Petticoated boy stories

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Warning : Blue petticoat buttons indicate sexually explicit material.

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An anonymous visitor writes:. I'm sorry for the quality of the scan.

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The photo dates from I was fourteen at the time but I remember that evening well. My focus of attention that whole evening was not the bride and groom, but the gorgeous dress my cousin, the young bridesmaid, was wearing!

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As this was well past the 'petti' era, I remember her dress was a 'conversation piece' not only by me! The dress had an overskirt of pale pink and blue pleated chiffon that was supported by a huge froth of tulle petticoats, and she spent much of the evening twirling round to show us how the dress and petticoats swirled out!

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I remember she was seated at my table, and I rearranged the place cards to have her sitting next to me. As I had hoped, I thus spent much of the evening with my right leg 'buried' under a froth of petticoats, something I had never experienced before! Seated on her other side was a young girl who also was fascinated by the dress, and at one point lifted the skirt and began to count the layers of petticoats!

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There were fourteen layers attached to a layer of paper nylon. Return to Petticoat Pond's Main. Back to the Top. An anonymous visitor writes: "I enclose an old family photo I found a few days ago, that brings back great personal memories.

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Petticoated boy stories

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