Should i watch my ex snapchat story

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By Chris Seiter. I figured we would switch gears for this particular podcast episode and answer one of the most asked questions that I get, almost on a daily basis and that is why does my ex view my Snapchat and Instagram stories? But before we actually start worrying about social media and how to handle it and what it means and if it means something, you need to figure out a starting point with how to handle your breakup. Some people want to get their exes back immediately.

So take the quiz on my website to help determine what you should be doing and it will give you the best next steps for how to approach your particular situation. And probably the easiest or best way to approach this situation is by tackling the question, how often do exes watch you via all social media platforms after a breakup? I mean, I would. So this is actually why so many exes will block or unfollow you to begin with.

So they actually sit there and block you to A, stop thinking about you, and stop feeling the pain that is associated with the breakup. And if so, what does it mean? So I always view an ex watching your Snapchat or Instagram stories as normal behavior, since it is a normal behavior.

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Maybe there is, Twitter. And it sort of creates all of these questions on if it means something and what does it mean? Or was the norm throughout their relationship. But Snapchat and Instagram does. So obsessing too much about the meaning of what I consider to be a normal behavior can lead you to look extremely insecure and desperate. And I actually have a personal story to share with this. I would obsess about this anytime I would like a girl.

So I remember there was this one specific girl who was named Dani, right? D-A-N-I, right. She was this very, very beautiful blonde girl.

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And I had a huge crush on her, right. And her brother and my brother were both friends. They were both younger brothers for both of us. It was the first time a girl had ever called me hot and I just, it blew my mind. So immediately I friended her on Myspace and just started sort of chatting back and forth. And what was fascinating about this was I became so addicted and obsessed about trying to win this girl that I would obsess about everything that she was posting on her wall, everything that she was posting, even from music. And I remember one specific thing.

When her and I first started talking, I was so obsessed and maybe so insecure because I had never had a girlfriend in my entire life. She ended up, like a day or two after we started talking, she ended up changing her music accompanying her Myspace profile to the Red Hot Chili Peppers song and Dani California. Well, I took this to mean, oh my God, it has to mean something about me when in reality her name is Dani and the song is called Danny California.

And she looked just sort of like some California model would. It has to mean something related to me. She never talked to me again ever. I mean, that was it. Super embarrassing. You lose your value completely. In my opinion, the only exception when I think an ex viewing your Snapchat or Instagram stories means something is if they watch every single story that you put out over the course of like a month.

So now that we kind of understand, well okay, it means a little something. Now that we know that, what are some of the reasons exes will view your Snapchat and Instagram stories? The first one I think is pretty self explanatory. Curiosity, right? Even I, now, even my wife gets curious about what her ex is up to. And I remember the other day I was thinking, I wonder what my old ex is up to. If she got married, Should i watch my ex snapchat story she has any kids like I did. My wife kind of thinks about that sometimes.

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How can you not? The second reason is anger.

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Have you ever been so angry? As weird as this sounds, some men will literally get into the habit of watching her Snapchat and Instagram stories because it makes them angry and they like to feel like they have the moral high ground, right? I can also attest to doing this. There was a breakup I had where I literally would watch their posts on Facebook and get angry just because.

Not sure I even have a reason or can even peel back the layers. Is that a healthy thing to do? Absolutely not. And that curiosity just kind of keeps you coming back for more and more and more. In my opinion, those are the main reasons for why exes will view your Snapchat and or Instagram stories, but how should you be using Snapchat and Instagram?

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Where does social media stuff like this fall in the overall process that I and my team have created? Makes me sound less important, which I like. Or if you bought a product or did a coaching session with me or one of my coaches, you should know what the no contact rule is.

So where does social media fall or Snapchat and Instagram fall throughout the process, the overall process that we are famous for creating? So you should be using social media like Snapchat and Instagram stories in a specific way during the no contact rule and after the no contact rule. So the obvious next question is, well, what is that way? How should you be using Snapchat and Instagram stories? Well, I want you to use it as a way of determining if your ex is keeping tabs on you. Think of the technology that Snapchat and Instagram has created as a scientist would.

You can perform different experiments to see what types of things your ex is watching. You can chart them and then do more to get his addictive side working. Maybe they make their story about one thing, they chart to see if he watches and then they do the same thing with a different topic, chart to see if he watches. And then making more of that type of content so that you can indirectly stay in touch with him during the no contact rule.

You can also do this after the no contact rule to constantly be on his mind. So ultimately that, in my opinion, is the deal with Snapchat and Instagram stories. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. We only went out for just under two weeks but he asked me to be his gf after just one date. I know he is watching my WhatsApp stories. I keep pining for him though as he really was my perfect guy in so many ways. And I miss him terribly. He originally said he was in two minds about the break up but because I was pushing to keep in contact and discuss it he seemed to go the other way very quickly.

Hello, Does sending Snapchats to ex break No Contact? Will all of this work? Please give me some advice of what Should i watch my ex snapchat story I do. Hi Aza, yes opening snapchats is breaking no contact. My ex dumped me almost 5 months ago after a wonderful 8 month relationship. I was and still am, madly in love with him however I became needy I believe and he lost attraction. I was in no contact for 10 days and had to reach out for a favour. Replies from my ex were dwindling and I felt losing value value chain went from text to gaming and voice chatting plus I felt I was getting too hung up on replies.

I last messaged him NYE. I have been in no contact ever since. I noticed last week that he has had a girl loving his new profile pic on Facebook and he has loved hers in return, so I suspect they are dating and potentially have been since January. I noticed that he then did the same, later that day. Prior to finding out he was dating, I was getting ready to reach out and text.

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Hey HB so you still need to reach out after 45 days of solid NC if you want to try follow this program, if he is on dating sites thats fine — it does not change the program steps. Hi Sarah, it is good that you have taken the steps so that you follow the no contact rule correctly this time around, be sure that you also work on your holy trinity and being Ungettable during this time. My ex blocked me a few months ago after an argument and called me some hurtful names. He has now unblocked me and likes my post and watches my stories.

What could this mean? Now she watches them very often. Is there any ificance. She is likely just wanting to see what is going on in your life — this is her window. Use it how you will. He immediately ran and told my ex gf that I messaged him. Prior to the my ex was looking at my snap stories and instragram stories off and on and we had access to each other. She has since blocked me on IG and removed me from snapchat. I have been giving her her space and I was the one who kept the relationship afloat. I broke up with my boyfriend five months ago but we were still hanging out a few times.

A few weeks ago, he said that he still could not forgive me for what I did to him even though sometimes we were talking happily like nothing happened. I tried my best to rebuild his trust.

Should i watch my ex snapchat story

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