Put back into pull ups diapers stories

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By FattymattyJanuary 5, in Completed Stories. Because this is my own personal fantasy based on my life i often come back to this and rewrite certain things or add things here or there depending on what I'm into at the time so this is the most current rewrite version 2. Being just after midnight his mom had already gone to bed for the evening. Over the past year or so this had turned into a nightly ritual for him. Matt would wait up until he was sure that his mom was asleep then he'd sneek into the living room and look up dirty pictures on the computer.

One such picture that he saw captured his imagination. It was a picture of a girl sitting on a park bench and her grey sweatpants where drenched in pee that had sprouted from between her legs. She had to have been in her twenties and she was super pretty.

This was quite litterally the strangest and hottest picture 12 year old Matt had seen in his short life and it sparked an interest that he had forgotten about. It was a website about older people that enjoyed wearing and using diapers. There was also a story board that housed Put back into pull ups diapers stories of kids and adults who are put back into diapers for one reason or another.

Matt read the stories every night until it became an obsesion. He imagined himself being the main character in these stories and how awesome that would be. This brought back memories of when he was nine or ten years old. He went through a phase where he would wet his pants and bed some nights just because, he didn't really understand why it felt good to wet himself but it did. When he was done he would hide the evidence behind his bed. In retrospect his mom must have known about it becuase after a day or two the wet pants and underwear would disapear and end up back in his dresser drawer freshly washed but nothing ever came of it.

Even as a young kid he knew that he wanted to wear diapers again but he didn't know how to go about getting them. He would catch himself looking at younger kids and envying their puffy pampered bottoms. Eventually after seeing no action taken by his mom the pants wetting stopped.

Matt hadn't thought much about those wettings for quite some time he only knew that he missed that warm fuzzy feeling that wetting himself brought.

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He experimented with make shift diapers made from garbage bags and towels but those fell apart rather quickly after one wetting and were simply not the real thing. So one late summer night Matt typed into the internet browser, "how do i get put back into diapers? The thread was started by a boy about my age asking the same basic question. A lot of the responses to his question didn't make a lot of sense and were Kind of silly.

I guess a silly question deserves a silly response.

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But as he kept scrolling down the some responses did actually make sense. A string of posts in particual he paid close attention to. The first post was written by someone calling themselves diapered he wrote. Here's my advice. Start by wetting your bed once a week. Step it up to 2 times a week in a month. In another month wet your bed 3 nights a week and your pants once a week. By the 4th month you need to wet the bed every night and your pants every other day. Continue this until you are wetting your bed nightly and pants daily.

By now you parents should have taken you to the doctor to see what is the " problem" and "why" you are wetting your bed and pants all the time. Tell the doctor you can not keep from wetting yourself, wet yourself while at the doctors. By now your parents should be purchasing pull- ups or diapers for you to wear and use.

Don't be surprised if by now you cannot keep from peeing yourself or your bed, if you still can control when you go pee you need to just relax and use the diaper you are wearing after all it is what you want to do right? Another poster chimed in after diapered their name was beentheredonethat they wrote. Assuming that the original poster is asking a legitimate question I would have to say that this is probubly the best advice from this nonsense thread. Although perhaps a little over simplified.

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The key In making this strategy work is to make your sudden unexplainable incontinence as believable as possible. Slow and steady is the real key in doing that. To many accidents to fast will raise suspicions and lead your parents to question wether you are having genuine accidents or if you are simply peeing your pants on purpose. Which you totally are! Naughty naughty! Any caring parent will take you to see a doctor. They will run tests.

Make you jump through rings of fire.

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They will attempt to fix the problem, that is what doctors do. All you need to do is to continue wetting yourself no matter what the doctor says or does. Having plenty of high visibility accidents in public will speed up the process when you start wetting yourself during the daytime. It also adds a lot to the realism factor and puts added pressure on your parents to do something about your problem rather than ignoring it. If the only time you wet your pants is at home, locked away in your room two feet away from clean clothes and a bathroom that wont look right. If you truly want to wear diapers again you simply have to pretend like you already are.

At school, with family or just hanging out with friends if you feel the need to go. No matter where you are or who is around you, pee right into your pants. The more you do this the easier it will become and once you have been seen a handful of times in wet pants in pubic the fear of embarrassment will fade and you may even catch yourself beilieving your own lie.

I just can't control it! By forcing everyone around you to constantly be on guard and anticipating you to have multiple accidents everyday this adds extra stress on your parents and over time putting alot of effort into keeping you dry and comfortable will wear them down physically and emotionally and simply putting you back in diapers will be a relief when that day comes.

Especially once the doctors have done every test, every treatment and can't find anything medically wrong with you, frustration will set in. If you are still on occasion peeing in the toilet out of convience, stop doing that. Only use your pants, pull-ups or diaper if that is what you are wearing, no matter where you are. By occasionally using the restroom you are only giving false hope to your parents that this might someday get better. You've gotta sqaush that thought, by showing zero s of there ever being any improvement now or in the future.

You've got to prove to them that you shouldn't be wearing anything other than a thick diaper. Once it clicks for them that this is going to be the new normal for you, your parents will more than likely switch gears from trying to fix you to helping you live comfortably with your condition for your sake and theirs. Diapers are a near certainty once this reality sets in for everybody. This is when you can expect to see real plastic backed, tapes on the sides for a snug fit, extra absorbant diapers because they are the only logical and cost effective solution for a young person who has full urinary incontinence who wants to still have a semi-normal life.

When this happens it can also be taken as a of exceptance on their part. By diapering you they understand that you need them now and will likely not hastle you as much about it and everyone will move on with their lives because by now your parents will be sick of dealing with wet sheets and clothes and will be relieved that you are back in diapers full time.

It'll be their idea not yours. And they will love it. Congratulations to you, if you have made it this far you will have totally earned those diapers you will be wearing. If you are unable Put back into pull ups diapers stories have a public accident or are afraid that somebody will find out that you wear diapers because you can't stop peeing and or pooping in your pants you shouldn't go through with this.

This isn't for the faint of heart.

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It is normal to be afraid of what people will say because other kids will make fun of you there is no getting around this fact. A young person who cannot control their bodily functions is not a normal thing outside of the severly handycapped. Most adults will be cool about it but kids will be cruel to you and you will lose friends over this. Sorry just being real here. Also something to think about is that by actively not controlling your basic bodily functions over time your body will respond to not holding back your urine and you may actually find that you will develope some very real form of incontince.

Your diaper will be wet without you realizing it. Leaks will happen at the worst times. In front of family, freinds co-works and classmates. And of course strangers as well. Most of the time the fact that you are wearing a diaper can be conceiled with baggy clothes and frequent scheduled changes but sometimes it can't be hidden as easily and you need to be okay with that.

Ya im wearing a diaper, you wear miss matching socks, so what! There were other responses as well but none that were as inspiring as those two.

Put back into pull ups diapers stories

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