Rape snuff stories

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Collected by cp General Bdsm stories.

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BDSMshelf Collected by cp not sure what to call this shelf 16 stories listed more forced slavery and other terrible stuff 12 stories listed more assorted stories 3 stories listed mainly snuff stories 21 stories listed Ashes to Ashes : by Kallie Thomas Synopsis: A beautiful teen finds herself an unwilling mourner at her own funeral. Comment: snuff - incest Cody Tortured to Death : by J. Morris Synopsis: Two teenage girls get even for a sexual deviant having fucked their sister, and others as well.

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This is little more extreme than my normal style, be aware, it's just a fantasy. Comment: Entree Girl : by Robin Lane Synopsis: Emily had always wanted to help her mother with the family business, so when Mom asked her to help with an important business dinner, Emily eagerly agreed to provide the meat. Comment: Aprille : by C. Smith Synopsis: In a future where hunger and overpopulation has been solved by state-controlled cannibalism, huge meat producing corporations raise human livestock for breeding and slaughter. Aprille is a beautiful young breeder trying to get pregnant to avoid being reclassified as meat stock.

She has been ased to escort an important visitor on a tour of the facility. Their sexual play grows into a love which contrasts sharply with the cruelties that surround them and in which they will soon take part. Comment: Office Rules : by Splyf Synopsis: Trine's and Christina's mothers screw up at work and the company claims their and their daughter's meat as penalty. Lots of snuff, incest and torture in this one! Inspired by Dolcett, reminiscent of Splyf.

Comment: read this one multiple times Killing Laura : by Bunny Wabbit Synopsis: Very nasty story about a very nasty man who does very nasty things to nice little girls Comment: Sadique : by Willailla Synopsis: Two boys rape and torture their ex-girlfriend in an old barn.

Comment: Lisa's Demise : by Excalibur Synopsis: Rape snuff stories is kidnapped and tortured before facing her final challenge. It turns out to be the last thing they. Contains some disturbing ideas, and not for the easily squicked. Heather was the unwilling volunteer.

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Comment: Death Wish : by Nialla Synopsis: A fantasy exploring the desire to be willingly tortured and killed, the ultimate submissive act. Would love to talk about this. Before long they get in way over their he. Unfortunately for them, only one will survive to become the master's personal slave.

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Comment: Whore : by Kallie Thomas Synopsis: A prostitute tells her story to a john who proves to be more than he seems. Comment: Hell in Paradise : by Rosetta Stone Synopsis: Barbara, a businesswoman from Europe, spends a week in the Amazon assessing how her client Robert protects his investments - which he does by getting rid of people.

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A very dark story of unbridled lust for violence and wickedness, with no boundaries. Short chapters will be added once a day for the next few weeks. Comment: incest 9 stories listed pet girls and stuff or more beastiality stories 14 stories listed General Bdsm stories.

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Rape snuff stories

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