forty five. That is when without realizing the opening she was giving me, Katy unwittingly Peeing in panties stories. Instant light bulb. I laughed and told Katy to have another cup of coffee as I had something in mind for her.

She did as I requested and we talked dirty to each other for a bit. At an hour forty five minutes Katy announced she couldn't take either anymore. That she absolutely had to cum so she go pee. She wasn't shocked when I directed her to go stand in the bathtub and do both simultaneously. I wanted her to pee with the vibrator inside of her while she rubbed her clit to orgasm. Since we were chatting online and not over the phone, she had to excuse herself and step away from the computer to go complete her task. When Katy returned about twenty minutes later she was quite coy.

This happens whenever the discussion turns to something that embarrasses her to talk about. I say she makes me pull teeth to get information at such times, she says she'd rather get teeth pulled. That was music to my ears. We'd taken the next step and directly incorporated urination into our sex games. Katy played coy, and certainly hadn't admitted to loving it, or anything close, but telling me she'd do something again is her way of saying she enjoyed herself.

Believe me, if Katy doesn't like something, she has no trouble letting me know. Now I knew that with the correct amount of planning and aided by a little wine, Katy was likely to be receptive to incorporating pee play into a love making session together. She had warmed up to the idea of peeing and having an orgasm at the same time and was willing to continue our games so I came up with an idea.

We had an entire Saturday to ourselves. No. No obligations to be anywhere or do anything. Just a leisurely day together. After sleeping in a bit longer than usual followed by our usual 69 "breakfast" as Katy calls it, we spent the remainder of the morning doing a little yard work and a few household chores we'd put off far too long. Around two O'clock we called it a day, took a seat on the patio, and opened a couple of beers.

I asked Katy if she was up for a game of desperation. She just looked at me quizzically as I explained the rules were neither of us could use the restroom until we just could not hold it any longer. Whichever of us gave in first had to be the others sex slave for the rest of the night. Figuring there really was no way to lose such a game, Katy readily agreed. My plan was in motion, now I just had to outlast her. Not an easy feat.

After a couple of hours of lounging around and a few more beers I got up to take a shower. Katy said we should take one together to make sure the other didn't pee while in there but I refused, telling her I had other things in store Peeing in panties stories if we showered together we'd end up peeing and fucking right then and there, ruining my plans. She pouted, but promised she wouldn't pee while showering as long I promised the same.

Of course I promised. After showering I drew Katy a bubble bath and sent her to relax for a bit while I prepared dinner. Once she was in the tub I laid out a pair of red cotton panties with white hearts on them, along with a black satin camisole decorated with white stars all over it.

Peeing in panties stories

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