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I had just woken up, and I turned my head over to look at the alarm clock. I turned over and looked at my baby sister, Jenny, who was sleeping on her back. She looked so delicate and relaxed as she slept beside me.

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Our father was rebuilding her bedroom; therefore, it was decided that she could sleep with me until her bedroom was finished. Jenny was 16 years old, just two years younger than I was. She had short blond hair, and was about Sex stories quotev completed tall. I ran my hand gently over her cheek. It felt so warm and soft, and I let my fingertips wander over her soft lips. Suddenly a crazy thought come into my mind. I felt how my penis was getting harder, and how my heart began to beat harder in my chest. I wondered if I should dare, and what could happen if she woke up. I imagined that she would be mad, finding her big brother touching her as she was asleep.

I thought about that for a while and came up with a great idea. If she should wake up, I could just pretend to be asleep and she would not think that I did it on purpose. I felt calm knowing what to do if she woke up and I moved my body against hers. I let my hand slip under the sheets and slowly placed it on her belly. I could feel her soft belly through her pajama top. Slowly I moved my hand up and placed it over her breast. It felt so soft and I squeezed it until I could feel her nipple grow in my palm.

I unbuttoned her top; my fingers met her soft warm skin as I slid my hand inside. Jenny moved a little and I froze.

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I did not dare to move an inch as I watched her face in the moonlight. I observed her for almost 5 minutes, so that I would know that she certainly was asleep. I began to move my hand inside of her pajama top and soon my fingertips felt her soft breast. I casually cupped my hand over her right breast. The skin of her breast was smooth as silk and I started to caress her aureoles. Soon I noticed that her nipple became harder and I started to pinch it a little between my fingers.

I could feel how my cock was about to blow my underwear to pieces. I slid my upper leg over her thighs and flipped my cock up, along my stomach. Slowly I started to slide my cock up against her hip, forcing the foreskin to caress the top of it. I could feel how her breast became warm and I let my hand move down to her soft belly. My fingertips reached the elastic of her pajama pants, and I stopped. The tension that was beginning to build in me almost made me cum. I stopped rubbing my cock against her hip.

I wanted to feel her and I felt that I could not stop. Not now, anyway. I pressed my fingers under the elastic of her pajama pants, and forced them under the fabric. My fingers ran over her almost bald vulva and I cupped my fingers over her slit. My cock was pounding like a hammer, and slowly I started to rub it against her hip again. I started to fondle her outer lips, and stuck one fingertip between them. Soon I felt it become moist and sticky. I froze like a stone statue, right there in bed. The thing that could not happen had happened; my baby sister caught me.

I did not know what to say; there I was with Sex stories quotev completed hand against her pussy and humping my cock against her hip. I began to caress her moist slit with my fingers, and immediately Jenny began to thrust her hips against my fingers. Slowly she forced her hips up and down and soon two of my fingers slid into her sticky crack. I felt the inner lips of her labia, and she gave a soft moan. First slow and gentle, then faster and harder. She started to moan louder and pushed her hips harder against my fingers. Her breathing became deeper and faster.

Oh, …oh, …oh. Jenny forced her hips way up, and stayed in that position as her body became stiff. I could feel her pussy become even wetter and I knew that I had made her come. After a while, she lowered her hips down onto the mattress and her breathing became calm again. She was quiet for awhile, like she was thinking very hard. Then I felt her small hand move down and grab my hard cock. I almost came as her small fingers wrapped round my hard shaft and squeezed it.

I realised that she had not felt a cock before, because my cock was not really so big; just normal I guess. I had measured it once and the ruler said that it was 7 inches. I took of my underwear off and threw it on the floor, and then I placed myself between her thighs. I grabbed my cock and guided the top of it inside her soft slit. She started to moan right away when I forced my cock inside her. She gasped aloud as my cock went inside her and I felt how warm and moist her vagina was.

It felt so nice to have her tight vagina surrounding my cock. I started to slide my cock in and out of her vagina. I could hear the slaps as my crotch was banging against her wet labia. I increased the speed and my cock thrust in and out of her vagina like a piston in Sex stories quotev completed engine. I felt her vagina become hotter and tighter. Her breathing became deeper and she moaned softly. I could not speak; all I wanted was to cum right now. I felt how her vagina began to pulse as the friction against my cock increased.

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I felt the tickling and burning sensation inside my crotch and I knew I was about to cum. I slipped my cock out of her vagina and started to jerk it hard. I moaned out loud as I felt myself begin to squirt. I jerked my cock until all the sperm had left my balls. Then I moved away from Jenny and lay beside of her.

She responded to my kiss, put her tongue inside my mouth and let it play around my tongue. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. post Next post. Why did I not touch her? I thought. I swallowed and stopped rubbing my cock against her. Do you like it? But…It feels kind of nice on my pussy. I wanted to cum now, so badly. I wanted to stick my cock inside her and fuck her like crazy.

Touch my pussy again, David. That is my cock. That comes out of us guys when we have an orgasm.

Sex stories quotev completed

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