Soap stick stories

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Yes I realize NOW this was child abuse, but back then I was too dang scared of my aunt to go tattling to my parents about How I was punished by her. Also I feared I would get it worse from her the next visit or at least a spanking by Soap stick stories or dad " for telling a fib". Me and my cousins all decided to take a dip in the kiddy pool when OH OH. Jessica and kathy were still in the pool with me while I was trying to hold back my gut and hoping it would stop in time for a run to the house for the toilet. I got out right away and sat on the swingset, dripping with poop water.

Donna came running out and saw then pool. Kathy of course pointed at me so I received a good healthy swat on a wet swimsuit bottom. Soap stick stories have a special punishment for girls that crap their pants! After all i was NO stranger to being spanked. I figured. PFFFT a spanking? She told me. I am going to Insert this bar of soap up your colon" "NO! I refused to take it off, thinking if I didn't. I really did not care if she gave me a thousand spankings.

I would have preffered them to THIS! So she got a scissors and CUT my bathing suit right off. I did NOT want that horrible thing up my butt! She ignored it and got out Some vaseline and smeared that all over my bottom and in my bumhole. Then she smeared it on the soap bar itself. Then she got a Knife out and rounded down the corners " for easier insertion" not like she cared it was going to hurt but she wanted it to go in. To I was about 10 at the time you can imagine how dam scary this was seeing her like this!

Anyhow she got close to my anus with the soap and my heart started beating so fast my chest burned and head thumped. Then she started pushing it in. She pushed harder Into my protesting spasming rectum. Please don't push it any more" She pushed more and more, slowly working that Horrible bar of soap up my rectum which was being stretched and really hurting.

Finally my bum swallowed the bar of soap and I got a horrible cramp inside. But it would not come out as my rectum was spasming! She put her finger in and tried to push the bar up even further but it would not go any further. After 4 attempts she left it alone. I can't poop it back out! YES this is a true story and not the only time she had dished out a punishment like this. I am only Posting as there are times now when I use soap sticks, soap bars or other anal insertions for orgasms. But it did start in my teen years so maybe this started it Do you think that it will be the best for the mucosa of your colon to insert soap sticks or soap bars in the anus?

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Did you want to feel the burn right away or later? Sometimes I just want the hardness but NOT the burn so I use vaseline jelly and it takes a good hour before it starts to burn. With KY jelly, it's nearly right away becuase KY jelly is water soluable and starts to dissolve the soap where vaseline coats it. It's still a good idea to be careful. Colons vary on their sensitivity to soap, and some people are known to have developed chemical colitis from strong soapsuds enemas. A soapstick would be even stronger. Be careful and stay on the safe side of your body's limits.

Not my aunt. About ten years ago, having already mastered inserting a bath-sized soap bar up my nice wet rectum and descending colon, I decided to try a mm long laundry soap bar up my bum. I have very little 'kink' where most folks have a highly twisty sigmoid colon section.

So I rounded off its leading end, and smoothed its square cross-section a bit and sat on it. It went in like 'Why did I wait until my sixties to try this? It went right in and my arsehole closed behind it with a shiver of delight. I could feel the whole length of it through my abdomen from the outside. But it soon wanted out, and then began a really fun struggle to hold it. I Soap stick stories in the shower so it was no big deal to let my arse drool soapy mucus while I danced and clenched my cheeks together to try to hold it.

I lost the war, of course, but even that was fun and I caught the bar to use again. I can't passively accept perpetration of the OPs notion that this is "child abuse". It's not. And - you can bet it wasn't anything close to an entire Soap stick stories of soap that the aunt used! That's either clumsy wording on the OPs part - or hyperbole very much like the aunt saying "colon" rather than "rectum".

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Look at her other posts. Can soapsticks be done in a way that isn't? Yes, probably though there are dangers that might render them inadvisable. Was this abusive? Look at why it was given and how the aunt treated her.

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Squidgi, also have to take issue with your autointoxication bit. I can be grouchy, grumpy and worse behaved when I'm constipated because I feel bad, and when the constipation is taken care of I feel better and am much nicer. Autointoxication, however, is a myth that even its proponents have been unable to offer supporting evidence for. I can not comprehend how any parent would leave with such a nut job to begin with and how no one ever reported it.

That link is pseudoscience at best. The notion that constipation is linked to aberrant behavior is the kind of freudian jump of logic that people use to justify forever warping your .

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I find it sickening really. It's the sort of story you hope and pray is fiction, but from looking at gg's posts and some discussions we've had Why would no one report it? Well, you don't want to think badly of family, don't want to cause a scandal, think, "oh no, that couldn't have happened really" Take your pick of excuses and rationalizations. Child abusers can be very good at hiding and manipulating.

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My aunt was a sick person. Recently I had another Aunt PM me on FB she is one of the nice ones about the crazy aunt as she too suffered by her hands. I ended up with some medical problems but doctors overlooked it or accused me or my parents of "doing things". I grew up with a ton of pelvic issues and rectal spasms that required surgery in my adult years. I feel OK posting certain things here becuase of my fake name I use.

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I sure wouldn't post it on FB. Do I trust people? I have also had dawn dish soap poured in my mouth for swearing or saying "shutup". The swearing I heard from her first. I also got shampoo enemas from her too. Read here more information what is bonus group membership. Various features here might not work at all. List Browse List by tags. Views: Created: Post 1. Post 2. Post 3. Post 4. Post 5. Post 6. Post 7. Post 8. Post 9. Post It screams abuse in so many ways.

You are right: The worst child abuse will always happen in the family.

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Soap stick stories

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