Sexy gym stories

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I have long black hair and fleshy thighs. I have good features and keep myself fit by working out daily at the gym. Paul is always busy at the hospital so I spend a lot of time with my gym instructors Dave and Ron who are very mascular and both are considered good looking in their own way.

Ron is a 6 footer and always tells me how admires girls with thick thighs. One day I was the last one in the gym and Ron and Dave stood by my treadmill talking to me while I finished my workout. I laughed. Ron chimed in.

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I just shyly smiled. Dave said and I caught him glimpse at my boobs as he said that. I smiled. Naughty thoughts ran through my mind as I got off the treadmill.

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Ron said. They both kept complimenting me on my looks and body and it felt good as Paul hardly complimented me anymore. I came out of the shower with the towel wrapped around my boobs, the towel was kind of short and I walked to the living room where the guys were drinking beer and watching a football match. I went in front of the tv to tell Ron that I had left my bag in his car but I guess they got a different idea. Ron came up to me grabbed me and kissed my lips so hard muffeling my words.

He dropped my towel with a yank and the next thing I knew was Dave was caressing me from behind. Dave pushed my long hair to the side and nibbled on my neck.

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I moaned and Ron played with my left boob, squeezing it gently and then harder. Dave squeezed my ass as he kissed my neck. This felt so good that I just allowed them to carry on. They led me to the couch and I spread my legs wide as I lay down. Ron started to lick my wet pussy as I moaned louder and louder. Dave undressed and positioned his erect 7 inch thick dick to my mouth. I licked his dick and stroked it with my hands before sucking him.

Ron now licked my clit and fingered my pussy with two fingers getting me wetter and hornier than I already was.

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After a few minutes he stood up and undressed. His dick was a good 9 inches and it was thick. I grabbed on to his mascular arm as he inserted his entire dick into my very wet pussy. I was on a high as I sucked Dave and getting pussy fucked by Ron at the same time. Dave squeezed my boobs and Ron squeezed my thigh as I sucked and fucked them. Ron smiled as my cum oozed down his dick. Search for:. Home Group sex Fucked by my gym instructors.

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Sexy gym stories

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Fucked by my gym instructors