Son helping mom pee stories

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Forgot your password? This contains extreme vandalism. If that's not your thing, don't read it. This is the first in another multi-part series. It is a continuation of my story In My Room. If you want to read that here is a link. In My Room I finished this part yesterday, but didn't feel like editing it until now. I was standing in the kitchen, nervously drinking from a bottle of water. I would normally never be up this early, but Claire was insistent we had to leave before five if we wanted to make the most of the day.

She had several locations in mind. The first one was time sensitive. I should introduce myself. My name is Lillian. I have black hair, massive tits and a big ass. I live alone with my son, but my sister, Sarah, has been staying with us recently. I know. It reminded me of the things I did as a young woman. When I was younger, I used to enjoy peeing in the locker room after boxing practice.

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When I got a bit older I was even wilder. I used to get into all sorts of trouble. I married a man with a good job and settled down to raise a family. Everything was great until six months ago when my husband died in an accident. I guess I never stopped blaming my son for it, which is why peeing in his room was so fun. This all le to today. My niece Vanessa is staying at our house with two of her friends. One is her Son helping mom pee stories, the other is a young cam girl named Claire. Claire is the gothic type. She wears leather and makeup, has tattoos and piercings, the whole works.

Anyways, Claire specializes in pissing. She suggested I could make a lot of money if I got into the business. Claire came into the kitchen as I finished my water. There was already a pressure in my bladder. I could last for a while, but you never knew how bad traffic would be.

Claire led the way out to the car. I was driving, but she knew where to go. My eyes were locked on her ass. I climbed into the driver seat as Claire got into shotgun. Claire was absentmindedly rubbing her pussy through her skirt. She stuck her tongue out at me when she saw I was watching. Claire gave instructions as I drove. She said the surprise was one of the best parts. I was expecting a park or something. When Claire had us pull into a shopping complex I was shocked.

It was easy to find a parking spot. The place was practically empty. We climbed out of the car. Claire hurried over to the entrance of the mall. I noticed she was clutching her crotch as she ran. The poor girl must be bursting. A security guard opened the door and walked out to meet us. Instead he was grinning from ear to ear. Claire stopped in front of the man. He agreed to let us into the mall so we could have our fun. Jack checked me out while I did the same. He was tall and muscular. Although, Son helping mom pee stories was still a few inches taller than him.

He had absolute confidence in his motions. I would place him somewhere in his early thirties. The cropped hair cut and clean, spotless uniform made me think military. He held his hand out. I took it and gave him a firm shake.

He seemed impressed. He pointed to the doors. Jack shook his head. She handed Jack the case she had brought with her. Claire said she wanted a good camera for the first location. We might have to use a phone for a few of the other sites. Phones were more discreet than the beast Jack took from her. He removed the camera and set it up quickly. In a minute he was ready to shoot, which was good because we were both desperate for a piss. She looked at me. Then we can look for stores which strike us each individually while we wait for our bladders to fill again.

Claire led Jack through the mall. It took her a few minutes to find the store she was looking for.

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My face turned a bright red. Now Claire wanted me to pee in it? Jack unlocked the store for us so we could go inside. Before we did Claire motioned for me to stand next to her. Jack stood in front with the camera ready. He began to count us down. I could barely stare at the camera. Was I really doing this? I tried to hold in my fear, but I wanted to run away. Claire slapped my ass which jolted me out of my funk. Jack turned the camera on. We were recording. I swallowed my butterflies. She gestured to me. You can call her Amazon Mom. The one Claire had originally wanted was a lot more vulgar.

Jack swung the camera around to show we were in fact in a mall. Then he zoomed out to show the store we were in front of. Claire laughed. Claire strode into the GameStop.

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I followed behind her. Claire started stripping slowly in front of the camera. I took my clothes of as well, but she made it look more natural. I felt as if my blush was spreading over my entire body as I got my boobs and butt out for the whole world to see. Soon the only thing Claire wore were the heavy leather boots she had brought.

Claire jumped over the counter and grabbed a key from somewhere. She walked over to a case filled with small cartridges. Claire pulled the games out of the case and threw them on the floor. She gathered them all up in a pile. Claire stared directly at the camera and bit her lip. She put one finger in her mouth before giving an evil smile. Claire slowly lowered herself down until her vagina was a hanging inches away from the cartridges.

Her pee began soft, then quickly intensified. She was blasting piss all over the little games. The games were pushed around by her pee stream. They floated over and spread around the floor.

Son helping mom pee stories

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