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People will always have dreams, and when technology progresses the methods of attaining those fantasies will become more available… But what worth does a fantasy have if it could easily be fulfilled? Walking through the rainy streets of San Francisco, Jeanna Nolan made her way towards an appointment she had reserved a month in advance.

She walked at a slow, determined pace — knowing what she wanted and yet willingly taking just a sweet while longer before reaching it. Water was an element that came to her naturally. Became her, some might say. It certainly made the genuine cotton garment fit her trim body in a manner which brought the best out of it.

A marvel of a lady on the better side of her twentieth year. A few onlookers whistled at her, probably just for that. Although that was a clear wolf-whistle, by a group of bike-riding gangers to boot, she was confident. Her body was in shape with the martial arts training she had been through since her early years.

Technology had advanced by a great leap at the start of 22nd century. No true breakthroughs had been made besides medical advances and fusion power, which basically ended the global war to be fought over resources before any actual claims on foreign land had been made by any party.

The advances in entertainment had followed rapidly with the niche left by ever increasing personal wealth and welfare throughout the world. To the better part of the society, at least, though some of it bled down onto the other side of the fences which protected the middle and upper class from the Mass. She had taken up a part-time job to fund her personal interests; this was her hobby and her pastime.

Seeking out her dreams. Scifi erotic stories of them had actually started out of recurring dreams, like this one, which was clearly her most absorbing challenge. Her ex-boyfriend. None of my business, really, but I got to keep an eye on things if I want to keep my job. If you catch my drift. She gave her a kind smile as she slipped into the club, while the bouncer gave a glance to the cop.

He shot one back in return with a smirk, lighting a cigarette and leaning against the wall, sheltering from that rain under the front of the club. Inside the Mirrorsphere everything was as usual. It was a constant party everytime she came or left the place, and the place had no windows in order to maintain that kind of atmosphere. In the beating of bass, amidst the feverish dancers and neon lights, Scifi erotic stories made her way toward the counter, taking a stool and patiently waiting for her turn.

She usually came here to dance the night or day away, but this time was different. No alcohol, light eating and a good rest beforehand, she had been instructed. Mike Rinaldo was a barkeeper, and good at it. She had been one such case, and he had taken time to talk with her at the counter on one less frantic night. He had a flashy smile which was like a cherry on top of his mid-american look, wearing straight black trousers and a shiny club-shirt. They had taken time to discuss what she really might be after when she sought entertainment from places like this, and with a few nights more had come to a conclusion.

He had led her a bit, having more to offer than just the fare served at the bar. He could sell dreams. He had a REMshaper rig at the basement of his club. Mike had a degree in psychology, and worked with this sort of equipment to gather information for supporting theories. They had Scifi erotic stories theirs to just record the dreaming process and the subliminal mechanics of the mind. The project had come to a stop just as he graduated, the sponsors lifting their profits out of the deal. They left the bar together and went into the back room, Mike telling his right-hand Tina to look over the bar while they went about on their business.

The basement of the bar was well maintained, not like a basement at all but a private club — and indeed it was one.

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Mike had put some good time and money into it, and a deer he knew more than personally had done the planning for it. To make it as real as possible. Your very own slice of the pacific. I did it just for you, every second and every sensation. Videodiscs, books, recordings… It had been quite a job. It was indeed a work of art. She stripped herself free of clothing, letting her toes play on the rug of the floor, and then slipped into the briny bath which was so close to human body temperature that it could allow her to stay in the water nearly indefinitely Scifi erotic stories fear of hypothermia.

He helped her lay on the support inside the tub, the scent of saltwater filling her nostrils as he worked the patches accurately onto her forehead. She drifted off into sleep, feeling like she was sinking underneath the water. Darkness took hold of her vision. Waves splashed about her as she floated in the sea, seeing the sandy beach of an island not far behind her, and the bright sun brought out the beautiful scene in the bottom of the ocean out into her sight through the crystal clear water.

Good thing. She also noticed a chain-wrapped armsleeve running from her left wrist up to her shoulder. Excellent, he grinned to herself. Mike had indeed thought of everything. Back in the basement of the club, Mike heard footsteps from the staircase and the door creaking open. He suddenly shook up from his chair and looked to the door.

The cop. He knew him from earlier, having been an acquaintance of both. This could ruin everything, he thought. They had a brief conversation about what was going on, the illegality of such methods of entertainment without aand came to the subject of her dreams.

He knew that she had certain obsessions about the challenge her dreams seemed to give her… They made a deal. He could stay around and follow her dream through the videoscreen which was used for monitoring the Scifi erotic stories, or bring him over for questioning and have her dreams cut off.

He chose the former. She dived forward under the waves, enjoying the soft currents as she drifted with them. Slowly she removed her swimming suit, enjoying the feel of water as it supported her and caressed her with those soft currents, waiting for the other to make an appearance. At the same time, she felt a current wash against her back, and looked on in shock and awe at the first time she saw and felt such a creature swim past her.

A real shark. The magnificent animal slid past her effortlessly with a flick of its crescent tail, and she brushed her hand against its skin. Sleek, hard and so exciting to feel. The creature had a clear tiger-stripe pattern along its grey back, breaking its pattern with darker lines. She stood up to the challenge and took hold of its tail as the shark flicked past her.

It was a male, which Scifi erotic stories soon evident to her by the sight of its claspers in her clear sight. She leaned her way further along the creature, who seemed to care little for her advances, until her searching hands ended on one of the penile fins. The shark arched its back and tried to joust her off of him, trashing about with its tail until it succeeded. One of the wild lashes of the beast slid along her thigh and down between them, slicing between the folds of her treasure and eliciting a loud scream of pain and pleasure from her. She brought her hand to her lower belly which was so violently and so erotically touched, giving it a tender caress with her fingers, feeling the burn of that lash and the flame which burned even more fiercely inside her… Having little time for it before the male came for another pass.

This time it seemed intent on attacking her, but she could flick herself with one Scifi erotic stories roll out of its reach and underneath him, holding onto his pectoral fins and bringing herself up against his bellyside. There was something so erotic and overwhelming about this whole experience that it nearly drove her unconscious with the rush she was having.

Those seemed to be the alternatives as she held on for dear life. The shark raced in a broad circle, soon slowing down its pace as she kneaded her hips against him, the scent of a female in heat caught in his immensely keen sense of scent… She could feel its erection brush against her thigh now, one of the claspers swollen and pointed forward with a clear trail of creamy juice running from its tip in the water like a wisp of smoke from a cigar.

This was the moment she had been dreaming about, this was the thing she had expected. She leant forward along the body of the shark, taking its snout between her hands and giving a kiss on its pointed nose. Not knowing whether it meant anything to it or not, probably the latter, but giving her expression of gratitude that it had chosen to mate with her. He took hold of her presented arm, grasping onto the armor- sleeve with its teeth and rushed forth. She could feel how the beast struggled between her thighs and over her, the magnificent tiger-shark making use of all of its 15 feet body to copulate with her, the predator of sheer muscle thrusting forward with its lower belly and hitting its mark!

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Nnnnrgh… Fuck me like the female I am, and like the male you are! She thrust her hips against his body and helped more of his penis slide into her, making new room within her tightness which had for so long been without fulfillment, now feeling like she could finally reach it. The male pounded with feverish thrusts, its entire body arching into her as it took her.

There was always more and more of him to sink in, his teeth began to push lightly Scifi erotic stories that sleeve and touch her skin which gave her a huge kick, his wild mating giving her orgasm after another… While that cock pounded into her, driving itself deep home and making her know that this was her home… She needed someone like this, with a feeling of locking together so seamlessly that no more words were needed, her desire to scream out her violent challenges now past and seeming useless in retrospect.

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Reaching her arm around his body, she held on and rode this magnificent male. Giving him what he sought for, and receiving what she had been devoid of for so long, it felt so wonderful, the pain of their ing so real and yet fulfilling in a way she never imagined possible. She now knew what her dreams had been about; this was the animal in her, for which she willingly gave over her body, transcending her human consciousness. Returning into the sea…. And suddenly brought back from her introspection by the wild, jerking hilts into her as the male gave forth his seed, giving her his breed, the sheer joy of it making her scream her pleasure into the fin which she held onto with her teeth.

The mating pair shared their bites of passion, both taking and being taken, giving and being given, her smooth hips dancing against his rhythmically pumping tail as gushes of his sperm burst into her tightness, the excess spurting out in clouds of creamy smoke into the brine surrounding them.

This might have been the reason why they never could seem to fit together — both trying to balance the fine line of being sensitive or lustful, deep or impulsive. The answer was that her thoughts had been of a completely alien sort to him or any other human being. Mike followed the scene with some interest, mainly just maintaining the experience, smiling to himself as he knew that she was indeed living out her fantasy. They watched as he floated and swam with the tiger- shark, spending hours with the creature after copulating before wanderlust took over both of them, but sharing their wordless promises of meeting again.

This was indeed the land of her dreams, but in living reality! The aching feel of her body, the feel of seawater salt sinking into the slight scratches she had gotten, everything… were bumped aside when she felt something more. The scents of mating had brought out another shark; this one was approaching her from the front, a sportive-looking, eight-feet Mako displaying its deep ultramarine back and the smoky underbody which were divided in a distinct border between the colours.

It was also male as she noticed the telltale look of its claspers aft of its belly, and this male took no time in familiarizing himself with the female but seized the opportunity which she gladly presented. Scifi erotic stories approached her on a second pass, and surprised her with its sudden barrel-roll over onto her backside. The male slid along her back with a rough bump against her spine, Scifi erotic stories before she could protest he had slid his pectoral fins beside her body onto a tight grasp.

She grasped at his fins and tried to jostle him off her back, but the wild pounding made her squeal in sudden pleasure as she found it. The male was showing her the pleasures of backdoor loving, and the bastard was clearly more than enjoying the lovely creature which it distinctly could notice as being less than a match for his own species, Scifi erotic stories the scents were such a good match, the mating making the right things click inside its head — no, this was a lovely, tight female!

Deciding to just give into the moment, she squeaked more in her pleasure as her behind bucked up to him, getting his tail slapped against her cheeks with a hilting thrust. They were more opportunistic in nature and had more defined mating seasons than those of tiger-sharks, and it showed up in their behavior. She gave the sleek little shark a nice kiss on his chin before it sped up along its way again, going as fast as it came, leaving her with another sore spot but warming her heart… This is where she belongs.

She swam back to the shore for a brief moment. Looking onto the sea, she could feel a certain feeling of anxiety, knowing that this could be over so soon again, and like dreams, it would be impossible enjoy a similar experience without some key, some kind of focus, a lasting link….

Scifi erotic stories

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