Sissy rape stories

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Still as naked as before. And that cage still hitting your inner thighs as you make a scrubbing … Continue reading Sissy Slave : Chapter 4 — Trans babes Amy and Mary. This Story is fully fictional. It is a POV story. Having been married for 22 years, raising a few children, and even retiring from a job after 20 years, my life has been rather full, but ordinary.

Opening my eyes, I felt extremely groggy.

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I was in a dark room, and I could barely remember what had happened. Suddenly, I saw the faces of the other students around me, and I could get flashes of memory coming back to me. This is the real incident which happened with me an years back. Now come to the real lady of this story who changed my life. My hottie mommy Sujata… She is 46 years old… Quite chubby… Her statistics is … She is fatty women but a real sex bomb. It had been exactly one year since Master had found me.

One year ago, I still called myself a man. But after Master took me in, I realized what a really was. I was a sissy girl who had been tricking herself her entire life.

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Hi everyone! Click on the link to read the chapters of the story. Read through and feel free to leave some constructive criticism at my. After what … Continue reading Life of a Sissy — Chapter 5. Hi guys!

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Read through and feel free to leave constructive criticism or feedback! My name is Brian. Well, not really. Before beginning the story I would like to introduce myself… Hi my name is Jake, I study in Pittsburg High, I am the captain of the football team and an athlete. I am average in studies but mostly I manage not to fail. I am black in ethnicity and the son of the school coach.

Well for me I was 12 years old over at my two buddies house twins playing hide and seek. I put that on and instantly … Continue reading How I started to become a sissyboi. 1 … 3 Next. Posts 1 2 3.

Sissy rape stories

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Sissy Rape Stories