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Please do comment… I wonder often if the stories matter at all to the readers here. Should I stop posting them? Marissa growled and rolled her eyes. Her husband was in one of his now, now, now moods and she was not in her patient mood, the one that was necessary to cope with it. The sooner he got organized and out of the house the better off she would be. A second or two passed before she Spanking stories dd the unmistakable hollow clong of the dryer door closing, and then the rumbling shifting hiss of the barrel as it began to turn on its next load.

His or hers. For one thing, she was already well over her quota of saucy retorts for the morning. She could feel Carl reaching his limit. She gave her son a look that warned him mommy was not fooling. The two year old stopped his wiggling, and returned a defiant glare. Marissa grimaced and held on to the momentary surge of temper that the kick threatened to let out. The youngster seemed to get the message from her expression though, and he stayed still until his mother had him cleaned diapered and his clothes situated again.

Todd waddled off giggling and happy. A few grunts and whining complaints came from the bedroom aling his arrival Spanking stories dd intrusion on what ever his four year old brother was in to, and then there was quiet. Relieved to have one chore done, Marissa pulled her knees up in front of her and wrapped her arms over her head on them for a moment of peace. Marissa knew it.

In fact she felt like things were past the point where she could reverse the tide toward trouble with her husband. She resisted the urge to issue another retort, and just tipped her face up from her arms to look at him, reation with a hint of arrogance in her expression. The sooner you get there, the sooner you can get back.

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He pulled her to him and wrapped her in a bear hug against his torso. Carl turned his attention from his churlish wife to the things he had to get done. Summer school just let out the day before. There were a few things to tidy up in his classroom over the next week, and then he would say good bye to high school English for good.

Carl was retiring early, and changing careers. In less than a month, he and his young family would be uprooted and transplanted into a new home, and a new country. When it first came up, Marissa encouraged the change. She supported Carl as he took distance learning courses. The adaptation was easy, because he made it easy. Carl would be making more money as a policeman than he did as a teacher.

That was a nice thing. But they would be moving so far from everything she knew. They were moving to what felt like an empty place halfway between homes; thousands of miles from homes; new jobs, starting over, no friends, no support, just a small family of four, on their own. Marissa was scared, and she was tired.

Three twelve hour night shifts per week in the ER, a four and a two year old, along with the stress they were about to face all conspired to keep her that way lately. Christopher clung, and Todd acted out. They fought, whined about, or actively undid every single thing she tried to do with and for them all morning.

By the time Carl got home, Marissa was torn between dissolving into tears and exploding into a Spanking stories dd of mayhem. Carl somehow snuck in behind Marissa when she issued that epithet to the walls and the books and nick knacks in the living room she was finally getting around to dusting. Marissa struggled against the tears that threatened to well up in her eyes, and the very compelling urge to haul off and kick her husband in the shins.

The smack he landed on her bottom to punctuate Spanking stories dd order was enough. She went, and without any question in her mind, she pulled back the sheets and comforter and crawled under them. Marissa was asleep in minutes. Her dreams went from chaotic to confusing, and then to annoying and last to calm. As her life woke her up and brought her into the land of the living, Marissa became aware of the sounds of her children playing outside. They were squealing with the kind of glee that only the very young know.

The thickness of sleep from her nap held on. It blended and twisted with the moody holdovers from earlier, wound and wove in her mind and got Marissa up and moving.

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Marissa ignored his assurance and the sounds that were clearly happy kid sounds, and move to the screen door to see for herself. Her children were happily romping around the yard, the sand box and the unplanted garden, bare assed and filthy. It got on his pants. They were happy as boys in mud and dirt, which might equate to pigs in shit; but if only by a hair, the distinction was enough to let Marissa smile.

Why was it that a lazy sloppy father could get away with stuff like this and keep his kids happy, and she ended up the bad meany mommy because she hauled her kids in and made them submit to diaper changes and potty training? Marissa looked up and saw him standing behind the screen door. Marissa could play too, and at that moment, she wanted to.

Coffee be darned. But God help Carl if he dared turn of the coffee pot before she got back in. Marissa eventually had her coffee. In an hour Marissa was mean old mommy again. Carl reminded her they had a picnic to go to. Mommy could sculpt a super sand castle and push a great dump truck, but she also wielded a mean grip when it came to getting squirming boys into the tub.

Daddy helped mom a little, but mainly he just played the good guy and rubbed the icky wet water off his little men and then helped them pick out the mismatched clothes they wanted to wear. There were diapers, a change of kid clothes, kid food, potato salad and half broiled beef skirts to make ready. Marissa had done most of it before Carl came home, but her defection to the sandbox did leave him with a few chores to do on his own. Carl frowned, and seemed to let the accusation go. But Marissa could see by his expression that he was counting a private tally of her attitude infractions.

With some effort and cajoling, Marissa worked out an alternative to the juice cup with her toddler. She made a game out of a couple of straws and a double lumen coffee stirrer for her baby. He was given choices until Spanking stories dd was happy. Marissa lashed Spanking stories dd. It made for a good excuse to leave the gathering soon after the meal was done. Carl chalked it up to tired kids and parents when he made their excuses. There would be a reckoning when the kids were put to bed.

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It had taken three stories and a two good night prayers. Putting Todd down earlier was easy. Worn out by his day, Mommy barely had time to sit and rock him through naming the parts of her face. He was loosing the battle Spanking stories dd sleep. There was no answer. Todd had drifted off. They rested together watching the TV for almost half an hour. Neither of their children stirred after all, and soon it was time for bed. The stern expression on his face went well beyond a hint.

Go get washed up. Marissa fought her defiant streak, and managed to turn and go into the bathroom to do as Carl told her to do. As much as she hated submitting to being ordered to do things, something about doing it for Carl at times like this felt comforting, hopeful and reassuring. In a few minutes, Carl was going to help her focus redirect her energy. A familiar surge of energy pulsed through her and seized and yanked at her groin. She only gave herself a second to acknowledge the schizoid blended urges to run for her life and ask him to spank her as hard as he could. Everything about a spanking was positive, except the actual spanking.

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It was going to hurt, and she was afraid of that. Knowing a spanking was coming had an intriguing energy to it.

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Submitting to one gave her a sense of lightness and freedom. The aftermath was the very best part. He tucked his fingers under the waistbands of her panties and shorts, and pulled both down in a quick maneuver. It Spanking stories dd true. Nothing about the day went the way she would have planned or made it happen. He spanked her. And then it was over. Carl cuddled with Marissa until she stopped sobbing and her breathing returned to normal.

Then he helped her change into her nightgown, and tucked her under the covers. In an hour, Carl was showered and changed, the lights were out, and they both renewed their intimate bond well beyond the willingness to face and address stress together through the consequence of spanking.

There are chapters on the lifestyle and introducing it, living life in the lifestyle, a detailed description of tools, and much more… Each chapter contains valuable tips and habits that you can apply to your life. I wrote this book because there are no such books out there! Sometimes life just builds up emotions and frustrations like a pressure cooker.

A woman, at least I think, has fewer options of release than men. A good hard spanking for instance is extremely therapeutic for many. Like Like. No I will continue to publish my stories — but I have to say, comments like yours motivate me greatly in doing so, so thanks for the compliment!

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Spanking stories dd

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