Satin panties stories

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Free Pictures. I like to think that she may be out there, right now, anxiously waiting for the next chapter to appear. There may be other women that find their way in here, or perhaps the hint of other fetishes, however at Satin panties stories end of the day most of my fantasies are about Gloria and her panties.

I tried to allow any chapter to stand on its own, so I apologize in advance for repeating things from time to time. I know awkward right. Gloria had said to me on Thursday that she had some issues to deal with at home. I learned from the wife yesterday, what the issue was. Gloria had thrown her ex-husband out again. I was happy for Gloria. I also figured it would make things easier for us to get together more often.

I know, I have issues. Regardless, I was looking forward to having the house all to myself for most of the day.

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Then I would sit back and watch football. I started with laying out my growing panty collection. I had ten pairs now, six from Gloria, one pair from a girl named Ashley, and three pairs from Erica. I laid out the panties that belonged to Gloria first, in the order I had taken or received them.

The first pair was the white satin panties with lace around the waistband, that I had stolen from her years ago.

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The second pair was the bright pink cotton panties, that I had also stolen just a few weeks ago. The next three were all cotton panties that she had given me. A white pair with little purple flowers and dark purple trim, a pair with large horizontal white and light pink stripes, and a pair of thin striped panties of various shades of purple with some white and grey stripes mixed in. The sixth pair was the cotton panties with the large white and light blue stripes, that I kind of took from her last Thursday.

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Next I laid out what was still my favorite. The panties were all cotton and all had thin strips of white embroidery along the waist bands and leg openings. They were identical, except for their color.

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One pair was a pale yellow, one was white, and one was a pale blue. I thought for a moment about the missing pairs that Erica had teased me about. My guess was they were a pale pink and a pale green. Hopefully someday I would find out. After admiring them for a moment, I leaned over to enjoy the aroma of each. I skipped several of the pairs that belonged to Gloria, as those had been washed, lingering the longest on the most recent additions to my collection. As I was trying to decide which pair I would use to masturbate my cell phone rang, it was my wife.

Kathleen was having a problem with her laptop and needed it fixed so she could do her homework. In addition to that, they had a clogged bathroom Satin panties stories that they wanted me to try and clear. She also said I had to leave right away so I could get there before they left to bring Kathleen to her soccer practice. So much for my peaceful day at home. I brought some tools for the sink, and my laptop in case I needed to download any software.

My wife met me at the door and thanked me for helping out. My wife told me they were going to bring Kathleen to her practice, and then go to the mall, so I would be left in peace to watch the game.

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She added that Gloria had already made me a sandwich for lunch, and that they would be back around five and we could order a pizza or something. I started with the laptop first. I needed the password so my wife went off to find Kathleen. Gloria walked into the kitchen as my wife was leaving. She was wearing her sexy black leggings and a long sleeve buttoned blouse. The blouse had vertical stripes of various widths that alternated randomly between shades of brown, tan, and white. The blouse ended at the middle of her hips, not quite covering her luscious lower body. I swear she was wearing the leggings just to tease me, knowing how much they turn me on.

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As my eyes traveled down her sexy legs, I could just make out another pair of those sexy lace socks, that were visible along the top edges of the black flats she was wearing. Gloria leaned forward and gave me a quick, rather platonic hug.

As she did though, I got a great view down her shirt, the tops of her sexy little breasts on display for me. She was wearing the white satin and lace bra I had bought her. I was now sure she was going out of her way to tease me. Most likely she was wearing the matching panties as well. It turned me on knowing what her bra and panties looked like.

As she was thanking me for coming, my wife came back into the kitchen with Kathleen. She was nineteen now and was as cute as hell. She was a little on the heavy side, however like most girls her age she liked to wear tight fitting clothing. Clothing that was easily, a size or two, too small for her. She also gave me a quick hug, but much more energetic, while thanking me for helping her out. As she hugged me, I took in the wonderful scent of soap and baby powder that was always prevalent with Gloria. My wife and I used to spend a lot of weekends here when things were better between Gloria and her husband.

A lot of cookouts, afternoons by the pool, and late night card games. Quite often Kathleen would be over, especially in the summer. Even then she was a little heavy, but a pretty girl, always quick to smile. I used to call her my favorite little sister, which usually got me a hug. Gloria would tease her about having a crush on me and she would blush.

When she did her cheeks would become a crimson red. I quickly ran my eyes over her cute little soccer outfit. She had on a tight red t-shirt, tighter black shorts, and red athletic socks that went up to just below the knees. I started to wonder if I should ask Gloria to dress up in the same type of outfit sometime. Kathleen was a little taller than Satin panties stories, with much larger hips and breasts. She had black hair as well, only longer. They resembled each other Satin panties stories to tell they were sisters.

Only their age and the obvious differences in body size, distinguished the two apart.

Satin panties stories

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