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Hi guys. We got summer holidays so i was going back home. In my house i live with my elder sister Meghana age 24, my mom and dad. Our house is not so big with my parents in one room and me and my sister in another room.

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So basically we were so close and i cant wait to go home and see her. But during these days something changed, i started watching incest porn and in the beginning i thought it was wrong but soon i got addicted to it and whenever i think of my sister from that time i can only imagine her removing her dress, juggling hee breasts, spreading her legs twerking her ass and like that. So i went home and found that it was empty.

I called my mom and she said she went out and will be back home along with dad during night and sister is not back yet. So as a free guy, i went into the room, unpacked my luggage got naked and was about to shower.

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I just stood there with my mouth open and my dick erected. Without knowing i was jerking off right there and cummed within minutes. Her beautiful big breasts, slim waist, milky thighs.

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After sometime she came out. My sister came back after sometime. And what kind of idiot would break up with a beauty like you? She blushed, i was close to her i slowly went closer until we could feel each others breaths. I brushed my lips against her and waited she kissed me back.

Then we kissed each other violently for 10 mins and when we broke apart a stream of saliva was hanging between us. Search for:.

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