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Hello I am Radhika, 38 yrs old born in a Brahmin house where mom and dad were very religious. So how did I end up writing this story which let me assure is not fictions.

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Well though culminating from such a pious seed and been delivered by a holy womb, I was religious in my own ways and you will know it soon. God had made me graciously, had the right mounds in all the right places. I never liked the boys my age, I was always interested in the Man. So whenever I had a chance to help any grandfather climb a stairs and use to lend my shoulder as support, I would just tingle in all the right places.

Poor old man would bless me while I just wished he…. I was in class eight and was traveling by the BEST bus back home, the bus was crowded.

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So I stepped back unknowingly I brushed the person behind. I smiled and said sorry he said he understands and smiled. I must have closed my eyes for a minute, when I felt a finger touching my small mound on my chest, it took me a minute to realize it was kind of a rough touch done in a hurry. I opened my eyes to see the Uncle was holding the rod exactly where my chest was touching, I looked at him and he smiled. Then the lady seat got vacant and I sat, this time he was standing right next to me, and was pressing his pant over my shoulder.

As the bus was very crowded no one would have noticed. I jerked my shoulder twice, my intention was only to tease him, but then he maintained his distance.

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My stop neared and I got up, I looked at him and smiled and asked him to move a little behind as I had to get down. When I reached home, mom asked me to freshen up and come for the evening pooja. I was only imagining the feel of his rough hand over me and his mound on my shoulder. I was looking forward for the next day. As usual I got to my stop, only to be surprised, Uncle was waiting near the cigarette stall near the bus stop, he saw me and smiled.

My heart was beating fast. I stood Religious sex stories the queue and he came and stood behind me and said hello. I smiled, he asked me which standard and I said 8th. He said he works as a senior officer in a pvt company and stays in the company provided quarters which I knew was couple of stops after mine. He said he stays with his wife and daughter is studying in Pune and stays in a hostel there.

He asked my name and I said Radhika, I told him about my family and in the meanwhile our bus came, as usual it was crowded he asked if we should miss this one, I said I was getting late and cant. He said as I stay in the same route we can hire an auto.

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I said ok. Then we went hired an auto and he was waiting for me to get in and I did that. As it was peak traffic hour the auto driver was going slow, Uncle oh his name was Sanjay Gupta, he asked me what are my ambition in life though I wanted to say to devout my life worshiping my idol, I said deer. He now pulled me a little closer and kept touching my side chest mounds. I was tingled I placed my head on his arms and letting me touch. When he asked the rickshaw to stop I was sad as the fun was over.

I wanted to explore more. He insisted said I can have some snack has it would be made hot and some milk and then he can drop me home in the scooter.

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I was angry but then I agreed. We walked towards his building, which was the last building. He was staying on the fourth floor and we climbed the stairs. All other floors had four flats each.

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When we were climbing he would squeeze my back, or fondle my small boobies. I said have to call home, he said I can do it from his house. When we reached his floor I noticed it was only only two flats and the opp flat had a lock, he just held my face and kissed me on my lips. I was taken aback but let him kiss me as I knew now we have to maintain the distance. He started touching me and kept kissing me I asked him to ring the door bell he said he has the keys. He bit me on my lips and I let him by stroking his face. How I wish he never opens the door as that would end everything.

He kissed my eyes, forehead and asked me to relax. He opened the door and let me inside his house and then closed the door in a hurry and bolted it. There was only one small yellow lamp near the window over the wooden dinning table that was lit.

He came behind me and hugged me, removed my school bag and started kissing my nape. I was surprised. I asked where his wife was and he said his wife is in the native taking care of his old parents. He said since yesterday I have been troubling him and so he had planned this as he had seen the same lust in my eyes. So just stop being this pure and pious girl thing. Saying Religious sex stories hungrily started kissing me, I was angry but his kiss was Religious sex stories me weak.

His hands were roaming all over. He moved towards the sofa not leaving my lips and pulled me on his lap. He was a good kisser, he was now moving his lips all over my left breast and leaving wet bite marks on my uniform shirt while kneading my right. He then lifted my skirt and was feeling my thighs I could feel something poking me. Sanjayji took my hand and guided. For the first time I was feeling my idol. I surrendered.

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Religious sex stories

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