Sex with sister in law story

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This incident happened when I was 19, I was doing my Btech 1st year, freshly ed in Bangalore. My family consists of me Shivamy mom and dad. Since then, his son Vikas, my cousin, was taken into our home.

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I never really got along with him. But to my fate, he was part of my family now. He was 8 years elder to me.

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He used to bully me when I was a. But I got used to it later on. The good thing is that he got married 4 months ago. I attended his marriage function during my 1st-semester exam. They got married and moved to Banglore within 2 weeks. They lived in the house right beside my house.

It was just 20 yards away. So I used to visit them every now and then. My brother is immune to punctuality. He comes home late around 11 PM. So mostly my mom or I will keep my sister-in-law company till he arrives. A month after their marriage, my parents had a function to attend in Kerala.

I was not interested in going. I also had my athletic tournament the following day. So I decided to stay back. My sister-in-law Rekha suggested me to stay at her home for a few days so that I can keep company. So I said yes. My parents went by evening PM.

I straightaway went home with her. To tell you about Rekha, she is so fair and beautiful. She is around 5. Her body figure measured She was 4 years older than me as she was 23 when she got married. She was from a typical south Indian family, yet she was a bit modern too. To help your imagination, In simple terms, she looks as gorgeous and hot like Kajal Agarwal. So I went to her home, sat on the sofa watching TV. I again tried to change the channel.

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But my sister-in-law sat near me and grabbed the remote of my hand. Placing her left hand on my shoulders, she was leaning on my arms slightly. I felt her firm left breast, rubbing my arms and shoulders. My mind was fresh with dirty thoughts. Meanwhile, she was watching the movie with keen interest. She said it was one of her favorite movies, and she watched it a dozen times. It was the scene of Jack trying to draw Rose while she gets undressed. But unfortunately, the scene was censored. Later we were talking about my current college life and how her college life was.

She eventually asked me whether I have any girlfriend, the answer was no. Hearing that, she saw me with a bit suspicious smile. Later I went to bed by PM. Once after my brother comes home, I know they needed their private space. They had bought a 2 BHK apartment. So I took the other room. Late that night, I went to the kitchen to get some water.

That is when I noticed that their room was slightly open with dim white light.

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I also saw that my brother was completely naked, and my sister-in-law was also naked. But her amazing side boobs were visible underneath her bedsheet, and her left thigh was out of the bedsheet. Oh damn, her thighs were shining due to the dim light.

I controlled myself and went to my room. The next day I had the athletic tournament. I took good rest the day. I often had a hard-on that day. Anyway, I was so tired, and my calf muscles and back muscles gave me a hell of a pain. After 1. I reached her home around 6 PM and fell on the sofa, which was relaxing. Saying that she gently pressed my calf muscles. I was wearing shorts, as I fell on the sofa, it even got higher.

It barely covered my ass, most of the thighs were visible.

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She gave a cute smile and came with a Volini gel. As she started applying it on my calf muscles and started massaging it.

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Her smooth hands rubbing my legs were so nice and erotic to me. Me: My thighs, then my back, then my lower back, my neck. My shoulders, my arms. My ass, my everywhere… in sleepy tone. She did apply the gel on my thighs and started massaging. Then she asked me to remove my t-shirt, and I did. She started applying the gel on my back. I was lying on my chest, so she sat on my back and massaged my back. Then she slightly pulled my shorts and underwear down until my ass cheeks were visible.

She applied well and gave me a smooth, nice massage. She even inserted her hands into my shorts from below. She massaged my ass. It felt warm, smooth. Then I turned around, and I was lying on my back. She applied to my shoulder by leaning towards me. I thought so. She then grabbed my hands and placed it on her shoulders and massaged my hands as well. Damn, It was firm and juicy. She again turned me back and removed my shorts. She massaged my upper thighs and my ass by making her hand crawl inside my underwear.

I felt the irritation of the gel and the smoothness of her sexy palm. I had a good deep sleep, and I was woken up by Rekha around PM. I woke up and noticed that I was completely naked. I was not even wearing my underwear.

Sex with sister in law story

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