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At the time Linda was our next-door neighbor in the apartment building we both lived in. Closets on the common wall separating the two bedrooms gave some degree of sound proofing. Linda being a single woman entertained several men in her apartment. Frequently the entertaining would move to her bedroom and the additional sound proofing was needed. Janice and I first met Linda about seven years earlier when she moved into her apartment. Linda and Janice became close friends within a few months. They were always together, and Janice was frequently visiting with Linda in her apartment.

If one of the men Linda knew were to visit while Janice was there, Linda would not hesitate to take him to her bedroom if he was willing. This would leave Janice with one of two choices. Either wait for them to finish or to go home. Linda was never one to be shy about her body or allowing others to see her in any state of dress or undress. One of the first things she would do upon arriving home from work was to remove all her clothing and replace it with only a nightgown; there were never any under garments beneath the nightgown.

This was her normal mode of dress, whether she was home alone or with company. It was not unusual for Linda, when she was at our apartment, to be wearing a nightgown. We had known Linda for a few years when she gave a party for some of the people she knew. There were about eight couples all in casual dress, while Linda wore one of her nightgowns. The party consisted of casual talk, slow dancing and light drinking.

Midway through the party Linda said that she was hot and proceeded to remove her nightgown. She spent the remainder of the evening naked and dancing with most of the men. I fucked Linda for the first time just a couple of months prior to the day of this story. She convinced Janice that the two them should have a threesome and that I should be the third person in their threesome. She had Janice ask me if I would like to fuck both her and Linda as part of a threesome and of course Please fuck my wife stories said yes.

I was not about to turn down the opportunity to fuck another woman, especially after my wife had asked me if I would fuck both her and Linda. Since then we had a few more threesomes plus some just Linda and me when Janice was out of the house. It was midmorning on a Saturday and both Janice and I had been awake for less than thirty minutes. At the time we both slept naked and were lying in bed talking and touching each other, when we heard a knock on our door.

Janice got out of the bed, put on her robe and went to answer the door. Janice found that it was Linda at the door and she asked Janice if she could talk to her for a few minutes. Janice told Linda that we were still in bed and that she should follow her back to the bedroom. As Janice was walking down the hallway she called out to me, letting me know that she was on her way back to the bedroom and that Linda was with her.

Janice entered the room first, with Linda only a few steps behind. Janice, still wearing her robe slipped back into our bed; Linda stood beside the bed next to where Janice was laying. The nightgown Linda was had on did very little to cover her body. In addition to being loose fitting it was also both shear and short. The material was so shear that the dark areolas that surrounded her nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. As my eyes scanned down the length of her nightgown, the dark triangular patch of her pubic hair stood out, contrasting against her light skin.

The nightgown was also extremely short, short to the point that it barely reached the lower portions of the cheeks of her ass. From my low vantage point, had it been less than an inch shorter I would have been able to see the slit I had spread apart as Please fuck my wife stories penetrated her just days earlier.

I lay there hearing the words as they spoke, but not paying any attention to what was being said. My thoughts were on the two women in my bedroom knowing that I was now fucking both Linda and my wife, individually and together. Each one of them had a ferocious appetite for sex and enjoyed nothing more than a good fuck. There was no way that I could possibly satisfy the needs of these two women on my own, but I also knew that I did not need to.

All that was needed was to give each of them the best fuck I was capable of when I fucked either of them. Linda already had a few men that would visit frequently, only to fuck her; she never went more than a couple of days without being fucked.

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This did not include the occasional man she would bring to her home, fuck him, and never see him again. Janice and I had an active sex life, we were fucking each other at least three or four times a week. What I did not know about Janice until after we were married, was that prior to meeting her she had been fucked by numerous different men. Even though we were now married she had a lover that fucked her frequently while I was working, in addition to another friend who would fuck her whenever they had the opportunity.

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With this she moved over to the center of the foot of the bed. Even then she found it awkward to sit that way because she had to twist her body to see Janice. This lead to Linda getting on her hands and knees at the foot of the bed between the legs of Janice and me. With Linda in this position it afforded me a perfect view into her hanging nightgown.

I was not able to keep from looking at the nipples of her hanging breasts. Janice gave me a little nudge to get my attention and motioned for me to move my head closer to her. I moved back to my original position, thinking about what to do next. I edged over to the side of the bed, on the pretense of going to the bathroom, as I prepared to put my plan into operation.

I slipped out of the bed, keeping my back towards Linda. I did not want her to see the erection I had in the event she looked in my direction as I got out of the bed. As I approached the foot of the bed, I could see that her nightgown did nothing for covering her ass, leaving everything completely exposed.

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Moving behind Linda I saw that she had her legs spread slightly, aiding in stabilizing her while on her hands and knees. Being in this position opened the lips of her pussy and I was able to see that she was already very wet. It was obvious to me that she had masturbated herself to an orgasm just prior to coming to our apartment. After seeing her pussy already open and very wet I knew exactly what I was going to do next.

I stood directly behind Linda, took my erect cock and holding it in my right hand, lined it up with and less than an inch from her open pussy.

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With an action that took less than a second I drove my cock into her pussy, grabbed her hips and pulled her towards me, completely engulfing my erect cock inside of her pussy. Janice lay there beside us, not saying a word, with a slight smile on her face as she watched me fucking her girlfriend.

Linda maintained her kneeling position as I repeated the rapid plunging of my cock into the depths of her pussy. She wanted me to stop just long enough for her to remove her nightgown and to move onto her back. She then said that as much as she enjoyed being fucked doggy style she wanted to see the face of whomever was fucking her.

As she was laying down onto her back Linda asked Janice if she was going to us. Janice watched intently as I once again began fucking Linda.

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It was then that I started the rhythmic pumping in and out of her pussy with her meeting every stroke of mine into her. I lost track of how long we had been fucking, but Linda was now moaning quite profusely and had already experienced at least three or four orgasms. I am going into the living room.

When you are done, come on out. Linda and I paused the intensity of our fucking each other as Janice was talking, but quickly d shortly after Janice left the room. Within minutes Linda was starting to yell and had her knees pulled up to where they were almost in her arm pits. She had herself spread as wide open as was physically possible for her. I began pounding into her as hard and rapidly as I was able and then I felt the feeling of release starting to build in my groin.

I knew then that there was no stopping the inevitable that was about to occur. She sensed what was now happening and reached the peak of her final orgasm with a loud, continuous scream as I continued to Please fuck my wife stories the next four or five flows of cum into her. When the euphoria for both of us finally ended she held me tight against her body, smothering me with kisses and telling that she loved the way I was able to fuck her.

Linda got out of the bed, located her nightgown and slipped it back on. I grabbed the robe, that I kept beside the bed, and put it on. From the screaming I heard coming from the bedroom a few moments ago it is obvious that Linda did. Sounded like it was good for you too.

Please fuck my wife stories

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