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I know there are people waiting for more of "Princess in Plaster" Don't worry, it should be comming soon. In the meantime, I just remembered today another cast story I wrote, a few months back It was originally meant as my own continuation of the story "Cast Into Bondage" which I read over on "Cast-Central" but Plaster body cast stories written it so it pretty-much stands alone.

I also changed the names, although considering as this is essentially "fan-fiction", that probably wasn't neccisary. Audrey couldn't move. Not a muscle. Well, she could move her toes, and a few of her fingers a little bit, but other than that What a fine predicament Todd had gotten her into. She loved it. Completely helpless, in his fiberglass "embrace". She felt her pulse quicken when they reached the airport. He took her immobile form out of the car, and put her in a wheel chair. Then, locking the car up, he rolled her into the airport. It was late at night, but there were still a few people around.

People who could see her like this. People who very definitely DID see her like this. Sure, they didn't know that's what it was-only that she was in a full body pink fiberglass cast, her face covered in bandages. She was in a sitting position, her arms bent to lay on the arms of the wheelchair-she'd never seen someone like this, but then, she'd never seen anyone in a full body cast. Presumably, Todd wouldn't have put her in this position if it weren't normal enough. She was reasonably certain, however, that leaving the subject's breasts exposed was not normal.

Luckily, as Todd had dressed her in a T-shirt and skirt over the cast, no one would be able to see her breasts-or her crotch, which he'd also left un-casted, for obvious reasons. Audrey figured the people who saw her must assume she'd been in some terrible accident. They certainly had no idea who she was. But STILL, they knew she couldn't move, and that fact both terrified her and made her unbelievably horny.

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She was in heaven! As they waited for their flight, several people came up and asked about her, what had happened to her. A brief wave of fear washed over her. What were she and Todd going to say?! How would they explain this?! It was entirely up to Todd. The part of her that was "Audrey", an ordinary, "liberated" woman, worried for him.

But that part of her had no place here and now. What good would worrying do? She couldn't do a thing about it. Besides, she trusted Todd. And hadn't he pulled things off fine so far? Indeed, her fears had been unjustified. Todd seemed to have already came up with a story, and Plaster body cast stories if he'd had to explain it a thousand times, he told about the horrible car crash she'd suffered.

Luckily, he said, she was healed enough to travel, even if she wasn't ready for her casts to come off. The people expressed sympathy for the couple-to Todd for having to take care of her, but especially to her, for having to endure this.

Endure this. She smiled to herself well, as much as she could around the gag she was wearing under the bandages. As the time passed, and they waited for the plane, the crowd didn't thin out all that much. She supposed that was understandable-she must be quite a sight, quite a spectacle. Certainly, the most interesting thing "going on" in the airport at the moment.

She was amazed by how special this made her feel. SHE was the center of attention-to all these people! Well, it really wasn't that many people, but still The man came forward, and ran his hand along her casted leg.

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He then tapped on it, as if testing to see if it was really as hard he thought. A lustful look began to grow in his face. Audrey glanced at Todd, and saw that he was watching the young man carefully. This wouldn't go too far. That meant she could enjoy it. Enjoy a fellow bondage fan examining the instrument of her confinement-for she was sure that was what was going on.

Idally, she wondered whether the guy was wondering what it would be like to cast a woman, as Todd had, or whether he was imagining being in a cast like this himself. Either way, she once more silently thanked Todd for all this. Several other people mostly men, but a woman or two, as well seemed intrigued by the body-cast as well. She even wound up with a bunch of atures on the cast. But she also noticed that a few people seemed repelled by the cast. She had hardly expected everyone to want one of their own, but the power of their disgust surprised her.

One woman even Plaster body cast stories so far as staying as far as possible from Audrey and the crowd after having gotten a good look at her.

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She'd never seen people give that sort of reaction to bondage-like situations in movies and whatnot Perhaps it was how complete her immobilization was? Or perhaps that she wasn't some actor on a screen, but was a real, ordinary person, right in front of them? Perhaps seeing her as a real person, trapped in plaster well, fiberglassforced them to think about what it would be like being in that situation This realization forced her to consider the fact that not everyone could do what she did, not everyone could just give up their freedom, and enjoy being helpless.

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She felt sorry for people like that If she had ever seen a person in this sort of situation, she would have been unimaginably turned on. Even the thought of what she must Plaster body cast stories like right now was threatening to make her wet her clothes. It was such a wonderful feeling, being so cozy, so protected, and with no responsibilities. She let out a laugh which, muffled as it was, made everyone glance at her to make sure she was all right -they all had no idea what they were missing. She instinctively tried to shift her position, not that it did anything, and sighed in contentment.

She wasn't sure how long it was before they were finally able to board the plane. It felt like an hour or two, but with as little to do as she had, it could have been much less. The attendants helped get her up into the plane, and moved out of her wheel chair and into one of the seats. Todd had them put her next to the aisle, while he took the window seat.

She wasn't sure if he'd chosen this arrangement so he could touch her breasts as he climbed over her, or so everyone who walked down the aisle could get a good look at her and her bondage, but either way, she was glad he had. Of course, it would have been nice to be able to look out the window, but as she couldn't turn her head, that wouldn't have happened anyway.

The ride was rather uneventful, until, a few hours in, she realized she needed to use the restroom. She "mmph"ed at Todd. Realizing there was no way she could make a sound legible enough for him to make out, she instead glanced down, pointing with her free right index finger.

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As if she had had an oportunity to do so since they'd headed for the hospital to cast her up, hours ago. Todd told the stewardess he'd handle it from here, and shooed her out. Then he closed and locked the door behind her. Carefully, he pulled her skirt down to her knees. Then, he lifted her out of the wheelchair, and tried to maneuver her onto the toilet.

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It was quite a trick, given her awkward shape and the small size of the restroom, but after a few tries, he managed it. Audrey now had two reasons to be happy to be in the restroom-being moved around like that only served to emphasize her immobility, getting her aroused all over again. She managed to calm down enough to do what she had to do, then, after confirming Todd's question of whether she was done, he wiped her up and washed his hands. But he didn't start to take her off the toilet or pull up her skirt yet-and as his hands moved down to his fly, she saw why.

It seemed this little adventure had turned him on as well Even so, Audrey's eyes widened as he pulled down his pants and underwear. He wasn't really going to have sex with her right hear and now, was he?! They were in public well, nearly. And could he even reach her sex with her in this position? Later, after Todd had cleaned up again, and gotten them both into their clothes, he wheeled her back to their seats, and put her back in hers.

Climbing over her, he brushed against her nipples again, and even through her blouse this was enough to make her sigh in pleasure. Todd didn't want to play too much in public though, so Audrey spent most of the rest of the flight napping. Audrey woke with several cramped muscles; the result of sleeping sitting up. Automatically, she tried to change position and stretch, but this, of course, proved impossible.

It took her a moment to remember how she had managed to get herself in such an erotic situation. Oh, yeah, Todd-Todd and his cast. Questions came to mind, questions that hadn't occurred to her before. How was he going to get her out Plaster body cast stories it? Maybe the same way doctors got people out of normal casts, but how was that? Would he be able to do it at the cabin? For that matter, would he want to? She had suddenly remembered that Todd had promised a month of constant bondage-their longest adventure yet.

But he hadn't specified weather it would be varying forms of bondage, or one the entire time She shivered within her cast at the thought of staying in it an entire month. On the one hand, committing to such a new form of bondage for so long made her a bit nervous, but on the other hand, it would make this not only a month of bondage, but a month of the most complete bondage she'd experienced She decided to let Todd make the decision-if Plaster body cast stories hadn't already.

He hadn't told her anything of his plans, nor did she really want him too. The anticipation, mystery, and surprise only added to the fun Audrey was just starting to doze off again due to boredom more than tiredness when the plane began to descend for the airport.

At last! They were almost there! Flaunting her bondage in public had had its thrills, but she was really getting anxious to find out what else Todd had in store for her.

Plaster body cast stories

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