Sexual dare stories

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for Free! First Adult Truth or Dare "After a fun night at the bar, the party continues at the apartment" 38 Votes Score 4.

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Famous Story. Published 8 years ago. The relatively new girlfriend had gone out of town, so I was bored and wanted to knock back a few and dance. I had been a regular here for a few years and got to know lots of Sexual dare stories other people who hung out there. One of them was a younger woman named "Jane," someone who I had spent time with but never had sex with even though I wanted to. She was there with her best friend "Diane" and her on again off again boyfriend, "John. Well came too early and none of us wanted to let the night end so we went back to Diane's place to have a few more drinks and hang out.

I had been here before, so it was nothing unusual. Her kids were at her mom's for the night, so the place was empty. The girls started making their usual coffee brandy drinks, and John and I had a beer or two. The girls got on the PC and started checking s and seeing if any of their other friends were online and see if they wanted to come over. John and I were talking basketball and laughing at how the girls were buzzing. John pulled out a deck of cards and started to play high card - low card.

Finally he got the nerve to ask if they wanted to make it interesting. We decided that whoever got low card had to do truth or dare. The Sexual dare stories kind of hemmed and hawed a little bit but agreed. I got the first low card, so my dare was to go run outside and moon the parking lot. Check - piece of cake. Jane got the next low card, and we dared her to get on her webcam and moon a randon friend online, which she did after a little prodding. The dares kept going, and they started getting more racy.

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A flash of a bra here or there, cop a feel of a cock through the pants. Finally John said that we needed to make it more like strip poker. Low card had to take off a piece of clothing. By now the alcohol had kicked in for the girls and all of the dares got them a little turned on. John got the first low card so he took off his shirt. Then it was Diane, then me, then Jane, etc. I was the first to lose the underwear, so I did so behind a blanket. The girls did the same when taking off their bras.

Eventually we were all butt naked, sitting on couches and chairs, wrapped in blankets. Now I was somewhat confused by the situation. I had just started dating a new girl--who knew Di and Jane--so I wasn't sure how to proceed. John was a horn dog, and he wasn't letting up. So there we were - naked, buzzed, and getting hornier by the minute. We decided to go back to truth or dare, but with a set order. The "truths" would be sexual in nature. If we chose not to answer the question--or if the rest of group didn't believe we were honest--we had to do a dare.

Jane was asked first. Diane confirmed this, remembering the sound of her roommate having sex and the morning after. John went next. He took a dare. The girls dared him to get himself hard and expose himself for 10 seconds. John Sexual dare stories was almost there, so in a matter of seconds he stood up, and drop his blanket.

Di had already seen his cock, but it was the first time for Jane and myself. He was very average, maybe a little longer than me but on the thin Sexual dare stories. John added to the show by doing a little helicopter dick action, swinging his cock around to the "oohs" from the girls. Di was next. She took a truth about having done group sex.

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She said that she never actually did, but had come close once. She told the story, which was hot, and she ended by saying she wish she had gone through with it then. My turn. I took a dare, like John. My dare was to come over to Jane with my blanket on and give her a lap dance. I thought this is ok - just rubbing up on her not going in her. I slid myself over her bare leg, and rubbed my balls and semi hard cock over her. She told me to keep my back to her as I did it and she reached around and started rubbing my chest.

Di and John were cheering me on, and I got into it. But my cock started getting harder and I became embarrassed. I was still covered up but Jane felt it and made a comment about it. She reached for it but I stood up and said my time was up with a wicked grin to go along with it.

The dares kept going until we no longer had truths. Jane had to let both John and I motorboat her nice C tits. John had to tap his cock on top of Di's head like he was playing drums. Finally, when it was Sexual dare stories turn, John went for it. He said Di had to give both he and I second blow jobs.

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Di blushed at first, and I wasn't sure what to do considering my girlfriend situation. Jane told Di to go for it. She had already sucked John many times, so that wasn't a big deal. She got up wrapped in her blanket and came over to us. She took a deep breath and agreed to do it. John threw back his blanket to show his hard cock bouncing in the air. I slowly removed my blanket to unveil my semi-hard cock. Di looked down at my cock and grinned.

We scooted closer to each other, and Di kneeled in between us. She grabbed her boyfriend's cock and stroked it up and down, but leaned into mine and gave it a lick. She looked at Jane to make sure she was going to time the BJ. On Jane's al, she leaned in and took my cock in her mouth. The second she did that, I forgot all about Judy--my new girlfriend--and let Di go to town. She got me hard in seconds and kept sliding her hot mouth up Sexual dare stories down my cock, the whole time stroking John's throbbing prick.

Jane looked like she was jealous, but kept looking at the clock and called "Time" once the 45 seconds were over. Di picked her head up and released my cock with a loud pop.

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My cock was coated in saliva, and Diane had a wicked smile on her moistened lips. John stood straight up and slid his cock into her waiting mouth. He began thrusting his cock full speed--like he had done this before--and Di just opened her mouth and receivied him.

I was watching these two relatively new friends have oral sex right in front of me, and it turned me on more. Jane called time, but Di kept Sexual dare stories. John was getting close and he knew he needed to stop, so he pulled his cock out with a wimpering moan, knowing how close he Sexual dare stories come.

Jane and Di agreed that since Di had done some oral stuff, so it was a guy's turn. Jane called me over, lifted her blanket up, and told me to lick her pussy for 45 seconds. John shifted over to see her hot slit, and cheered me on. I kneeled down between her legs, and placed my hands on her thighs. I looked at the timer and said I was ready. On the word "Go! I lick her lips until they were flowing, and then went to her clit.

I found it and started sucking on it like a man on a mission. She started thrashing all over the couch, hittng the cushions with her hands. She said something about me not licking, but it just made me suck on it even more. She pushed her mound up to my mouth and began grinding against my face.

My beard was getting soaked with her juices as her panting increased. Then the word "Time" came, and I stopped. I picked my dripping face up and smiled. She said that it wasn't 45 seconds, but I pointed to Di, the time keeper.

John had to do the same to Di, and like her cock-sucking, he went longer than 45 seconds.

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The whole time I am eyeing Jane and slying rubbing my cock. When it got back to Jane's turn, John upped the ante. He said that Jane had to lower herself onto my cock for 1 minute.

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Any movement was an option on her part but I could not move. Jane became the first one to completely drop the blanket, as she walked over to me. Her body was more better than I had imagined it. Her tits bounced when she walked, and I could see her nice bush. It was not overly hairy, but it was a decent patch of hair in a triangle shape. She looked in my eyes and told me to lay back on the couch. She pushed my blanket aside and freed my throbbing cock. She looked at Di and said she was ready.

The clock started the second my cock entered her sopping wet pussy. It was deathly quiet as she lowered herself onto me.

Sexual dare stories

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Chapter Nine: Truth Or Dare