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Things have been pretty routine around here. John and Donna went out of town for the long holiday weekend, so no adult time with them last weekend. I will give you a two-fer today in two separate posts. Spanking Story I did get a punishment over the weekend from Mike that was notable Spank me story to the severity. The notable exception was last weekend. I had gone out with my niece she is in her twenties for some shopping and a day out. I forgot my cell phone, which is a no-no. He knows that I know that there will be consequences, so no need to point it out. My days out are not just for fun, but are needed as part of decompressing and re-energizing myself to take on the primary care duties of our son.

I mentioned before he has a disability and caring for him can be physically and emotionally demanding. Of course, add in all the domestic duties I have willingly taken on, and mentally I need my occasional days out.

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I did so and leaned against the car and Mike proceeded to spank me by hand, very hard, probably about 30 times in rapid succession. He then told me to undress and go to our room. I did so, and Spank me story the customary stance in the corner, awaiting his arrival. Mike came in the room and without moving from the corner took off his belt and gave me about 15, again in pretty rapid succession. He then told me to clasp my hands behind my head and continue standing in the corner.

He left the room and came back about 10 minutes later. He got the infamous prison strap and spanked me pretty hard five times, then called me over across his knee. He spanked me countless times by hand, perhaps Not hard, but just a steady rhythm of spank after stinging spank. When he was done he had me stand in the corner about another 15 minutes and then we concluded the episode per our Rewards Ceremony and that was that. It was while I was in the corner that I began to reflect and ponder, which le me to the next post.

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The first is a spanking story to give you pervs something to get all warm and tingly about. The second is a more of an esoteric ramble to give you philosophers, truth-seekers, and dreamers something to percolate in your mind. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Post An Esoteric Ramble Next Post Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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Spank me story

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Spank Me!: A Collection of Short Spanking Stories