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Readers Sex slave stories on wattpad read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. I stood in line waiting nervously while the other slaves in front of me were paraded in front of the high-ranking, rich men in the crowd. They were paraded like goods while men ogled and drooled over their scantily clad, oiled bodies. I looked around me and noticed the dank, stone walls.

My masters have just acquired this house and they are still constructing it to turn it into one of the grandest slave house in all of Ivaris. The coins that my masters will gather from selling us would make everything possible, of course. I know I am not meant for a life of slavery like this but I have no choice. This is my life now. They have captured me and saved me from a brutal death only to exchange one kind of life for another.

My captors told us that they were our new family. Bile rose in my throat as I remembered those dark days at our prison cells where we shivered and ate nothing because of disobeying. They did not hit us with the whip for it will depreciate our value if our flawless skins will be marred.

Refuse them and you will be beaten within an inch of your life. My home was gone. It was attacked, pillaged and burned to the ground. And that was where they found me and claimed me as theirs. The line moved on and I heard men shout their prices. And when a girl was sold, there was cheering and loud, lewd comments thrown all over.

She seemed to want to talk to ease her nervousness for she was next-in-line to be sold. They say he keeps a harem of love slaves and they are all well-cared for. Other girls before us were sold as wives. I think that is a much honourable and better fate than a love slave. That was true. Fate was kind to some and a cruel monster to others. Our conversation was cut short for it was already her turn to be paraded and auctioned off. She was really beautiful and men took their time looking at her from head-to-foot. My nerves were now eating at me and my feet itched to run.

I wanted to escape here! I turned around and was about to make my way towards the door when I bumped into a hard, muscled chest. Strong arms shot out to steady me and prevent me from falling. I instantly bowed and lowered my eyes. I am now a love slave and we were forbidden to be touched until we were sold off to our new masters. And from then on, it is only them who can touch us.

I felt his eyes on me but I kept my head lowered. Then his fingers were on my chin and he tilted my head up so I could meet his eyes. I saw a very handsome, young man. He had jet-black hair, high cheekbones, a stubborn nose and a hard jaw. He looked like an angel sent from heaven and carried himself regally like only kings do.

He emanated too much aura of power that I almost drowned in it. The instant my brown eyes locked into his blue-grey ones, I felt my mind drift off as a vision consumed me. Me and this man were in an unfamiliar place, lying on a bed. He was on top of me and his lips were on my neck.

Electricity was now fizzing through my veins threatening to consume me. His hand drifted up and cupped my breast. I gasped and when my lips opened, his head descended and his tongue plunged into my mouth. My back instantly arched off the bed as I drowned in pleasure! The vision faded and I shivered, my lips parting on a soft gasp. The man in front of me was still staring at Sex slave stories on wattpad and I stared back at him, forgetting for a moment that I was a slave. His eyes grew dark and then he lowered his hand. I was saved for at that moment, my captor called me towards the stage for I was the next one to be sold-off.

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I turned around to look at the man once more but he was already gone. This was it. Keep your eyes trained on the floor for only your true master shall see you. She has smooth, unblemished skin and has been schooled in the arts of love and seduction. But most of all, she is untouched.

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They eyed their fill of my body but they were forbidden to touch. I was a rare commodity: a slave girl yet untouched, eighteen, fertile when the land has been struck with a plague that left women barren. It was he, the man who stared at me with passion and desire in his eyes moments ago. That was quite a sum for a slave! Sold to the King of Ivaris! There it was. My fate was sealed. I am a love slave and it is just my luck that I am sold to the same cruel king that destroyed my kingdom.

My captor tugged on my arm as he led me towards the man that bought me.

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This time, I was allowed to look up. I slowly opened my eyes and gazed at my new master. I gazed into the face of an angel and drowned in his aura of power. I felt a hard nudge on my ribs and my auctioneer looked at me sternly.

That was when I remembered what I had to do. I folded into the most graceful curtsy I could. I felt his hand on my arm as he tugged me towards his side. Then he produced a pouch of coins and handed it towards the auctioneer who greedily opened it and examined the contents. I saw the auctioneer smile at us and then he bowed and left so that he could continue the auction for the other girls.

I remained in place beside my master even though I felt his eyes on me the whole time. I did not want to look at him for I know that he will see hatred in my eyes now. He conquered and destroyed my kingdom, Amaranth, after all and it was because of him that I am here.

Fate decided to throw in more irony then as he is now my master; the same man who made all these horrible things happen to me. This was the first time he spoke and his voice was deep and lovely. It was a bit husky and I thought of that voice caressing me as we made love on the bed. I shook my head.

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I am a fool for wanting the same man who destroyed everything I held dear. I inhaled and then composed myself. I could do this. Sex slave stories on wattpad was dressed in the garbs of a love slave and I saw she was in line to be auctioned. My eyes roamed over her body and the sheerness of the material she was dressed in hid little from my questing eyes. My loins instantly tightened as I saw the swell of her breast, her tiny waist that flared into wide, shapely hips and her long slender legs that seemed to go on forever.

She kept her eyes down like a well-trained slave but I wanted to gaze into their depths and see if they were truly as beautiful as the rest of her. She looked at me and her eyes seemed clouded at the moment as if she drifted away but then her lips parted on a gasp.

They looked very soft and as pink as rose petals and I had the sudden urge to pin her to the wall and kiss her until she was moaning my name. But then the auctioneer called her for it was her turn to be sold. I quickly exited the room for I already had a plan.

She was going to be mine after all I just shrugged and poured myself some more ale. A while ago you did not want to be here and now you changed your mind? I turned away from him for now, she was being paraded among the men. My chest tightened with jealousy when I saw men eyeing her as if she was something to be eaten. One like that is supposed to be a wife. He whistled in appreciation as she was paraded in front of us. Her eyes were cast downwards so she did not see me. I looked at her from head to foot. She was wearing a thin diamond shaped cloth that covered her breasts but left the creamy skin of her back pale.

A golden belt was knotted at her hips which held her skirt in place. The skirt was long but had a high slit at both sides which showed off her long legs as she walked. Instantly I felt a tightening in my loins as my manhood sprang to life with desire for her. And that was when I knew. I was going to have her no matter the cost. She will be mine and mine alone for the auctioneer said she was pure and untouched. You know I will never marry Except if I find Almira My new conquest was brought towards me and I paid the two-hundred gold coins.

She told me her name was Adrienne. It was a lovely and uncommon name and sounded as if it was for a highborn lady, which she was not.

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I tugged her towards my side where I was able to inhale her scent. She smelled of lavender. I ran my hand down her arm and she shivered. I think I found a passionate one We shall return to my castle now. Please note that the completed chapters will be put here but I might update one or two chapters per day depending on how much extra time I have.

All chapters here are the unedited versions originally placed on Wattpad. I will edit this book someday and add more but not for now. This was originally written way back so apologies for the grammar and typos. Danielle Reardon: Enjoying reading these.

Glad to see a few have got their own stories which I plan on reading next thank you. I would like to have seen a bit more conflict in the early chapters and a bit more character exposure for the reader to get behind the protagonist. LuxyPurr: I finished the first novel in a day and a half, that's how addicted I am to these novels.

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I love the author's writing style and of course, lots of steamy scenes!

Sex slave stories on wattpad

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