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With that out of the way I write ballbusting stories purely for my own amusement, and it's a lot easier this way because then they I don't have to worry about what Sister ballbusting stories like or dislike. More importantly I don't have to fear showing people something they'll strongly dislike or, worse, ultimately think less of me for not that these theoretical people would otherwise know me in the first place. I'm only sharing this one now because I don't know, I guess I do want to do something within this community even if I fear it in equal levels.

Ultimately I feel the need not to talk about this sort of thing to people I know, but I guess I want some interaction with someone. Anyways, this story is the one I feel the most comfortable sharing, because it's the only one I ever wrote with the intention of sharing.

It's also the first one I ever wrote. Caligula was doing some story exchange thingy and, wanting the story, I decided to try my hand at writing one to get it. No other time in his life had ever offered such an ideal setting for a good catnap.

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The only downside was the occasional, unwanted wake-up call. It took a second poke to his side before he realized that it was not the teacher that had woken him in the first place. He looked to his left. A girl sitting next to him rolled her eyes and placed Sister ballbusting stories note on his desk. Her name was Sally and she was only important because she was friends with Julia, the shy redhead that he had a crush on since, well, since he could remember. He glanced at the note, 'Meet me in the school library after class', before shoving it in his pocket. He must have dozed straight through a homework asment or something.

He would ask Sally about it later. In the meantime he placed his head back in his head and gazed towards the front of the classroom, straight at Julia who was listening to whatever the teacher was saying. He should make a move but deep down he knew it was a match made in hell. He was just as shy as she was, if not more so and after all this time that had prevented him from even finding out if she had feelings for him.

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He knew neither of them would make the first move and as much as it pained him to realize it, he was more comfortable this way. Julia was prim and proper and he had a dark side to him that he knew she could never like. After what seemed like an eternity of just gazing at Julia, class was over, and John dutifully made his Sister ballbusting stories towards the library with Sally following from behind. Even though the library was open well past the end of school, it was barely in use after hours unless some class had a major project due.

John just blushed. Somehow he never thought that Sally would know, but now he just felt dumb and embarrassed for thinking that it was his little secret. It took him a while before he could even look at Sally again and when he did he was confused to find her blushing too. That only made him more embarrassed. It had taken years but he had built up a comfort level with Sally that allowed him to talk to her freely and now he could feel that all melting away.

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Me and some of her other friends…we want to get her out of her shell, you know, help her feel more free. So we were thinking that maybe, if we exposed her to something…" "You, um, mean take her on a rollercoaster or something? Everything at once seemed unreal to John. That was not what he was expecting Sally to say. But it was a stupid idea, right? Course it was.

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Can't believe they actually got me to even ask you. I'm just going to go tell them no-" "I'll do it," John said surprising him even more then Sally.

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Even as he volunteered for it, he did not actually think he would go through with it. He just wanted any chance to be intimate with Julia and to be honest the idea of being at her mercy kind of turned him on.

It's going to double as a birthday present so it won't be for another week. One more chance to back out though before I tell her friends…" "Nah," John said, trying to sound tough but his voice took that inopportune moment to crack, "I'll be fine. How bad could it be? He immediately felt dizzy and sick to his stomach. It is okay, he lied to himself, this is no big deal. She was not Sister ballbusting stories of her big brother and she liked to keep their time together brief. Jess just stared at him for a moment before bursting out laughing.

It took her a minute before she could even compose herself enough to say, "Doesn't that hurt? Yah, somehow I'll summon the strength," Jess said sarcastically, "After all, we're family. Family helps family out.

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Well, everything requires practice," Jess insisted, "The more the better. If I'm going to do it right, I have to actually see what I'm aiming at. I'm sure your friends will be expecting you to do this too.

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He had already essentially agreed to let his sister to have her way with his balls. From there could any request really be considered unreasonable? Kick, punch, squeeze, knee, slap" Jess added jokingly, "I could try poking one with a pencil, would you like me to poke one with a pencil? Jess took two steps backward, and then two steps forward before lifting her leg and- "Wait! Jess did not wait. Instead she lodged her foot into her brother's testicles with as much force as she could muster.

She smiled, relishing the feeling of her toes pushing his balls against his pelvic bone. It only lasted for a second before John started to hunch forward and Jess had to move out of the way before he fell down, but it Sister ballbusting stories so much longer.

It felt like a long time for John too, but he was not relishing any part of it. John had expected it to feel much like a kick to any other part of his body. It would smart, sure, maybe more then normal because this was such a sensitive area, but it would still feel like a sore. But this, this felt like every form of bad feeling he had ever experienced at once. He hated throwing up more then most, to the point where every time he had the flu, he would obsess over the possibility, and for a few horrible minutes he thought for sure he was going to puke. When the pain finally subsided enough that he could talk, he said in a squeaky voice, "I said wait.

You should be happy that you have such a caring sister that knows when you need a nudge. He tried to resist but all the strength was sucked out of him. Jess lifted her foot up and let it hang over John's unprotected bare balls for about a minute, sapping up the look of terror in John's eyes, trying to memorize it for later. Finally, she stomped her heel down onto his balls, driving them into the hardwood floor. Jess had half expected them to cave under the pressure, even though she was not putting her whole weight into it, but was delighted to find out these things could take quite a bit of abuse.

Slowly she rolled her foot and the balls underneath them, back and forth, grinding them into the floor. John eyes rolled back and wished he would pass out. He wished that he could create a mental wall between him and the pain, but that was his entire life now and he had no way of separating himself from it. He could not even tell Jess to stop anymore, his lungs seemed to be failing him and he could just barely find the strength to keep enough air in him.

Meanwhile Jess was getting more and more confident, putting more and more weight onto his balls. She started lifting her foot up and stomping down, enjoying the feeling of his soft scrotum mashing against her feet. Jess wondered how Sister ballbusting stories resisted the constant temptation to do this to a man, Sister ballbusting stories just felt too good to ignore.

Noticing his balls were starting to badly swell up, Jess lifted her foot off of them and knelt down between his legs. John tried to take the opportunity to shield his balls with her hand but Jess batted them away. Jess gingerly wrapped her soft palms around one testicle each and rubbed them gently, "Oh yes, they do seem to have gotten pretty big. That's not good, but I bet I can get them back to their original size for you. It did not take the pain away but it did make it that much closer to endurable. His break was short lived though, with no further warning, Jess started squeezing the trapped balls with all her might.

John opened his mouth has wide as it would go in a silent scream. This was the worst pain yet, because his sister had somehow managed to completely surround each testicle with one small hand, they had absolutely nowhere to go. They were being attacked from every angle, in every area, slowly caving in against the might of his sister. But Jess was completely focused on the task at hand.

Her face was scrunched up and every muscle in her body seemed to be tightened as if this was the hardest task she had ever had to undertake. She closed her eyes, wanted to take nothing away from the feeling she had now.

Sister ballbusting stories

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