Soft swingers stories

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Would you like to meet with soft swingers or I suppose really soft swapping contacts sound better if so check out some of the contacts photos from our Hampshire Soft Swapping contacts.

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for free access all hampshire Contacts. Hi we've been into swingers for sometime and got into after watching a adult dvd that a friend lent us that featured around a swingers party, at first when we watched we were both very excited over the idea of swinging so ed up to a swingers site and it was only when we started working on our profiles that we both thought that maybe the idea of watching your partner fuck someone else wasn't for us so we cancelled our membership and left it at that.

Sometime later on I was reading some swingers stories on a free site and read this story sent in by this mature couple that whilst loved sex didn't want to swap partners but liked the idea of swinging and started to soft swap!

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We ed back up with the site and made up a profile stating our interest in soft swapping contacts and posted a few photos and waited for hopefully some reply's and from looking at the amount of contacts that live in Hampshire hopefully we'll get a good response and left it for a few days and lodged back in and found we had 3 replies! We sorted a time and invited them round for a drink and made sure we had some good porn dvds to get the mood going and I really think it was to help us as well as we were both very nervous about meeting them but a few drinks Soft swingers stories steady our nerves and we sat back and got ready for our soft swap contacts to turn up.

We all sat down and were watching this swingers DVD and noticed that Cathy had opened her legs and was playing with herself which was all the encouragement Steve needed to slide over towards her and put his hand up her skirt and she seemed to be enjoying it, which made Mark move over towards me, opened my legs and putting his hand up my skirt pulled my knickers off and started to play with my fanny.

It was really odd to have someone else's hand up my skirt and what we was doing with his fingers was very different to Steve and extremely enjoyable, Mark then stood up and pulling me up took all my clothes off and stripped himself which Steve noticed and he did the same with Sarah.

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It didn't take us all long before we came I suppose for us it was the idea of having another couple in the room made it a lot more exciting and I know from looking at the way Steve kept looking over towards then he enjoyed the experience.

If you have any dogging stories send it to us here. Struggling to find Dogging locations and contacts in Hampshire?

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Username. Hampshire Soft Swapping Couple.

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Now Now. .

Soft swingers stories

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