Spit roast stories

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for Free! Spit roast boyfriend "James's girlfriend has put up with a lot. Is a threesome with another man a step to far? Score 4. Famous Story. Published 10 years ago. I have to confess my boyfriend is a bit of a tart, a gorgeous and sexy tart, but a tart none the less. Not my cup of tea at all. Ah I remember. James has the most delicious sexy body and the most beautiful cock you can ever imagine.

We are both in our early 40s, while most of my still married friends complain about how their flabby husbands struggle to get even a half stiff cock without a little help from Dr Viagra; getting a hard on is not a problem James has. What he does with his perfect prick is, however, a different matter altogether. James is 43, and probably because he is a writer, has plenty of time on his hands to work out and groom. Spit roast stories have my own bedroom, but we sleep together most nights, either in his room or mine.

His pubic hair is always neatly trimmed, the vain bastard.

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Erect, his cock is rock hard, confident, and proud; there is no doubt that if asked it will penetrate any orifice you may invite it into. The problem, well sort of problem, is that I know that he has actually fucked several of them. I check his phone on a fairly regular basis to see what he has been up to and there are always kinky texts from my girlfriends and others telling him what they want him to do to them the next time they see him.

To be honest some of the text conversations have turned me on so much that I have had to nip upstairs to play with my vibrator. I must confess I was a bit shocked when my friend Susan said that James fucking her wearing her stockings and knickers made her cum harder than anything in her life.

But there you go; a tart as I said. The problem is that I am not a good girl either. A slim, attractive, brunette with a nice pair of tits; I am 41 years old, work in fashion and am five years away from a shit, boring, tedious, marriage. I have absolutely no intention of ever being a one man woman.

James is fine with the lack of monogamy in our relationship; but fuck does he like to test the limits. The most recent example came last weekend. I organised a dinner party. We had four guests; James and me, two of my single girlfriends, Jane and Heather and a couple of guys I know through work, Chris Spit roast stories Simon.

I have a big house, I did very well thank you out of my divorce thank you very much; there are five double bedrooms so when I have dinner parties I generally let people sleep over. We live in the country so it makes sense and nobody has to worry about being the deated driver.

To be honest the party was a bit dull. The girls just chatted to each other. They went off to bed about pm claiming that they needed to be away quite promptly in the morning. I was disappointed and made a mental note to myself to not invite either of them again.

Simon was sat next to me, had had way to much red Spit roast stories and was going on endlessly about his ex-wife and what a total bitch she was and how she had screwed him for everything. I was watching Chris and James getting on like a house on fire. Chris is quite sexy; five ten, slim, works out, well dressed. Bored I made my excuses and went to bed. On my way up the stairs I heard Simon say goodnight and head to bed as well.

Eventually I gave up waiting, headed down stairs. The house was in darkness, everyone had clearly gone to bed. I was shocked. In the loudest possible whisper I could muster I enquired what the fucking hell they thought they were doing. I thought both James and Chris were as straight as they came, but clearly I was wrong. James looked at me and smiled.

Would you? In fact I am sure there was something of a glint in his eye. He has always rather enjoyed me donning my strap on a fucking him in the arse. I have always been impressed that I have been able to slip my seven inch cock straight in without even a squeak.

Now I know why. His arse is apparently a virgin.

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This was new and exciting. I could feel myself getting wet. Expertly James positioned Chris on his knees, arse in the air.

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He hesitated and looked over to me. Clearly he really never had done this before. Slowly at first James started to fuck Chris wincing turned into moaning and I could tell he was relaxing and starting to enjoy the anal experience. I pulled on my cock and kneeled behind James.

I was going to fuck James hard and fast and it was going to hurt. I slide easily into him, not a sound. He started to fuck Chris and I started to fuck James. Chris came first, an intense anal orgasm. My strap on is deed to stimulate my clit as I fuck and it was working perfectly; I came next.

Then it dawned on; James was like a spit roast pig and the bastard was going to get a double orgasm. I made him come first, an anal orgasm that seemed to cause him to ejaculate hard into Chris arse. Spit roast stories was still lying face down on the bed, arse in the air. Chris rolled off the bed and scurried around the room collecting his clothes. Sleeping was the last thing on my mind. Do I make myself clear?

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He has a rather clever way of making me have clitoral and vaginal orgasms at the same time. But that is, as they say, another story. Bisexual bisexual first time threesome anal.

Spit roast stories

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